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Arrow Just The Workouts~~JUNE, 2022~~*Everyone is Welcome!*~~

June, 2022

I subscribed to Cathe Live this month to "try before I buy" and including Yvette Fit and yoga throughout my month. I really like these staples and am continuing to include them. Hopefully more outdoor walks, too, now that my foot seems better.

30- 5.14 mile walk; Mady's (BPR); Mady's (10 Min Daily Stretch Routine/Fix your Posture...)
31- Cathe Live #391 (PHA Supersets #3 - 41 min.) Purchase? Maybe!; Mady's BPR

1 - Yvette Fit #186 (30 Min. Old School Step Workout, sans stretch); Yvette Fit #79 (35 Min. FUN Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing, sans w/u); YT (10 Min. Power Yoga Detox w/ Travis); a few lower back stretches Yvette's step class was a blast and I even used 1 riser (normally I just use the topper)! Old School moves with no tricky choreo, just what I like. Had extra energy left, so I added on her k/b class which is a tried & true. My arms were really feeling it from wearing my wrist weights for both workouts. My knees were feeling ok but probably can't be doing step workouts like that often. Total 73 min. of FUN! 470 cal burn
2 - 3.20 Mile Walk; Mady's BPR; Mow Max/Yard Work @ my house=2.5 hours; Yard Work @ DS'=1 hour Oh, what a FABULOUS, perfect day!! I did NOT want to go inside and I was outside basically from 7:30 a.m. for my walk (& after Mady's stretch) until 3:30 p.m.!!! (I even ate lunch on the patio). Not sunburnt...just a nice head start on my tan. For the next several days, the temps are going to be great! 320 cal burn (walk)
3 - 3.30 Mile Walk; Cathe P30 (Mobility) 417 cal burn
4 - Cathe Live #392 Dynamic Total Body (44 min.); 3.40 Mile Walk; swept out both cars, ha I was so excited to try this metabolic Live and from the previews, I was positive I would want to purchase the D/L. After doing, nope! From the looks of it, Cathe was really creative with the moves...maybe too creative and my lower back did not like quite a few of the exercises. I hate gliders doing lunges with UB weight work above the this, it's overhd triceps. I switched it up to k/b's. And the other gliding move: where the opposite hand and opposite foot each have a glider and do moves in/out...what? That was incredibly awkward. I found other things that bothered it too and some of the core work. And I know that burning a lot of calories can be insignificant when it comes to getting a good workout....BUT...when I workout for 44 min. doing a "metabolic" workout, I'd like to think I would burn more than 198 calories!!! WTH?? I matched Cathe's weights, too + used my wrist weights. I was so bummed. Purchase? NO! So, I went for a 3 mile walk; I noticed my mileage the last 3 days...adding on .10 of a mile daily...LOL, that was NOT planned--just how it turned out walking each day in different neighborhoods! This route had lots of hills - it felt sooo good to sweat and get my HR up on another beautiful day! 576 cal burn (mostly from my walk!)
5 - Rest Day Mady’s BPR

6 - Yvette Fit #187 (70 Min. Step Cardio Legs Blast); Michelle's Yin Yoga Oh, I totally LOVED this workout!! Very similar to Plyo Legs format, Yvette uses the 3 riser step for leg cardio interspersed with weighted leg work and sometimes using the discs. I used the BOSU in place of the step and was great fun and worked out very well. I used my 2# wrist weights, 15's, 20's, and 25# and matched Yvette. In some respects, the BOSU was tougher than a step trying to balance on the thing while using weights. LOVED the curtsies with side squats ... hard to balance while keeping one foot on the BOSU! She then has another segment with the step horizontally and ends with ankle weight work on the mat. That was hard after all the 60 min. leg work! Really liked this format but the music was pretty familiar - esp. at the end - stuff from Cathe Live that I heard way too many times! :/ And I probably wouldn't have even noticed the music but since I recognized it, it was annoyingly noteworthy, LOL! Had to add on a really good leg stretch after that!! 493 cal burn. Favorited!
7 - 2.32 Mile Walk; YT (30 Min. Power Yoga "Blaze #1" w/ Travis) This week has been cool and rainy. Glad to get out for a walk in another neighborhood. My shoes were totally muddy, though, when I got home and I thought I dodged all the mud!! Travis' practice is really good but I remember liking Blaze #3 the best from IDT.
8 - Cathe Live #388 (Upper Body Burn= 56 min.); 4 sets/12 reps of Pull Downs as a finisher; Mady's BPR, a few UB stretches Now we're talking! I really enjoyed this class...Cathe focuses on one body part and burning it out before moving to the next and uses DB's and tubing which I LOVED about the class. I did my own w/u--glad I did as I didn't care for her band w/u. I wore 2# wrist weights & used 5's-30# and had to slow down the reps of chest flyes, I think it was, as she flys with those flyes, LOL! My hand really appreciated using the band in place of some of the DB work. Good solid workout and if you are wanting a shorter workout, core could easily be shaved off at the 46 min. mark as it was nothing special. I added on my finisher of 4 sets of 12 pulldowns w/ total 58.5# with various hand placements. This was a good FB workout!! 328 cal burn. Purchase? YES!
9 - 4.0 Mile Walk; Mady's BPR; Mow Max/Yard Work 1.5 hours Total miles/steps walked: 6.43 miles during my time outside. I went on a route that makes a circle from my house going through another neighborhood & my neighborhood but don't normally like it since a good part of it doesn't have sidewalks and is curvy. I'm always afraid the cars coming around the curve won't see me in time to scooch over. But as I got into familiar episode later then happened that was so weird. I had my phone in my pocket of my capris, it "hip dialed" my mom by accident!! You heard of "butt dialing", this is "hip dialing"! I think it happened when a lady's dog (on a leash) was doing his business, then when he heard me say 'Good Morning' to the lady, he got all excited and jumped up on me (probably hitting something on my phone)! I would've been PO'd if he would've ripped my capris (my favorite ones with the pockets, LOL), did damage to my phone or knocked me down!!!(Not a fan of big dogs anyway). Control your dang dogs, people!!!!
10- 3.0 Mile Walk; YT (10 Min. Power Yoga "Vitality" with Travis); Cathe's Mobility (10 Min. Strength Premix) I thought I'd only do a 30 min. walk since it looked very much like rain although my phone said I'd be staying dry on my walk. Made it to 30 min. and kept going to the 3 mile mark...I had a lot of energy today for some unknown reason and took advantage. No "mishaps" on this walk today...just saw a mama of a baby I took care of at church who I hadn't seen in a couple years. (Her dog was well behaved!). Travis' class was newly added on was good with BOF, horse stance variations, and over before I could even blink! Love these 10 min. practices to get in a quick stretch! 452 cal burn
11- Cathe Live #377 (Total Body Circuit - 46 min.); Yvette Fit #183 (30 Min. BOSU/BW/Shoulders, minus w/u); Mady's BPR Cathe and Yvette both get an A+ for creativity in these workouts!! Cathe's w/o consisted of 7 rounds of LB, UB, & Core exercises; I was using 5's-25#, gliders and FW loop. Loved the gliding work (esp the move sitting on floor with hand on glider and moving it in/out--really great for the obliques!). And the awesome FW loop exercises - usually around the HANDS/WEIGHTS which was really creative!! Loved those. I definitely could go heavier next time and think I would've had a higher cal burn if I would have. I did go heavier on a few but I need to next time on most. She does include lots of downtime and water breaks but the creativity makes up for it, ha. Even with all the creative moves, my lower back (sans the D/L's--I didn't do them-Sumos instead) did not find them iffy which was surprising so I have to take advantage of that! Purchase? YES!/Yvette's was just as creative using the BOSU with moves I've never seen before. The BOSU/CORE QUEEN nailed it!! Using it above head, holding it while shuffling side to side then put upside down on floor into a burpee, using it right side up, upside down, lifting above head, and all around, LOL! Cathe's w/o was not shoulder intensive, so doing more shoulder work really worked out good and this had lots of weighted shoulder work, BW moves/burpees along with better music, so win win! I loved seeing the kneeling on BOSU move again (with feet off floor) with shoulder raises - what a great balance challenge! She finishes up with 2 min. of core using the BOSU and a short stretch. This may be one of my favorite BOSU workouts on her site. Favorited! 461 cal burn. GREAT CREATIVE SATURDAY WORKOUT TODAY!!!!!
12- Rest Day But got a lot accomplished around the yard.

13- 4.76 mile walk; Mady's Full Body Stretch I got out early when it was nice and cool...started feeling the humidity by the time I got home! Great walk in 4 diff neighborhoods. I don't walk in one of these neighborhoods often as there aren't sidewalks. Evidently, the uneven terrain makes a big difference for my heel issues and I was feeling it later that night. 588 cal burn (I was hoofin' it though!)
14- Yvette Fit #70 (60 Min. Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing- 36 min. to the break); Cathe Live #395 (Compound Upper Body - 41 min. sans w/u) Yvette's workout is mostly low impact and easier by her standards. It was a good steady state cardio session before CL. I used my 2# wrist weights and my shoulders did get pre-fatigued before Cathe's workout. I liked the 1st half of Cathe's workout better than the last half. It's pretty much traditional compound weighted exercises using 5's-25# +wrist weights. The 2nd half is all done on the mat and lots in plank position with the weighted exercises. Lots of those moves seemed iffy for my lower back (not to mention my wrist) and I changed up a lot to include more traditional exercises. For the p/u's, I tried Cathe's green fabric band in p/u form...loved it! It makes it so much easier for my shoulders and my lower back seemed "safer" with the stabilization of the band. That's the way I'm doing them from now on!! Anything to get me to like p/u's is a win-win!! At least I can cross off buying this D/L. 398 cal burn
15- 2.51 mile walk; Mady’s BPR I didn’t push myself on my walk today…just getting out there was enough for me. I did take an 8 oz bottle of water with me, but I hate carrying anything on my walks. Then I got caught up watering and pulling weeds when I got back, so once I finally got inside, Mady’s stretch was all I managed to do. This heat is zapping my energy!
16- Cathe Live #283 (Breathless Legs-52 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga; Mow Max (1.25 hours=2+ mile walk in steps); 2.38 mile walk OK, this Live is def one of my favorite leg workouts!! Loved the format of 8 weighted exercises x2, then 6 weighted exercises x2, and throwing in cardio leg blasts throughout. Uses the topper, 10's-25# and really cooks the legs good. Such a SWEATFEST! And to make it even more delicious, Nate-the-Great is in this class! What? I did not know he was in any other classes besides that k/b class! He is in plain view right behind Cathe with his exceptional form....(take that comment any way you wish!!) Sometimes I used heavier weights than Cathe and inserting some cardio moves when she takes water breaks, but that came to a screeching halt during the last round as I was getting tired (the burpees, holy!). GREAT, GREAT leg class and Cathe is just superb in this one! Purchase? HECK YES!/The humidity is quite a bit lower today and super breezy, so mowing wasn't bad and thought I could even walk some more, so I went for an additional walk too. 741+ cal burn
17- Holy Hannah! Severe booty/thut DOMS from Cathe's workout yesterday!!!! Yvette w/u; Michelle Briehler (Cardio Kickbox-All Standing Workout/Low Impact/Steady State = 16 min., minus w/u & c/d); Michelle Briehler (Cardio Kickboxing Workout/Day 9 of 10/Under 30 Min. = 20 min. minus w/u); YT 10 Min. Power Yoga Cross Train with Travis; Mady's BPR So...I was wanting an easier workout today to try to iron out the DOMS (been quite a while since I was this sore!). Michelle's first workout seemed like she was a bit off her game in this...esp. with the cueing and it didn't seem to flow very well to me. Not sure why 'Low Impact' is in the title, as she does mostly high impact (but does show the LI version). I did the higher impact/lower impact combinations but did like the fact that it was all standing and filmed outside. I liked her 2nd workout a lot more and that one seemed to flow a lot better with the various combos and her cueing was significantly better in this one. My HR stayed up for most of this class with all the kick variations, burpees, and combos. It finishes off with some core work and kick-throughs then some more standing kick variations and low impact burpees (in which I always do reg. burpees). I wore my 2# wrist weights for both workouts. Cons: this one is filmed in her garage (no nice scenery) and is a bit echoey but I deemed it more fun even though I worked a little harder than intending! 442 cal burn. After my w/o today, I tried more push-ups using the fabric bands...I tried Cathe's orange one and my purple (non-Cathe) band which both seemed better for regular p/u's with the bands being wider. I'll use her green/blue bands for tricep/diamond p/u's. Ha! Nothing could ever get me to do p/u's on my own!!! Thankful for this option!!
18- 4.39 mile walk; Cathe P30 (Mobility)
19- Rest Day DH, DS & I went and saw Top Gun for Father's Day...great movie!! Tom was wonderful as always. DH was glad to not have any "Honey Do's" to do today! That happens very rarely...I even gave him leeway on getting a haircut. :0)

20- 4.73 mile walk; 1 Hour Yard Work @ DS' I had a gynie appt. today and thought I was doing so well in getting down my weight/inch loss until I stepped on their scale...still up 10# from 3 years ago right around the time of DD's beach wedding. I can’t believe I was ever down to that number and seems so long ago! I guess I have to keep striving harder! I have really been noticing the slimming effects from my walks, though...(it's probably such a shock to my body from not being able to walk for a whole year due to my PF!!!) and cutting 2 hours from my IF window, everything is looking good! ;0) It worked out that DS was off today, so he could help me with the yard work.
21- 3.74 mile walk; Cathe Live #386 (Wicked Lower Body & Core=50 min.); Mady's BPR; Michelle's Yin Yoga I had a much longer walk than anticipating in the 82% humidity! I hit 4 neighborhoods and there was a nice breeze so it didn't seem so bad. It seems all I want to do these days is hit the pavement. My yoga/stretching is lacking since when I get home from walking, I find a million and one things to do instead of stretch. Cathe's workout seemed to be a good finisher to cook the legs even more from my walk (and it's always easier to add on a stretch after an inside workout!). It seemed like it hit a lot of upper body in this as well and core is definitely worked (mostly with discs) even there's no core floor segment. I used 10's-30#'s (calves) but did have to slow down some reps and had to change up several moves for my lower back. I'm glad I tried this one b/c the preview looked so good but I enjoyed Nate's LB workout so much more the other day! Purchase? NAH! 698 cal burn (420 was from my walk).
22- Level Up (Strength - 60 min./Travis) I thought since my wrists have been feeling better with the heat, I'd try a vinyasa-filled practice with lots of chats, yogi-styled p/u's, and the like. I love this practice and find it challenging with all the BW and horizontal strength, but it was still too much for my wrist and by the end, even my "good" wrist was really feeling it. I was so glad when the horse stance variations came so I could stand upright for awhile, LOL. Thought maybe I'd go for a walk in the afternoon, but after all my errands, it didn't happen. If I don't do it first thing in the morning, it doesn't get done and then it's too hot. Cal burn N/A.
23- 5.03 mile walk; Five Parks Yoga (Hands Free & Wrist Free Balance Class=26 min.) Had a great walk today in another neighborhood (just one this time) and walked by some ppl's houses who I used to car-pool with for the kids in grade school. That brought back memories! Watered when I got back, sprayed some weeds, did Erin's practice and now doing laundry before I check on mom./I absolutely LOVE Erin's class as it includes no chats, DDogs, yoga-p/u's, etc., just a fantastic balance sequence challenge. I need to do this one more often when my wrists complain! 549 cal burn
24- 3.82 mile walk; Cathe P30 (Mobility) I was only going to do a 2 miler today and then a CL so I was going slower than usual to sustain my energy. Then on my walk I got to thinking and 'gave myself permission' to do Cathe tomorrow since I decided I like to be "fresh" for my CL workout (or any cardio/strength workout for that matter) to get the most out of it and gauge it at that level to decide if I should buy the D/L or not. It seems once I get out there, I just want to go at a good clip and make it great so I kept a quicker pace despite the humidity level today, LOL. I had 2 miles out of the almost 4 around the 13 min/mile marks....getting there!! 438 cal burn
25- Cathe Live #400 (Fit 400 Upper Body Blast=49 min.); LITE PHA 2 (TS: UB only premix=22 min.); my finisher of Pull-Downs: 3 sets 12 R each under/overhand grip @ 56.50#; 1 set 12 R under/overhand grip @ 44.0#; stretch from PHA This Live is an easier workout using DB's (5's-15's) and her long green fabric band. Cathe starts off with 15's for one-arm rows and upright rows and fatigues the muscles from the start. There are low impact blasts throughout interspersed with weighted UB and she makes it fun with Jessie and Al in the class. Al is using his 17.5#'s for bicep work. Gotta love the guy! I may purchase this one since I need easier workouts in my collection too and 1/2 of the workout uses the bands and would be good for those bad arthritic wrist days! (Plus I bought #300 so need to stay consistent!). I added some more weight work for UB since this was the only day I worked my UB with weights this week. First time I tried this PHA 2 premix - it is great for a short UB add-on and I went heavier than Cathe on several groups and got a nice add-on burn with this and my finisher. I had a good workout with all my add-ons! 386 cal burn
26- Five Parks Yoga (Hands Free & Wrist Free Balance Class); Mady's BPR; 45 min. Yard Work Did Erin's class again cause it's just THAT good! (I saw her update from a few days ago...she finally had surgery on her knee last week. Now she's looking at a few months of recovery and is hoping to upload more practices by the end of summer--yay!) :0)

27- 3.59 Mile Walk; Yvette Fit #161 (30 Min. Weights: Chest, Shoulders, Ab Circuits - 2 x thru); Mady's BPR; Mow Max (2 mile walk) Beautiful day so I had to take a walk!! I wanted to get a little weight work in today too and this was perfect...the 2nd time thru, I changed it up to work Bi's, Tri's, and more Back...she does a few back exercises; to make it a total body workout, since I never know if I will get to those other muscle groups or not in my week! This was a great format with 1 Cardio (15 reps); Chest; Shoulders; Abs with mostly 12 reps but I usually finished with 15 reps. This was a different puppy and I liked it! I am listening to my body and taking a rest day tomorrow...I have an early hair appt. anyway, so that works! :0) 1003 cal burn (from walk to walk).
28- Rest Day
29- 4.29 mile walk; Mady's BPR 522 cal burn
30- 3.51 mile walk; Cathe's Flex Train (TS-no core premix=47 min.); Mady's BPR Great walk and super happy for my 5K time of 42 min.! but then it seemed like I really slowed down after that, LOL. Flex Train! It's been forevvvver. I went heavier than Cathe but did have to slow the pace down in places. Used my green loop for the p/u's and for the FW band segment, I put mine on early (doing the little jumps) and also had my green loop around my thighs...double the fun (and burn)! Legs got cooked. But I just have to say, the Bee Gees remix during the tricep segment....I think that's THE worst music she has ever picked out!!! I always have to turn the volume way down, I can't stand it! (and I forgot to do the no-music option)! Anyway, great workout today! 736 cal burn

I really surprised myself this month!! It was wonderful as I could get back to my WALKS from basically, two years ago!! I'm getting back to my speeds I like to see and so far so good with my PF!!!!! Very thankful!! With Mow Max mileage included also, I walked a whopping 64.4 miles this month!! Yay!! <3<3<3 The scale is waaay down too - so shocked (but I am making changes to my eating habits as well). Changing it up - it's always good!!
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~ June ~

Emma - 15 Minute Pilates Side Lying Series - Strengthen Your Glutes & Legs
Lucy - 7 Minute Thigh Workout - Inner Thigh & Outer Thigh
30 minute walk

Joint Mobility
Mr & Mr Muscle - UPPER BODY HIIT WORKOUT | No.36
2 mile walk

Audrey - toning & core
3 mile walk

5 mile walk
Rachel- Standing Pilates for a Full Body Workout- 17 Minutes

2 mile walk
Adison - Yoga for Athletes: Calf Muscle Rehab
Mr & Mrs Muscle - Upper Body & Arms Workout Beginner Friendly & LOW IMPACT - No.8

2 mile walk
Ellen - Sleek Sculpt Express
Adison - Yoga for Athletes: Calf Muscle Rehab

3 mile walk
Adison - Yoga for Athletes Hamstring Rehab
Taebo - basic 10

2 mile walk

2.5 mile walk


15 min. HIIT Workout

4 mile walk
Burpee Girl - 20 Min Dumbbell Workout

2 mile walk
Mr & Mrs Muscle - Intense Lower Abs Workout
Susana - inner thigh
Taebo 8 min workout

Mary - 22 min Fast Walking Workout | 3000 steps ROCK Walk
Grant - 15 min full body dumbbell workout
Taebo - 8 min workout

1 mile walk
WAH - 1 miles
Adison - LIVE STRETCH CLASS: Relaxing Full Body Flow
Taebo - 8 min workout

1 mile walk
The Bar Method - beginner
Taebo - 8 min workout
Taebo - push it

1 mile walk
B3 - total body tone
Taebo - 8 min workout



B3 - 30 min bounce back
Taebo - live 8 min workout

Taebo - basic 3
Emily - barre 3

Taebo basic 1
Zoe - matwork 10


2 mile walk

2 mile walk

Lars - ONLY 80's Music Barbell Workout With Great Sound; Let's Move Strength #16
Adison - Yoga for Athletes Hamstring Rehab

2 mile walk
Burpee Girl - 20 Min FAT BURNING CARDIO

Lars - 30 Min. FULL Body Barbell Workout Let's Move Strength Rapido #01
Sarah - Chair Yoga 15 Min Upper Body Stretch

Ellen Barrett - Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

2.5 mile walk
Crystal & Ryan - bodypump
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1. PBL Rapid Results Workout, Spring Into Summer Stretch & Flow
2. PBL Spring Into Summer Core Heat, Chiseled Upper Body. Central Park Stretch, 30 min walk
3. Yoga with Adrienne Confidence Boost, PBL Total Body Sculpt Ab Workout, Spring Into Summer Toned Legs
4. PBL Spring Into Summer Sculpted Arms, Sciatica Relief Workout, Two 20-minute walks
5. PBL Just Five Minutes More Upper Body, Spring Into Summer Soothing Stretch, 25 min walk
6. PBL Firm And Fit Band Workout, 5 Min More Stretch with Band, 25 min walk, Essentrics PM Stretch
7. Barre3 Lift with Sadie, 25 min walk, Essentrics PM Stretch
8. Barre3 Ballet Fit, 25 min walk, Karen Lord side-leg series
9. Barre3 Lean, 10k steps
10. Rest Day
11. Barre3 Burner, 20 min walk, Karen Lord side-leg series
12. Barre3 Ballet Body Blast, 60 min walk, BB Mat Stretch
13. Barre3 Ballet Body, BB Mat Stretch
14. Essentrics Ultimate Leg Sculptor
15. Ballet Beautiful Bikini workouts: Booty and Ab Blast, 25 min walk
16. Ballet Beautiful Total Body Outer/Inner Thighs and Arms, 25 min walk
17. PBL Slow Release Yoga
18. PBL Love Your Legs Amplified: Sculpt & Shred, 5 Min More Arms with Weights and Stretch workouts, Detox Stretch
19. Karen Lord Morning Pilates Routine and 5 minute stretch, PBL Long and Limber Stretch
20. Ballet Beautiful Restorative Series Full Body Rebuild, PBL Traveler's workouts: Lower Body and Abs workouts, 25 min walk.
21. PBL Internal Resistance, Amazing Arms Shoulder Sculpt, Barre3 15 min Flow
22. PBL New You Butt Firmer, SIS Powerhouse workout, 20 Min walk
23. PBL Release and Restore Yoga, 25 min walk
24. Essentrics Live with Gail 6/13 - Beginner Class
25. Essentrics Live with Gail 6/20 - Beginner Class, 25 min walk
26. Karen Lord Morning Pilates Routine
27. Essentrics Ultimate Leg Sculptor, PBL New You Redefining Upper Body
28. PBL Strong and Defined Core, Essentrics Leg Toning with Amanda, BB Mat Stretch
29. PBL Traditional Standing Arm Workout, Everyday Essentials: Back and Upper Body, Reformer on the Mat Leg workout, 15 min walk
30. PBL Redefine Your Outline
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1 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Yoga with Andrea - 5/25/22 - 30 minutes
2 Outdoor walk - 30 minutes, no dogs
3 Outdoor walk - 35 minutes, no dogs; Annie Pilates Physical Therapist - June Strive Challenge Day 1: Beginner Core Pilates with Band - 20 minutes
4 Outdoor walk - 35 minutes, no dogs; Annie Pilates Physical Therapist - June Strive Challenge Day 2: Beginner Arm Upper Back Pilates with Dumbbells Sculpt - 25 minutes
5 Rest Day
6 Senior Shape - Strength Building Exercises - 25 minutes
7 Outdoor walk - 25 minutes, no dogs
8 Outdoor walk - 35 minutes, no dogs
9 Kelly Coffey Meyer - 30 MTF Sculpting RX - Workout 2 - 30 minutes
10 Rest Day
11 Outdoor walk - 40 minutes, no dogs; Trifecta Pilates - Short Weights Routine - 20 minutes
12 Outdoor walk - 35 minutes, no dogs; Jessica Smith - Stretch & Relax: Recover - 15 minutes
13 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 6/7/22 - 30 minutes
14 Silver & Fit - Your Favorites: Intermediate Cardio with Penny 6/13/22 - 26 minutes
15 Silver & Fit - Take it Outdoors: Mindful Movement with Mindy 6/11/22 - 30 minutes
16 Silver & Fit - Your Favorites: Intermediate Strength with Penny 6/6/22 - 30 minutes
17 Silver & Fit - Take It Outdoors: Everything Circuits with Beth 6/13/22 - I bailed at the 20 minute mark; Pilates Nest - Neck Friendly Full Body Pilates - 15 minutes
18 Silver & Fit - Advanced Mixed Format with Keli 5/30/22 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Core Connection Workout (aka Total Pilates Core Workout [or some such name] on YouTube) - 16 minutes
19 Silver & Fit - Take It Outdoors: Mindful Movement with Stacey Lei 5/28/22 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Abs & Back Workout - 15 minutes
20 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine 6/8/22 - 30 minutes
21 Silver & Fit - Take It Outdoors: Everything Circuits with Stacey Lei - 6/6/22 - 30 minutes
22 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Yoga with Andrea 5/28/22 - 30 minutes
23 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Penny 6/3/22 - 30 minutes
24 Rest Day
25 Silver & Fit - Your Favorites: Intermediate Cardio with Penny 2/28/22 - 30 minutes
26 Silver & Fit - Your Favorites: Intermediate Strength with Penny 6/2/22 - 30 minutes
27 Silver & Fit - Your Favorites: Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine 6/1/22 - 30 minutes
28 Worked Late
29 Worked Late
30 Worked Late

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Tammie M
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1 - Jessica Smith Split Session Strength- Lower Body
2 - Jessica Smith Walk a 5k (the Fun Way!) - Steady Walk
3 - Jessica Smith Total Body Strength Training -Total Body Band + Francesco and Daisy Lee Garripoli Qigong For Cleansing
5 - Jessica Smith Total Body Circuit: Work It! - Workout #1
6 - Jessica Smith Walk a 5k (the Fun Way!) - Fast Walk
7 - Jessica Smith Fusion Flow + Glow - Fusion Flow Sculpt + Jessica Smith Stretch + Relax - Recover
8 - Desire Rumbaugh Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain
9 - Jessica Smith Total Body Strength Training - Total Body 48 Minutes
10 - Gin Miller Salsa Walk + Straight Up Stick
11 - Jessica Smith Fusion Flow + Glow - Core Strength and Stretch + Jessica Smith Stretch + Relax - Rise
12 - Neon Love Potion: The Bellydance Workout - The Workout + Jessica Smith Stretch + Relax - Relax
13 - Tracie Long Metabolic Strength Vol. 6 + Jessica Smith Stretch + Relax - Rejuvenate
14 - Tracie Long Core Movements Vol. 6 + David-Dorian Ross Energy Chi
15 - Steven SanSoucie Stepping Alive - Combo/Blast 1&2 + CJ McPhee P.M. T'ai Chi
16 - Denise Austin Shrink Your Female Fat Zones
17 - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh Kundalini Yoga - Navel Power
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Continuing with Caroline Girvan's Iron Series....

1. SSoD Hiit 20 min ride; Back and Bi's
2. Chest and Tri's; 25 min t/m walk
3. Back, Hamstrings, Glutes; 25 min t/m walk
4. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness Hiit 20 min ride; Unilateral Total Body
5. Spin with Lars #17 60 min ride
6. nothing
7. Shoulders; 25 min t/m walk
8. Hamstrings
9. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness Boost Hiit 20 min ride; Upper Body
10. Glutes; 25 min t/m walk
11. Time 2 Train #94 35 min ride; Total Body
12. SSoD Pain Train 60 min ride
13. Arms and Core; 25 min t/m walk
14. Glutes and Hamstrings
15. Cycle Fit by Stacy Short and Sweat 20 min ride; Chest and Back
16. Full Body
17. Shoulders; 25 min t/m walk
18. Joe Alvarado Tabata 30 min ride; Legs
19. Time 2 Train #97 45 min ride
20. UB; 25 min t/m walk
21. Glutes; 25 min t/m walk
22. Ride with Alina Steep Climb 25 min ride
23. Full Body; 25 min t/m walk
24. Arms and Abs; 20 min t/m walk

This concludes the Iron Series. I don't have anything planned to round out the month-we leave for vacation Wed.

25. Spin with Lars #15 60 min ride
26. Historic Workouts Come Together 45 min ride
27. CDorner Arms; 25 min t/m walk
28. Fit by Larie Leg and Glutes Tri Sets; Cycle Fit by Stacy Ridin High 20 min ride
29-30 vacation
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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Wed 1 58min, Cathe (Chrono) - Step Max
Thu 2 61min, Cathe (Chrono) - Power Max
Fri 3 60min, Cathe (Chrono) - Step Jam
Sat 4 70min, Cathe (Chrono) - Step Fit (morning), 53min, Christi - Totally Cool Step (with buddy, evening)
Sun 5 71min, Cathe (Chrono) - Maximum Intensity Cardio (daytime), 49min, Cathe - LITE - Rev'd Up Rumble - Basic Mix 4 (+ Calorie Crush) (with buddy, evening)
Mon 6 76min, Cathe (Chrono) - Maximim Intensity Strength
Tue 7 60min, Cathe (Chrono) - Step Works
Wed 8 60min, brisk walk with school walkers, and 58min, Cathe (Chrono) - Interval Max
Thu 9 42min, Cathe (Chrono) - Pure Strength - Back, Biceps, & Abs
Fri 10 39min, Cathe (Chrono) - Pure Strength - Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
Sat 11 65min, Cathe (Chrono) - Pure Strength - Strong Legs & Abs
Sun 12 60min, Cathe (Chrono) - Cardio Kicks
Mon 13 65min, Cathe (Chrono) - Circuit Max (morning) + 46min + Cathe - Party Rockin' Step 2 - Step Mix (afernoon, with buddy)
Tue 14
Wed 15 6km brisk walk
Thu 16
Fri 17
Sat 18 48min, Cathe - Intensity Series - Cardio & Weights - Cardio & Compound Weights Mix
Sun 19 45min, Cathe (Chrono) - Cross Train Express - 10-10-10 and 49min, Cathe - Low Impact Step/Total Body Sculpting - Lower Body Cardio Blast Mix
Mon 20 53min, Cathe (Chrono) - Cross Train Express - All Step
Tue 21 61min, Cathe (Chrono) - Cross Train Express - Kickbox
Wed 22 6km walk and 51min, Cathe - Cross Train Express - Leaner Legs
Thu 23 45min, Cathe (Chrono) - Cross Train Express - Step & Intervals
Fri 24 61min, Cathe (Chrono) - Cross Train Express - Power Circuit
Sat 25 can't remember,definitely something! will complete when at home with log
Sun 26 can't remember,definitely something! will complete when at home with log
Mon 27 41min, Cathe - Step Boss - Step Sync - Basic Mix 2 (bonus intermediate step + ab stacker abs) AND 64min, Cathe (chrono) - Slow & Heavy - Legs & Shoulders
Tue 28th 60min, Cathe (chrono) - Slow & Heavy - Triceps, Biceps, & Abs
Wed 29th 93min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Max, yes, it was a slog
Thu 30th 63min, Cathe (chrono) - Power Hour
To my toddlers/tweens/teens: "One day you WILL be stronger than me, but today is NOT the day." Proud to say that still stands. They're now 24, and both lift weights at the gym (though not as heavy as I do...yet).
Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day." To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!
To reduce the size of my butt, I need to reduce the size of my "But......"
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June ‘22

1. 2 mile walk + TA Intermediate Mat 5/25 I’m really enjoying getting out early for a walk, it just feels good to have some outside time everyday. I just do a nice brisk walk with some music or usually a podcast, it’s really a mood lifter. Some of Tracy’s exercises felt easier, or should I say more doable today, but one or two just kill me. There’s some workouts on the app that incorporate a chair that look very interesting.
2. 2 mile walk
3. Rest
4. TA Intermediate 6/1/22 No ankle weights
5. TA Intermediate 6/1/22
6-9. TA and walking
10-13. Rest I’ve had a bad peri menopause week. I’ve had a pretty good few months but I’ve really felt awful the past few days! Those hormones are powerful stuff. I really debated taking advil last night, I haven’t taken any in a year but I just wanted to go back to sleep. I’m not sorry either.
14. McLane Fitness PHAT #14 Just wanted to do something sweaty today. This is just under an hour and I felt like I pulled out a ton of equipment- the fit tower for chin ups, the Fanny lifter for step ups, all the plates for heavy deadlifts. It was very sweaty from the beginning but it went quickly and I really felt the core challenge, that’s what I really love about Jen’s workouts, so core intensive without doing a crunch! I felt a lot better after working out today and I always feel accomplished after doing Jen’s workouts!
15. 3 mile walk Sore from that PHAT workout but in a good way!
16. Rest
17. 2 mile walk + TA MultiTask 6.17
18. 3 mile walk + TA MultiTask 6.17 Multitask is the 30 min version, more manageable time wise if I’m going to add any cardio. There’s a more I really struggled with, and it’s hard to describe, an open kick out to the front, knee back, then kick out again while balancing on the opposite hand. At least there’s a reset between them with the knee to the floor.

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✨✨ June 2022 ✨✨

Focus: Yoga + Caroline

1 - Yoga 30for30 Flow and Stretch. Today Shanghai opens up, and it's like the past 2 months never happened. I'm feeling so whipsawed by the whole experience, this practice was an opportunity to just be present and breathe.
2 - Travis Eliot's Yoga Short & Sweet 3. This practice felt very different from the others in S&S, and I really enjoyed the change. I can appreciate how the past two months has made this one doable but with room to grow.
3 - Yoga 30for30 Balance. Second time doing this practice, I appreciated it much more. Still can't do the roll between chair and plow pose, but I'm getting more fluid.
4 - Yoga 30for30 Stamina. Since I'm always trying to deepen my practice, I was literally dripping sweat on the mat today. Love it!
5 - Travis Eliot's Yoga Short & Sweet 2. pm Bike ride - 40 mins, Walk by the river - 1 hour. After 2+ months under lockdown, a long walk was really tiring! I'm like a veal calf who have never been allowed out, my muscles have gone soft. Hopefully this phase is over and now I'll regain normal stamina.
6 - Travis Eliot's Yoga Short & Sweet 1, Bike Ride - 1 hour total. As I suspected, we moved to an earlier time slot and our yoga group has reset to just me & Ann. But we're here for each other. Back to work also means back to my bike commute, which is sweet.
7 - Yoga 30for30 Yin, Bike Ride - 1 hour total. First day back in the office was tough, and I'm facing huge mountain of problems in my business. This practice strengthened me for whatever today will need from me.
8 - Yoga 30for30 Even Flow. By coincidence, Ann and I both tried to get into full wheel pose today and discovered we need to build arm strength. Since we're doing it over Zoom from our respective home workout areas, we only found out afterwards when we compared notes. Fun!
9 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Power Yoga Urban Flow Yoga (YT). We decided to 'go off piste' and choose a totally new Travis practice which gave a fresh burst this morning. As it happens, the sequence is basically the same as 'Even Flow', but with a different production, it felt new. I was able to be very present today.
10 - Yoga 30for30 Twists. I think this now my favorite practice in the set. I was dripping sweat but felt great and energized for the day.
11 - Ultimate Yogi Cross Train. Since it's a weekend, we took on a longer practice. We all agreed that the 1 hour length is the same intensity level 30for30, but you can go deeper and luxuriate in the extra time.
12 - Ultimate Yogi Flexibility. Again, this feels like almost exactly the same flow as 30for30 Flow & Stetch, but slower and deeper. It was more challenging than I expected but having done it feels awesome.
13 - Yoga 30for30 Yin. After the longer practices over the weekend, 30 mins felt so short! But a great way to center and start the day.
14 - Yoga Short & Sweet Lauren. First time trying this practice, and afterwards we agreed it felt rushed. Perhaps it was earlier in Lauren's progression as an instructor, so not as accomplished. But any morning practice is always good.
15 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Power Yoga Strong Morning Flow (YT). We tried another YT practice, risking that it's another one that's basically 'Even Flow', but it wasn't! A different sequence, including Breath of Fire, and it felt fresh.
16 - Rest. Bike Ride - 1 hour 20 mins total. An early morning conference call meant I couldn't participate in the morning practice. And then I got home just too emotionally tired to push myself. I got slightly more bike riding in than I usually do so I'll just have to count that.
17 - Yoga 30for30 Chi Flow. Not the most intense practice, but now that I'm getting into the full range of circular arm movements, it's pretty sweaty.
18 - Ultimate Yogi Gentle. I'm sure I've done this practice in the past, as something 'easy to do instead of workout'. Today, I fully experienced it as a yoga practice. It felt like something I was doing for my body, not to my body. And it was sooo sweet.
19 - Ultimate Yogi Cross Train. God I loved this practice today. Was able to focus on my breath and be present even through the challenging poses.
20 - Yoga 30for30 Yin. Ann suggested Yin today, and I think it's a great practice for Monday mornings. Starting the week calm & centered.
21 - Yoga Short & Sweet Travis 1. My mind was definitely *not* in the zone today. I have a difficult meeting scheduled at mid-day, and I thought a strong practice would help me focus. But in fact I found myself missing cues, or just following along physically but not focusing on breathing or sensation. But hey, any day on the mat is a day in the practice.
22 - Yoga 30for30 Backbends. I appreciated this practice more today, probably because my balance is improving (slowly) so I'm a more able to stay in the poses for more than one second. Maybe three seconds, but it's progress.
23 - Yoga 30for30 Twists. Our group has kind of classified the practices into light, medium and strong. Each morning I ask, what do you feel like today? Ann said 'Medium', but I feel like I kind of snuck in a stronger one anyway. Twists might not be Edge or Stamina but it had us both dripping sweat. Although my mind is still wandering into work problems, I was able to ongoingly bring myself back and center myself in my body.
24 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Power Yoga Strong Morning Flow (YT). I met up with my fellow entreprenuers last night, for the first time in months! It was a great dinner, including some wine, so I woke up feeling stodgy and sleepy. But this practice got me sweating, breathing and feeling my body come back to life. Ann's been keeping track, this is our 86th day practicing together. When we get to 100, we definitely need to celebrate.
25 - Travis Eliot's Yoga Evolution (YT). I suggested this one to Ann as one of my favorite practices, and I'm delighted to say she also loved it. Compared to 30for30 it's very slow and deliberate, but holding the standing poses is a different type of challenge.
26 - Ultimate Yogi Flexibility. Loved this one today! Really felt the stretch and the engagement of my body through the flow and the poses at a new level. For the first time ever, I don't hate cat/cow. I finally got how it's meant to a flow for the spine. Nicholas joined us today and he always complains that the long stretches 'aren't meant for guys'. But he still did the whole hour with us.
27 - Yoga 30for30 Yin. I've started viewing Yin as the one we do on Monday to start the week calm and centered. I wasn't able to stay as present all the way through but it felt like it went quickly - so at least I wasn't 'waiting for the pose to be over'. Bonus - we have a new member, Erica joined for the first time today.
28 - Yoga 30for30 Stamina. It feels like the more I practice, the more I sweat. This time we were holding forearm plank and doing breath of fire, and then instructed us to do lion breath. I dripped sweat onto my own tongue! I feel alive and ready to start my day.
29 - Yoga 30for30 Gentle. I was up last night with a bad bout of food poisoning, so I definitely needed a soft practice today. So grateful for my yoga buddies for being there every day. Otherwise I'm sure I would have just skipped a day. But moving and breathing every day is a habit worth reinforcing.
30 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Power Yoga Strong and Graceful(YT). This was a live session with just Travis, probably practicing in his backyard. It felt fresh and went by quickly. Celebrating 3 full months of daily practice!!
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Setting up my June shop.
(A HA! Finally made it to the first page of JTW! It's gonna be a great month! )

I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut. LOL I did NOT get off to a good start in June, but I've turned it around somewhat.


3. IRON Series, Day 23 Superset Glutes and Hamstrings + CL Compound Core Intensive Conditioning (398), 42 mins. WedU with CL 398.
Again, tough! These supersetted WOs for the glutes and hammies are rough! I was struggling on a few of those thruster sets. So much good glute work, though! Hours later and they were stinging!

Cathe said at the beginning that the WO was pretty shoulder intensive, and she wasn't kidding. (I did use heavier weights than her, but this still would have been a shoulder burner just using the weights she did.) My shoulders were AH! during her PU complex!! This was also, obviously, very core focused.
Everything done for 12-16 reps.

4. IRON Series, Day 24 Full Body Circuits + CL Cardio Compound Crush (393). Wed U with CL 393.
Have MERCY!! SO. Many. OH PRESSES!! I stuck with the same weights throughout, but, some exercises, my reps just kept decreasing every set. I don't remember CG's OTHER TB WO being this tough! I was ready to be done after just the first round (of 3)! I was pretty spent after this, but I gave CL 393 a whirl.
Needed a few breathers during that as CG fried most of my body (shoulders and back, esp.) and Cathe just finished me off. (The one part of my body that WASN'T fatigued was biceps, which was good, as CL was pretty bicep heavy and just what I wanted.
My quads were oddly and surprisingly sore, and my entire posterior was on fire almost the entire time during this WO.

5.CL Touch Up Training (294), 47 mins.
Still really liked this WO, but it felt like a completely different one than the FOUR previous times I’ve done it. I was tired (not physically, so much as mentally), stressed, and I did use heavier weights, even more so than the last time I did it, which I guess made a huge difference. Quads a little tight and sore going in to this.

6. IRON Series, Day 26 Leg Workout - Circuits & Step Ups. WedU with CL 137 Quickfix Cardio.
Cathe was burning my quads out!! I thought I was in trouble if her WU was already doing me in. I survived CG, though. (My quads have BEEN tired/sore/fatigued for the past few days. I have NO idea from what.)

Did the first 2 exercises in CL 137. The very first one was FOUR sets of snowboarders. FOUR. WHY? NO ONE needs four sets of snowboarders in their life. It was the universe using reverse psychology on me. When the first set started, I thought, somewhat excitedly (and, unknowingly, very stupidly) "Snowboarders!" (I haven't done them in a long while.) By the third set, I was like, "Make it STOP!", and I, literally, cursed at Cathe. I mean, Geez Louise. Then, we did hammer punch downs and knee ups. I subbed in sprint shooters for those because my body REVOLTS and just does NOT like them. After that, I was like, "Fork this. I'm calling it a night."
Really annoyed with myself. If I had gotten this in earlier, I would have had the patience and energy for an CL add-on like I've been doing. Really like the combo of CG and CL.


8. IRON Series, Day 27, Antagonist Sets Back & Chest, Upper Body. Wed U with CL 57, PHA Training.
I was worried about the WO going in to it. I had done a lot of digging, dragging, hauling, hoisting, and pulling in the yard for several hours a few hours before this WO, and I was pretty tired. While I was carting everything, I thought to myself, "Oh, man. This is going to poop me out for my WO!" I wasn't wrong, but I was satisfied with what I was able to use, especially for shoulders.

On top of that, I was TIRED! Yawning and legs feeling so loaded, like I had just done a HIIT WO, had not had a day off and wasn't 4 days removed from any cardio. I was HOT during WU, too! It wasn't even really warm out and, of course, had the dehum on.

Not my fave UB WO of Caroline's, esp. for back. There was so much tri and shoulder work in this. (She barely ever works the biceps!) Aside from the actual shoulder work she does (which is HALF the WO. How DARE she call this back and chest focused? ) the tris and shoulders get worked so much in the renegade rows and diamond press, and, of course, the POs. That's kind of what this WO felt like, a tri WO masquerading as a back-chest WO. This was worth my time, though!

9. IRON Series, Day 28 Glute Workout - Iron Glutes. Wed U with CL 399 PHA w/ Ball.
This was brutal. I mean, just OUCH. REALLY wanted to tack on a shorter CL, but I was SO tired by the end of this just because it was late. I tried so hard to get my WO in early today so I COULD do an add-on, but, my body wasn’t having it.

10. IRON Series, Day 29 Full Body Hypertrophy, PHA + CL Cardio Weights Mashup (361), 39 mins. WedU with CL 361 incl. the first set of moves.
Holy MACKEREL! Felt like a BOSS after this. Caroline was DONE at the end of this, too; she was too exhausted to even give us a smile and a look, like she usually does. After this, CL was NO problem! My quads were feeling sore, and I had been feeling tired during the WU, but, after CG, a piece of cake!! I just used all the same weights as C, and after Caroline, they were plenty challenging!
I had PRs in Caroline and, in addition to using heavier than I have before for some things (BP, lunges), I went heavier than I EVER thought I would be able to go on them. EVER. (B not MUCH heavier, but I am still counting it as an improvement!)

11. Final day of IRON!! IRON Series, Day 30 Arms, Abs & Core + CL Double Cardio HIIT Compound (269), 38 mins. Wed U with CL CUBB 370.
Whoa. Caroline does not work bis often, but when she does, she ANNIHILATES them!!

Caroline’s sweet puppy dogs made an appearance at the end of the WO. I could NOT stop smiling and laughing – SO so adorable. She should have them make cameos in every WO from now on, as far as I’m concerned.

CL was CHALLENGING for me today! Like, some of the cardio moves felt like proper HIIT! Don’t remember finding it that tough any of the previous times. My quads almost completely gave out during the quarter turns. Whole thing SO hard!! HOW did I use heavier weights in this before??
(This definitely would have been better as an add-on to the WO I had ORIGINALLY wanted to tack it on to – IRON Series, Day 27 Back & Chest, Day 28 Glutes or even yesterday’s WO, IRON Series, Day 29 Full Body. It was just WRONG to do this after a Bi/Tri WO!

12. Unplanned rest day, but, since I can't bear to see the empty spaces in my log...

I did a load of laundry today, which was 90% underwear. It took me about 25 mins to hang it all up, about 4 dozen pairs, when all was said and done. I thought to myself, "How the heck do I have so much underwear in this load? My drawer is still full!" The 4 or so dozen pairs that were in the load was LESS than the amount I had left in the drawer. HOW? HOW did I acquire over 100 pairs of underwear?!
(In my defense -- or maybe just something to make me sound even weirder LOL -- I have a segregated bunch that I use just for WOs. At this point, though, I don't even know if they're part of the over 100 pairs. (They have to be.) But, now I have myself curious, so I am going to have to do a rough count and get back to you all. Try not to die from the anticipation.

13. First day of FUEL!!! Lots of notes for this one! FUEL Series, Day 1 Legs. WedU with CL Total Body Weights (6).

WHOA. Talk about feeling accomplished!
IRON Series ended with me feeling like a BOSS. FUEL started with me feeling like a complete amateur. (If there was an American Idol for exercisers, I would NOT have gone on through to the next round LOL).

This just SLAYED me. I found it pretty tough. I was, LITERALLY, dripping in sweat by the end of this. Never ever before have I been so HAPPY to get to the finisher, which was so metabolic and so quick, I didn't even have a chance to wipe the sweat from my eyes, even with my shirt, so I was just trying to blink it away, but my eyes were burning, anyway.

This was tough, but I am SO up for this challenge and excited to end fitter and stronger than when I started. I have NEVER done a crossfit WO or even seen one, but this felt like a crossfit WO to me. LOL The heavy weights then bodyweight/metabolic stuff, all for As Many Reps As Possible.

The ONLY con I had about this was that Caroline moves SO fast I had no time to write down all my reps! I like to know my count to not only better myself for next time but so I can have EVEN reps on both sides. I was SO OutOfBreath (OOB) during this that I couldn't even keep track from one move to the next. After 4 moves all strung together, all l I could remember was one or two of the rep counts. I gave up after the 2nd set.

Caroline moves FAST in this. Even with the heavy weights, she was MOTORING. I was taking my time, going nice and slow, making sure I got full ROM, full activation, concentrated on my form and staying safe. The most helpful thing for me in doing that was NOT watching Caroline. With IRON, that was easier since the work periods were so long, the moves so few, and Caroline going quite slow herself. You could almost zone out and just do your own thing. Here, it's hard to even think straight with how hard I was breathing and the moves changing so often. I kept spying her out of the corner of my eye during this WO, and it threatened to throw me off, so I REALLY had to focus on me, myself and I.
I also did some minor modifications as far as DB placement and such and did sumo DLs in place of her 1.5 rep DLs.

I am excited to be getting into more challenging Caroline WOs but with a shorter length than her EPICs. I definitely need this more metabolic, cardiovascular challenge to hopefully burn some fat off my body so I am looking forward to these! And, I'm hoping once my body realizes this is what is expected of it now -- moving faster with less rest -- the other WOs won't feel so tough.
I felt good after this, though, not exhausted or spent. I was just tired because it was late.

(I knocked my ELBOW today, and it is has been throbbing for hours. I slammed it right on the bone, and it feels like it! I was feeling it during this WO big time, because every time I bend the elbow, it hurts. I'll rub some arnica in and, hopefully, that will help. [Love that stuff. Last month, something bit me, I think. I was strolling through the plant nursery not thinking much of it when I scratched my shin and saw a little drop of blood, albeit a bit perplexed. I hadn't noticed anything there earlier, but I just thought it was a yard wound I had overlooked. I was quite alarmed, though, when I woke up the next morning to, what looked like a softball trying to break through on my shin around the blood spot. I rubbed arnica in and the following day, it was like the swelling had never even been there. That was at the height of my poison ivy so I was quite the sight that week! I had scratches, blisters and bites and looked like I was in a trial study for an unknown skin disease. LOL])

I had planned to tack on a CL after this, but it was already late, and I was TIRED! I figured I could spare the extra cardio since this had such a cardiovascular challenge, but I have really been enjoying tacking a shorter CL onto the IRON WOs.

ETA: Forgot to jot this down when I posted originally, but this was very reminiscent of Cathe's RWH HIIT It Lift It Legs in which Cathe employs the use of contrast training – a weighted move followed by an UNWEIGHTED (cardio) move using the same muscle group just worked. I found Caroline did something very similar here. LOVED!

14. FUEL Series, Day 2, 30 Min UPPER BODY CIRCUITS & Cluster Sets + CL Compound HIIT 173.
WedU with CL Compound HIIT 173. Did first triset of moves (cardio, weighted metabolic, loop move) to make sure I was good and warm for FUEL.

Again, a tri-shoulder focused WO, but I liked this. I was worried because I remember some discussion on GD and another check-in, I think, that those who had done this WO had not liked it. IIRC, they had found it unfocused, a bit scattered and a little haphazard, like not much thought had been given to this. I am not entirely certain it was this one they had been referring to, but, as already stated, I liked this. It HAMMERED shoulders and tris but, unsurprisingly, was MUCH less metabolic and taxing than yesterday's WO. I am looking forward to tomorrow's WO and to this series, as a whole. I really enjoy WingO with Caroline and, so far, this series has been no exception.

On the plus side, as well, was that since the format was different than yesterday’s WO, I was able to keep track of and note all of my rep counts. Hurray!

Oh, and I am LOVING the music in the series. I THINK, like IRON, the same music is used in every WO but, so far, I am finding the music to be much better. Give me a few more WO days, though! LOL.

All the same weights as C. DYING on jacks-air jacks. And this was SO cruelly shoulder intensive. GAH! Some of these moves were actual HIIT and had me sucking air!

15. Day in the yard, then long time chatting with neighbors. (JTW, I HAVE to give you the latest update on my mooing neighbor.)

Got a WICKED cluster headache about 5 mins after I got inside, which is bizarre because I haven't had one of those in about 4.5 years. (For those not in the know, a cluster headache feels like someone is stabbing you in your eye with an ice pick from INSIDE your head. Yeah, pretty awful.) I tried to rest and wait for it to pass, but it did not.

16. I got ZERO sleep the night before. (Again, THAT hasn't happened in YEARS. As I've gotten older, insomnia is now a predominant
symptom of my PMS, but it doesn't usually keep my up ALL night.) Anyway, I just had NOTHING in the tank for a WO. Super frustrating.

17. FUEL Series, Day 3, GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS Supersets + CL “Plyo” Legs: Low Impact (381), 42 mins.

Believe it or not, I have ZERO written down for this duo. WHAT?! I know, but it's true.

18. CL Upper Body Burn (388), 56 mins.
VERY aptly named; there was LOTS of burning for EVERY muscle group.

My shoulders and back were burning just during the WU! I was SO tired today and NOT feeling like I had either the energy OR strength for a WO, but I feel like I made a respectable showing here. Arms TOAST just halfway through this. And, shoulders? Already burnt out by the time they rolled around in the WO to actually WORK and target them. Cathe even said as much, hence her emphasis on band work during the shoulder portion.

(Cathe runs through the muscle groups in the order in which I prefer in this WO that that was nice. Usually, I have to skip around in the WO to get things the way I want them.)

(Glutes sore today. Even quads.)

19. CL Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp (396), 49 mins.

Just stuck with C’s weights to keep this more metabolic as I did UB yesterday and have TB on the docket for tomorrow. The strength portions were burning my muscles OUT! Cathe says repeatedly throughout the WO that the cardio portions are meant to make you breathy but not blow you away, and that is exactly what they do.

I LOVED the around the corner knees she has in this. Makes me feel all fancy and like I can actually do step choreography. This felt like SUCH a Fall WO to me, which was perfect since it felt like Fall outside.

20. FUEL Series, Day 4 Full Body PHA + CL Lift It Hiit It (155), 38 mins. WedU with CL 155, including the first pair of exercises, a cardio and a weighted metabolic move.
Okay, so I need to start checking in on JTW BEFORE my WOs so you all can talk me out of doing things like this pairing. LOL

HOLY cannoli! Just, whoa. I want to say that all of my work in the yard today had something to do with how fatigued FUEL made me, but I don't think that is true. This was just TOUGH. I found Caroline started at a slower pace and lower intensity, then, increased both as the WO went on so it got increasingly metabolic and cardiovascular despite using lighter weights. Or maybe it was just a cumulative effect? Either way, this was BANANAS. In a FANTASTIC way. I really enjoy Caroline's WO. I was SPENT after this, though. In a good way.
I DON'T know how Caroline maintains such composure during her WOs. I look like I just walked out of a sauna after every single one. And during!

(Bex, I was thinking of you during this WO and how, right now, it seems like you would prefer IRON series so much more. Then, I read JTW, saw your comment and felt compelled to check in.)

Pretty much just used all the same weights as C since I did this as an add-on. I was tired going in to this. My endurance and stamina still aren't up to where they used to be, and this WO had my quads burning out. (It's been almost an entire WEEK, I think, that my quads have been feeling tired and fatigued during my WOs. Weird.)

OMG, Cathe had WAY too much energy for me today, and her cuing was for s h i t e, excuse my language. She gave us a countdown to the last exercise then gave us THREE “last” exercises, some exercises just had ENDLESS reps (64 Over Head Tricep Extensions/OHTE!!! 64. ?!?!?) and she was moving like she drank rocket fuel. The latter two combined equaled lightening pace. And, I don’t know if I was slowing down or Cathe was speeding up, but we got COMPLETELY out of sync during the bunny hops. And, there were TWO sets of burpees. If I had known that, I may not have bothered with this at all. It went by quick enough for me, but, NextTime/NT, as already stated, I need someone to talk me OUT of doing WOs like this AFTER Caroline.

Honestly, I was just tired (long day of yard work and a late night WO [do I have any other kind??]), and it felt like I had put my cranky pants back on, which I had been wearing most of the day.

I just really like adding on a shorter CL to a Caroline, and I am trying to start having some real consistency and proper WOs. I am still feeling so OFF, like I just can't get into a routine or schedule that sticks.

PS. Cathe cancelled CL last week, which IMMEDIATELY made my stomach drop and filled me with DREAD. The only time Cathe has ever cancelled a Live (in EIGHT years!) is when she detached her retina. She has had vacations or planned for a Live not to be filmed, but she has never CANCELLED a Live, so when she did it last week, I just got this sinking feeling that something was HORRIBLY wrong. I know, of course, that she is probably 100% fine, but, until CL airs in 3 days, I will not be able to shake this worry, however unwarranted.

I am going to try to behave like I actually belong to this check-in and do personals tomorrow.

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just the workouts

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