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Old 08-31-22, 04:53 PM  
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Hi all! We had a really nice getaway - back to reality tomorrow.

Margot, so glad you enjoyed the afternoon yin class! Not sure when I'll be able to film again (maybe this weekend?), but I am thinking about a standing posture and balance class using a chair.

I will catch up with you all soon!
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Old 08-31-22, 07:14 PM  
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I have to say that Iím very impressed with using gliders now. After using my new gliders for a workout last Thursday, I woke up on Friday to sore lower ab muscles that lasted into the next day! I must have been using some muscles that typically donít get challenged. So I am officially a glider fan now!

On Monday I did KCMís Body Shop workout #2 and Yoga with Joelleís Morning Yin Yoga - 10 minute no props practice to start your day right!.

On Tuesday I did Jessicaís 1-Mile of Motivation from Walk Strong 3 and Yoga with Joelleís Yin Yoga for ENERGY - 10 min No Props Practice for Beginners.

Todayís workout was Jessicaís Upper Body Series from Split Session Strength. My first time with this workout (I did the Lower set in early July). Overall, I liked it, but did make a few modifications such as subbing more bicep work for some shoulder repeats. I finished with more Yin from Joelle, 10-Minute Upper Body Yin Yoga.
ďAnyday we can get up and move is a Great Day!Ē Jessica Smith
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Old 08-31-22, 07:18 PM  
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Pat: Glad you got a clean bill of health from your test. Iíll keep my eyes and ears open for the movie for The Nightingale. I see that you did Birdís Yoga in Bed; I did this short Bird Yoga a few evenings over the summer when I hadnít done any yoga during the day and wanted to do just a few minutes before going to bed. Sorry to hear that your beloved yoga & Reiki teacher is leaving, but glad that you can attend her final class.

cyana: Iím using my gliders on carpet, but they are dual sided, with one side to use on carpet or flip them over and use on a smooth floor surface. I hope you find some nice shoes; I have small feet with a narrow heel and wide toe area, so shoe shopping is not fun for me. I have had good luck with New Balance and Skechers recently. LOL, your dress code for Moan-Day sounds like the standard daily appearance for working from home during the early pandemic days! Hope your left hand is healing well.

Paine: Iím glad you liked Joelle's Hip Opening Yoga. Iíve been on a Joelle kick lately, but missing Bird and Kassandra. Iíve also noticed grocery prices rising. My soymilk hasnít gone up like dairy milks, but the Earth Balance margarine and some produce have gone up.

Sandra: How exciting that your retirement is coming soon and that you have plans to stay busy and active. I will be living vicariously with your activities. I tend to wake up around 7 without an alarm, unless you count kitty Sasha as an alarm! Glad your knees did fine with ankle weights. I used to have some ankle weights, but I think I got rid of them since I never seemed to use them. But Iíve had times where I wish I had kept them. Heat was manageable last week, but this week has been brutal!

Beth: Iím glad you enjoyed your delayed getaway. The Lake looks gorgeous!

Pam: Glad to hear that you are enjoying the walking, scenery, and food!

Margot: Owning a house is nice, but the list of home improvement projects can seem endless at times. Glad to hear that your eyes are almost back to normal now. Joelle has several nice challenges set up.
ďAnyday we can get up and move is a Great Day!Ē Jessica Smith
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Old 08-31-22, 09:27 PM  
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Today's Workout: Decided to copy our Paine and also do Sandra's Upper Body premix from Margaret Richard's Beauty To the Bone!

Carolyn: I know you are also trapped in this nasty upcoming heat wave. The predictions here keep changing, but I saw one that forecast a high temp of 110 on Sunday and Tuesday, and 111 on Monday! Re shoes, have you looked at Ryka? I had to go up half a size from my usual, but they have the narrower heel and wider toe box you are looking for.

Yogapam: Sounds like you are having a really interesting time!

Waving to all!

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson
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Old 09-01-22, 06:47 AM  
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I started a new thread for September.
"People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway." ó Mother Teresa

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bobandbrad, kassandra reinhardt

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