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Old 06-10-02, 05:25 PM  
Join Date: May 2002
rebounding tapes

I got my rebounder a couple of weeks ago and love it. I've been doing my Leslie Sansone tapes on it, tried a step tape (disaster) and love the cardio tape of Power 90 on it.

What is the most basic (easiest) rebounding tape? I used to be an intermediate exerciser, but after about 2 years of inactivity, I'd say I'm starting over as a beginner.

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Old 06-10-02, 06:55 PM  
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Most rebounding

tapes are pretty basic - that being said - it's the intensity level you put into it that makes them tough. You are given options in the tapes I've seen. My new favorite right now is Champion Rebounding. However, my daughter who is 9 absolutely loves Urban Rebounding - the Challenge - that is probably more "basic" than Champion so you might want to start with that. Have fun - I love my rebounder.
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Old 06-10-02, 07:55 PM  
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I just started using a rebounder a couple of weeks ago and I've tried Champion Rebounding, Keep On Rebounding, Urban Rebounding and Urban Rebounding Vol. 2 and I'd have to say that my favorites are both the Urban Rebounding tapes. He does take it from the top through most of the workout but the moves are a blast, easy to learn, and the music is really good so I would recommend any of the Urban Rebounding tapes.

Dawn H.
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Old 06-11-02, 12:46 PM  
monterey vidiot
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Air-o-bics (availale at Collage) is probably the easiest rebounding tape.

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Old 06-11-02, 12:52 PM  
Debbie S.
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Ditto for AirObics

probably followed by Keep on Rebounding.
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Old 06-11-02, 05:57 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
I jumped on the rebounder bandwagon a month or so ago, and I love the damn thing. Why in Sam Hill arent there more tapes out there for use with it?
I have tried to convert a few non-rebounding tapes of course, (thanks to the "official rebounder substitution thread!)but it's just not the same.
Anyone hear of any releases on the horizon?
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Old 06-11-02, 06:30 PM  
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At the ECA conference in March, the Urban Rebounding distributor mentioned that new UR tapes would be out later this year. I don't have anymore specifics. Jerry James had been planning some new tapes (one was not on the rebounder), but someone posted here that he was planning an infomercial.

My favorite tape is Champion Rebounding followed by the UR tapes. I also like AirOBics 2. That one is probably the most advanced tape in terms of complex moves and not too much taking it from the top. The instructor is not as motivating as Jerry or JB Berns to me.

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Old 06-20-02, 03:47 PM  
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Good Tape for Rebounder

I just purchased the Too Busy To Workout Workout tape by Leslie Sansone at and it is perfect for the rebounder. It is about 1 mile jogging instead of walking.

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rebounder friendly

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