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Location: Arkansas
1 - Gilad Warm Up, Hips and Cool Down
2 - Gilad Back, Core and Cool Down
3 - Gilad Warm up, Shoulders and Cool Down
4 - Gilad Chest, Core and Cool Down
7 - Callanetics

8 - Caroline Arms
9 - Callanetics
10 - Caroline Arms
12 - Caroline Arms
13 - Callanetics
14 - Callanetics

15 - Caroline Arms
16 - Callanetics
17- Caroline Arms
20 - Caroline Arms
21 - Jessica Valant Pilates

22 - Caroline Arms + Yoga for Adductors
23 - Jessica Valant Back + Jessica Valant Abs
24 - Caroline Arms + Jessica Valant Back
26 - Jessica Valant Hips
28 - Jessica Valant Hips

29 - Jessica Valant Hips + Caroline Arms
30 - Jessica Valant Hips and Abs
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
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May.....hoping for some new Jessica Smith!

1 - Yoga w/ Bird - 7 Day Yoga Challenge Day 1, Ellen - 4 Elements Flow, Yoga w/ Bird - 10 Min Morning Yoga Miracle

2 - Lucy Wyndham Read - 20 Min Cardio (May 28 Day Challenge, Day 1); Jessica Valent Pilates - Beginner Lower Body Workout # 1; Yoga w/ Bird - 7 Day Yoga Challenge Day # 2; outdoor walk, CS 1303

3 - Kathy Smith Step Workout, Yoga w/ Bird - 7 Day Yoga Challenge Day # 3

4 - Kathy Smith - Ageless - Staying Strong - Upper Body & Glutes; LWR - May Challenge Day 3 - Standing Core; Yoga w/ Bird - 7 Day Yoga Challenge Day # 4; outdoor walk, Essentrics Aging Backwards Workout

5 - Kathy Smith - Matrix Walk (first section & stretch), Kathy Smith - Matrix Walk - (2nd section & standing core); Yoga w/ Bird - 7 Day Yoga Challenge Day # 5

6 - LWR - Feel Amazing Challenge - Day 2

7 - LWR - Feel Amazing Challenge - Days 4 & 5; Yoga w/ Bird - 7 Day Yoga Challenge Day # 6

8 - Burpee Girl Short Workouts - 20 Min Tone & Burn (from 4/29/22); Pilates Nest - Rise & Shine Retreat Day 1

9 - Lively Ladies - Energy Boosting Walk (from 5/2/22); Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs Day 1, Yoga w/ Bird - 7 Day Yoga Challenge Day # 7; outdoor walk

10 - Burpee Girl Short Workouts - 25 min Fat Burning Burn & Tone (from 5/9/22), Caroline Sandry - Total Body Pilates - Total Body Section; outdoor walk w/ Golden

11 - CS 1304; 15 Min Express Posture; outdoor walk w/ Golden

12 - Essentrics - Increase your Energy & Mobility (50's workout challenge Day 1) - w/ Miranda

13 - Burpee Girl - 30 Min Low Impact HIIT

14 - Ellen - Power & Balance

15 - Ellen - Peace, Love and Cardio; Ellen - Standing Stretch

16 - Ellen - Align & Shine; Burpee Girl Short Workouts - 15 Min Fat Burning Cardio (from 5/10/22), The Balanced Life - Pilates Strong Day # 1; dog walk

17 - Ellen - Slim Sculpt, dog walk

18 - Lunch Walk; Evening Walk

19- very short evening walk

20 - Burpee Girl Short Workouts - 20 Min Dumbbell Workout - Full Workout (from 5/15/2022)

21 - Essentrics 10 Day Core & Glute Challenge - Day # 1 - Live workout from 5/16 w/ Meg

22 - Burpee Girl - 35 Min Walking for Weight Loss (from 5/22), Burpee Girl Short workouts - 15 Min Tone & Burn (from 5/12), CS 1129 (Day # 2- Core & Glute Challenge)

23 - CS 1318 (Day # 3- Core & Glute Challenge); outdoor walk, Senior Shape w/ Lauren Strength Training Workout for Beginners & Seniors

24 - Nada - just didn't happen....

25 - Essentrics - Ab Flattening & Waste Shaping w/ Sahra (Day #4 of Core & Glute Challenge); Body Kind Fitness - Low Impact, High Intensity, Full Body Workout (from 4/22/22)

26 - Essentrics - Day # 5 of Core & Glute Challenge - Live workout w/ Meg from 5/20 (standing and barre only); Pahla B - 5PD Down # 26 - Tone Up & Lose Weight (from 5/23/22)

27 - Lively Ladies - Boost Metabolism w/ Body Weight Exercises (from 5/23/22), Yoga w/ Kassandra - Root Chakra Yoga (from 5/23/22)

28 - Pahla B - 5PD Down # 2 - Toning Starts Here, CS 1308

29 - Lively Ladies - 30 Min Full Body Cardio Toning (from 5/27/22); Pahla B - Active Rest day Stretching (from 7/4/19)

30 - Jessica Smith - Total Body Strength Training - Total Body 48

31 - Jessica Smith - 5K DVD - Interval Walk
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✨✨ May 2022 ✨✨

Focus: Yoga + Weights

1 - Yoga 30for30 Even Flow.
2 - Yoga 30for30 Stamina.
3 - am Yoga 30for30 Edge. My yoga buddy has decided she wants more challenge, so we're mixing in more practices. I'm just happy to have the accountability to show up every day. pm Delivery max. Volunteered for a stint delivering groceries to our complex. Walking around for more than 2 hours in a white tyvex suit counts as a workout, not to mention all the bending and carrying.
4 - Yoga 30for30 Twists. Our yoga group has grown to 5 regulars and we all loved this practice today.
5 - Yoga 30for30 Backbends.
6 - Travis Eliot's Short & Sweet 1. My yoga group said they preferred the more challenging practices, so I took them at their word and kicked it up a notch. Everyone was sweaty but happy at the end and up for more, so I'll put that one in the 'Win' column.
7 - am Yoga 30for30 Flow & Stretch, pm 25 min HIIT session over Zoom, led by a friend who's into crossfit. We're all trying to make the best of this extended lockdown.
8 - am Travis Eliot's Short & Sweet 1. I was slightly stiff from yesterday's HIIT and was hoping for a beginner practice, but my yoga crew have become power yoga junkies. pm Heather Robertson's 2 Week Lockdown Day 1- Total Body. I've been wanting to get in an evening workout as well, and I'm so glad I started with Heather. My cardio fitness is terrible, but I modified and made it through. We re-start here.
9 - Yoga 30for30 Arm Balances & Inversions. None of my yoga crew can do them, but everyone enjoyed the attempts with good humour. They're so grateful for my variety of practices. These years of being a video junkie have finally paid off!
10 - am Yoga 30for30 Even Flow, pm Jenny Ford's Step by Step (12 mins), Precision Kettlebell's Fat Torching Kettlebell Combos Workout 5.3 (30 mins). I though a step workout in the evening would be a good way to distract myself and get some cardio in, but the rhythmic thumps of my foot on the step got me worried I'd be disturbing my neighbors. Even taking my shoes off and doing it barefoot makes some sound and the self-consciousness was making me anxious, so I stopped and went for KBs. We have thick floors but thin walls, so I can jump as much as I want but somehow the step was noisy. I dunno. I did 3 of the 5 blocks in the KB workout and was a sweaty mess, so I guess I'll keep doing those.
11 - Yoga 30for30 Twists. This might be my new favorite practice. Now that my balance is improving, I can focus on getting deeper into each twist.
12 - Yoga 30for30 Gentle, Yoga 30for30 Meditation. We all showed up on our mats depressed and angry with the increasing insanity of the Shanghai lockdown measures. This practice was the sweetest one yet.
13 - Yoga 30for30 Chi Flow.
14 - Yoga 30for30 Even Flow.
15 - Travis Eliot's Short & Sweet 1.
16 - Rest
17 - Yoga 30for30 Balance.
18 - Yoga 30for30 Stamina. In the midst of sweating through this practice, I realized that vinyasas are just yoga style burpees.
19 - Travis Eliot's Short & Sweet 2,Yoga 30for30 Meditation. This was our 50th day of doing yoga together, so we celebrated with a new challenging practice and some sweet meditation. I am so grateful for my yoga buddies who have literally helped me hold it together during this challenging time. pm Bike ride - 1 hour total. Got allowed out today to visit my doctors office, so I got a bike ride in!!! It was really odd cycling through the empty streets but it felt good.
20 - am Yoga 30for30 Restore. If I've ever done this practice before, it was so long ago that I totally forgotten. So I suggested it and the group agreed. It wasn't what any of us expected, but kind of nice for a change. pm Caroline Girvan's 10 min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's IRON Day 1 Legs, Jan Chuan's How to Stretch After Leg Day. Well, I did it. I pushed play on IRON and I loved it. Thanks to LizEMA for the encouragement! I went lighter than I usually do for Caroline because my hands need to get back into condition on holding the weights. But I followed Caroline's coaching to go even slower and felt thoroughly and satisfyingly worked.
21 - Yoga 30for30 Even Flow.
22 - Yoga 30for30 Yin.
23 - Yoga 30for30 Backbends. This was a really challenging practice for me, and I never got into the flow. Which is why I should continue to do it. Let's see if I succeed in that.
24 - Travis Eliot's Short & Sweet 1. I was totally 'in the flow' today! It's so gratifying feeling how my practice is progressing.
25 - Travis Eliot's Short & Sweet 2. Challenging but made me feel better.
26 - Yoga 30for30 Fluidity. This was a 'Meh' practice. It wasn't very challenging from a yoga standpoint, but the flow felt odd and the cuing was hard to follow. Probably won't reach for it again. But there's a growing consensus in the group that we want to continue doing yoga together every day even after this lockdown ends. Let's see how that works out.
27 - Yoga 30for30 Edge. Wowza, this felt even harder than the first time. Maybe because I'm trying to fully execute the poses (to the best of my ability). It definitely took us all to our edge.
28 - Yoga 30for30 Twists.
29 - Ultimate Yogi Crosstrain, Yoga 30for30 Restore. Since I knew the group was requesting 'Restore', I took the opportunity to try out a full hour practice. I'd done a few from the UY set before, but never committed to it as a regular practice. I could feel how much my yoga has progressed over the past 2 months and how this is probably the right fit for me now. The challenge will be keeping it going as we all go back to work. pm 1 hour Bike Ride!! Shanghai is gradually reopening and now there are no restrictions on my ability to go out and ride around. Nothing is open, but cruising around the mostly empty streets in the sunshine was great. When I got home I was so tired by both hours of exercise, I had to take a nap. Sigh, recovering my CV fitness is going to need some time.
30 - Yoga 30for30 Chi Flow. The second time trying this practice I appreciated it much more. We were all sweaty afterwards, which I'd say is mostly due to Shanghai's muggy summer weather. But who knows maybe it did unlock our Qi.
31 - Yoga 30for30 Victory. Today marks 2 months of the group doing yoga together, and theoretically is the last day of lockdown. So Victory seemed like the clear choice. Actually I didn't like it much as a practice - it felt too gimicky, a way to wrap up the 30 days rather than a real yoga practice. But it was good to take the occasion to appreciate what we've done. We all say we want to continue to practice together in the morning as we return to normal. Let's see if it works out.
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30 - Neighbourhood Walk; Fit w Rhoda neck-friendly Upper body

2. Short Outdoor walk
3. Lively Ladies Fast Walking; quick Plyo Moves add-on
5. Jessica S 15 min Fix (WS3); Outdoor Walk
6. Lively Ladies Energy Boost walk; some Restorative Yoga
9. Lively Ladies Indoor Walking
10.Lively Ladies Walk for Fitness; Neighbourhood Walk; quick Calves w-o
11.Lively Ladies Hi/Low energetic cardio
13. Lots of Yardwork; Neighbourhood walk; Move with Cee Beginner Strength + added on two sets of Rom Dead rows
14. Lively Ladies Hi/Low cardio; Quick Pilates side moves add-on
15. Yardwork mainly weed pulling-digging
17. All Day & evening of Yardwork
19. Lively Ladies Heart healthy walk; My own Indoor interval walk
21. Short neighbourhood walk; Lift w Cee 40-4-40 eighteen
23. Lively Ladies High/Lo Cardio; Outdoor Walk
24. Lively Ladies Energizing walk; Leg Extensions add-on
27. Neighbourhood Walk
29. Lively Ladies Cardio Toning; Silver&Fit Int Cardio w Adita (Boxercise)
31. Neighbourhood Walk; Half of a Lively Ladies Walk; just One set of Back Rows. Pooped this week!
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Bump - we've arrived!
To my toddlers/tweens/teens: "One day you WILL be stronger than me, but today is NOT the day." Proud to say that still stands. They're now 24, and both lift weights at the gym (though not as heavy as I do...yet).
Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day." To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!
To reduce the size of my butt, I need to reduce the size of my "But......"
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Post Moving in May!!!

Cardio Total: 31.1 min/day (last month 26.1 min/day; PR = 55.4 May '20)
Strength Total: 11.0 min/day (last month 13.8 min/day; PR = 17.2 Aug '20)
Yoga/Meditation Total: 24.5 min/day (last month 22.6 min/day; PR = 47.7 Mar '20)

Word for the Year: FUN!

Monthly Focus: POSTURE

1 Ellen Barefoot Cardio Workout, 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, Jessica Gentle Yoga for Balance / Flexibility / Mobility (Total Body), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 1)
2 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Arkansas), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, All-Day Yoga Workout (Stress Relief), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 2)
3 Jessica 5-Day Fat Burn (HIIT Walk), Ellen Power Fusion, 4 min PT, 12 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 3)
4 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Utah), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, All-Day Yoga Workout (A.M. Yoga), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 4)
5 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 5)
6 Body Groove Elevate Your Fitness (Week 3 - Workout 5), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, All-Day Yoga Workout (P.M. Yoga), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 6)
7 60 min beach walking, 4 min PT, 18 min meditation
8 62 min beach walking, 4 min PT, 8 min meditation
9 60 min beach walking, 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
10 Jenny Ford Step Across America (South Carolina), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, Barbara Benagh AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (AM Get Up and Go), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Days 7 and 8)
11 Jessica Walk Strong 3 (Cardio Hit), Body-for-Life for Women (Upper Body), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Days 9 and 10)
12 Body Groove Elevate Your Fitness (Week 3 - Workout 6), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, Barbara Benagh AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (AM Sun Salutation Centering), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Days 11 and 12)
13 Jenny Ford Step Across America (North Carolina), Body-for-Life for Women (Cardio, Lower Body / Abs), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 13)
14 4 min PT, 17 min meditation
15 Jessica Walk Strong (Interval Mix), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, Barbara Benagh AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (AM Gentle Wake-Up), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Days 14 and 15)
16 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Kentucky), Ellen Fat-Burning Fusion, 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 16)
17 Jessica Walk Off Belly Fat (2-Mile Interval Walk, Cool Down), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, Barbara Benagh AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (AM Wake Up the Spine), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 17)
18 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Texas), Ellen Fusion Floor, 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 18)
19 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
20 36 min water aerobics, 17 min outdoor walking, Body Groove Elevate Your Fitness (Week 4 - Workout 1), 10 min PT, 8 min meditation, Barbara Benagh AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (AM Extended Morning), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Days 19 and 20)
21 4 min PT, 15 min meditation
22 Jessica Major Metabolism Booster (Pyramid Power Walk), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Days 21 and 22)
23 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Georgia), Ellen Grace and Gusto, 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 23)
24 Jessica 5 Mix and Match Miles (Warm Up, Energy Boost, Pumped Up Pace, Cool Down), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Barbara Benagh AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (PM Unwinding Muscle Tension), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 24)
25 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Louisiana), Jessica Fusion Flow and Glow (Full Body Flow), 4 min PT, 8 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 25)
26 Jessica 15-Minute Fast Blasts (Belly Blaster, Fast Fat Burn), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, Jessica Stretch and Relax (Rise), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 26)
27 Jessica Walk a 5K (Steady Walk, Active Recovery), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 27)
28 Jessica Fusion Flow and Glow (Fusion Flow Sculpt, Pilates Core), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, Jessica Stretch and Relax (Release), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 28)
29 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Idaho), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation, Jessica Stretch and Relax (Relax), 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 29)
30 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
31 Jessica 6-Mile Mix (Speed Walk, Cardio Interval Abs), Jessica Fusion Flow and Glow (Core Strength and Stretch), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, 30-Day Posture Makeover (Day 30)
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Evening of the 1st for me now, no more exercise is going to happen.
Didn't engage in down-thread posts much at all in April - hoping to improve on that front in May.

Sun 01
30min, dog walk - for HER, once at the park - toss the ball, her HIIT
70min, dog walk - for ME, steady state constant walking
41min, Cathe - LITE - Metabolic Blast - Scrambled Mix 1 (Floor 1st); team used 3lb, 5lb, & 8lb, I used 2kg (4.4lb) 3kg (6.6lb), & 4kg (8.8lb); pleasant challenge, not ruggedly hard.
To my toddlers/tweens/teens: "One day you WILL be stronger than me, but today is NOT the day." Proud to say that still stands. They're now 24, and both lift weights at the gym (though not as heavy as I do...yet).
Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day." To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!
To reduce the size of my butt, I need to reduce the size of my "But......"
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1 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 1; my own PT; walk at beach; 6,563 steps.

2 - LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W1D1; Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 2; Bellyfit TV Season 1 - Grounding; 8,831 steps.

3 - A Kassandra morning yin; LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W1D2; Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 3; 6,387 steps.

4 - LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W1D3; Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 4; GYM for 15/45/10 of treadmill, weight machines and arc trainer; 7,690 steps.

5 - LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W1D4 & 5; Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 5; 9,215 steps.

6 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 6; LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W1D6; Ellen's Moving Meditation download; Bird's Restorative Yoga for Emotional Release and Hip Tension; 5,718 steps.

7 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 7; Ellen Barrett Serene Strength; 4,533 steps.

8 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 8; a Kassandra restorative yin; GYM for 20/20/20 recumbent/elliptical/recumbent; 5,327 steps.

9 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 9; blah rest of day; 3,123 steps.

10 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 10; blah rest of day; 3,357 steps.

11 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 11; LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W1D7; walk around neighborhood; 6,523 steps.

12 - LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W2D1; Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 12; quick walk at beach; 6,413 steps

13 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 13; lunch walk; evening walk to my osprey nest; 8,384 steps.

14 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 14; my own back PT and stretch; birding walk; 9,059 steps.

15 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 15; beach walk; 5,807 steps.

16 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 16; walk around neighborhood; Winsor 20 Minute Workout; 6,130 steps.

17 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 17; LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W2D2; lunch walk; Lift with Cee 40-4-40 day 10; 6,676 steps.

18 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 18; LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W2D3; 5,213 steps.

19 - Kassandra Yin Yoga & Affirmations for Health; Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 19; 3,737 steps.

20 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 20; LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W2D4; lunch walk; Ellen Barrett Stretch 360; 8,626 steps.

21 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 21; beach walk; 5,314 steps.

22 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 22; Winsor Power Sculpt Basics; 4,209 steps.

23 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 23; gardening; my own stretch; 6,669 steps.

24 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 24; Ellen Barrett Walk Refresh; Jessica Valant Back Pain Relief Exercises; 5,960 steps.

25 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 25; 3,195 steps.

26 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 26; gardening; my own PT/stretch routine; 5,312 steps.

27 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 27; LWR Feel Amazing Challenge W2D5; Kassandra's new root chakra morning practice; 4,406 steps.

28 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 28; a 20 minute Kassandra morning yin yoga; Jessica Valant Back Pain Relief Exercises; 4,863 steps.

29 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 29; Jessica Valant Back Pain Relief Exercises; heavy gardening; 5,613 steps.

30 - Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge - Day 30; Jessica Valant Lower Back Exercises; Kassandra's new sacral chakra practice; walk around neighborhood; 8,663 steps.

31 - Ellen Barrett Power Express; Jessica Valant Lower Back Exercises; Bird Restorative Yoga for Stress & Emotional Relief; beach walk; 6,516 steps.
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I'm sneaking in again and am hoping I will actually post my WOs!
I know I didn't get a lot of time to actually chat with everyone when I first dropped in, but I feel like I miss JTW so much!

1. Caroline Girvan IRON series, Day 8, Glutes & Hamstrings, warmed up with CL 386.
This is my 5th CG. I have only done routines from the IRON series so far, and I am really liking them.
These came at a very opportune moment for me. I have long been interested in doing Caroline's WOs but was VERY intimidated by them. These shorter, strength focused WOs were enough to encourage me to give her a go while also solving my inconsistency issues.
I can always talk myself in to doing a 30min WO.
I have NEVER struggled with making my WOs happen like I have the past few months, and these have been great for that.
Everything about them appeals to me. I love that they are strength oriented and SHORT. They feel so thoughtful and deliberate and exactly how I want to train.
For some time now, I have been wanting to focus on strength training and just do mostly weights, but I wasn't sure how to go about it, as I was just pooling from Cathe's stuff.
I am encouraged enough after doing just several WOs from the IRON series to give some of her other routines a try as I often find myself wanting the WOs to last and be a little longer (despite my muscles being toast by then!). However, I will most likely just stick with the IRON series until I establish a more consistent routine and reacclimate my body to regular training.
I thought I might dislike the format, with timed intervals and no definitive reps to shoot for, but I love being able to go nice and slow, at my own pace and heavy up. I also thought I might miss verbal cues and some chatting, but I don't.
I appreciate Caroline listing the weights she uses, as well. They have been an awesome gauge for me. (I got to use my brand new 45s for this one! Well, 45. I already had one 45 but just got a mate for it, so the PAIR is new.)

The only con I have is the music. I don't know what she has done for her other programs, but she uses the same few tunes in almost every WO I have done, which is beginning to grate on me a bit.
ETA: Just checked out Heather Robertson after Bex posted that she started with her, just to see how she does her music. Different songs, every WO. If HR can do it, why not you, Caroline?

I am not actually following the rotation as set forth by Caroline. Rather, I am just sort of mix and matching to suit my tastes, though, I imagine I will do all of the days at some point, just not in the order that she has laid out.

2. CL Cardio Metabolic Sweat (390). Really enjoyed this one. Cardio is hard for me these days because of my woefully inconsistent WO routine these past months, but this was more than doable and challenged me perfectly. This was very reminiscent of Strong & Sweaty Cardio Slam, which I also enjoy. She does the routine in segments: equipment-free cardio, a cardio segment using light weights to increase the intensity, then a cardio segment using the step topper. It was very varied so no boredom, and I found the whole routine to be pretty fun.

3. IRON Series, Day 2 Shoulders, Back, Chest. WedU with UBB CL (388). Chest is not my FAVORITE muscle group to work. In fact, it’s my least (it just comes up that way by default), but I was placated by the back work, which IS my favorite (upper body) muscle group to work. (Sadly, though, I was disappointed in the back work, as I felt it was a little lacking.) So far, Caroline’s UB WOs have humbled me. I don’t know if it’s the past several months of not being regular with my WOs or the timed intervals or WHAT, but I am almost always having to lift lighter than Caroline and/or do less reps, at least by the end of the sets. This WO seemed SO short to me, which was fine as it was shockingly late when I eked it out, but I was hoping for more! I had to modify some moves, esp. the renegade rows. The heels of my non-working hand were KILLING me when having to press them against the DB bar, balancing all of my weight against them, so, for the following sets, I just moved my non-working hand to rest on the rubber end of the DB, which was SO much less painful, and, for me, in a way, even tougher. It required a lot more stabilization in the core to keep from rocking from all that switching of the hands.
And, during her DB PO, I had to use a BB. My hands just canNOT fit in to the little bar portion of the DB, and my hands are not strong enough to grip the fat ends of the DB. My neck, oddly, started to feel strained during the last set of shoulder presses (more like a DB lat pulldown to me). It seemed like I was gripping everything for dear life while performing the moves as, after each set of some things, my hands were just so fatigued!

4. Unplanned rest day, which was unfortunate, as it kind of threw the rest of my week's rotation/WO schedule out of whack. Did some errands in the evening, and I was just SPENT when I got home.

5. IRON Series, Day 5, Arms & Abs, Bis & Tris, 38 mins., Wed U with 1st half of CL Strong Glutes & Thighs WU & 2nd half of PHA SS #3 WU. Loved loved LOVED this WO. I think mostly just because I was just happy to have done ANY WO. Also, though, because while in the middle of it, it wasn't feeling that intense, but almost as soon as it was over, my tris were STINGING. For EVERY tri exercise, I was feeling my shoulders working so much, so I felt like my tris weren’t getting the dedicated work I had hoped for. In fact, my shoulders were the limiting factor IN my tri moves. I was feeling like I could have done more reps or even increased weights on some moves if my shoulders could have handled it. The tri moves felt like total UB moves – not only were the tris working, but also the shoulders, as noted, and the chest. I was even feeling the biceps a bit on some of the moves. I LOVED the abs here only because they gave me a break before the finisher.
And, I could actually DO the tricep PUs unlike the other CG UB WO I did (Day 12, but that one was targeting chest so it was no wonder I was near face planting on the tri PUs).
I am just SO happy that I got this in. I almost didn’t do ANYTHING again! I was SO knackered from my 6 hour job organizing the garage (all of my garden stuff is FINALLY in the same place!), and, I had YESTERDAY’S WO (IRON Series, Day 6 30 Min Quad Workout - Dumbbell Leg Day) on the docket. The thought of holding those heavy weights, even for just 30 mins, was filling me with all kinds of dread and exhaustion. My low back was also feeling pretty fatigued. ??? This was an excellent sub. It was on the schedule for tomorrow, so, essentially, I just switched my days.
My days are just NOT complete if I can't squeeze a WO in. I am forever grateful to CG because these are just SO perfect for me right now.
As a side note, I felt like Caroline went kind of light in this WO. The weights were good for me, but I am already so used to her crushing my weights for UB, it felt REALLY odd to be lifting the same as her all throughout the WO and even going heavier than her sometimes!
Update: Guess what was sore the next day? Shoulders and abs!! Biceps nada. Triceps, completely fine. Shoulders? Sore sore sore. They made it difficult to do the next day's WO.

6. IRON Series, Day 6 Quads. WedU with CL LL 374. Overall, not my favorite WO. In fact, so far, my LEAST favorite of Caroline’s. The lunges and Bulgarian lunges worked the glutes some as well, so, again, I was placated by the exercises that worked the muscle groups I DO like to work. However, I REALLY would have liked to have had just a LITTLE more variety. Needed some extra breathers between some of the sets, though, no real time to note WHERE that was. Also, pretty much kept pace with CG, but, on some, I could not pause like her or go QUITE as slow as her.
Again, though, I was just glad to get ANY WO in. (I know, I sound like a broken record.) I felt like I esp. needed it today.
Knees a BIT achy immediately afterwards (they were fine 5-10 mins after the WO was over), but I attribute that to the strain that was being put on the hip flexors while stabilizing during the Bulgarian lunges. Even after all of my years of doing Bulgarian lunges, I STILL struggle on how to balance the stabilizing leg, foot position, height of object I'm balancing the leg on and how NOT to fatigue that hip flexor. Hope springs eternal, though, and I will keep trying.
Also, as noted above, my shoulders were SORE today, which impeded only one exercise, but they sure let me know how fatigued they were doing it! (It was the goblet squat.)
Now that both WOs are done, in hindsight, I made the absolute right decision to swap these. There was NO way I could have gotten through this WO yesterday.
Used my straps again for my 45s, this time right from the start, and the endeavor was MUCH more successful.
I was pretty distracted during this WO, unfortunately, so not a lot of mind-muscle connection going on. I will try to be more thoughtful and focused going forward.

7. Another unplanned rest day, and I sure could have used a good WO today! My QUADS, though!! Whoa. I was NOT expecting to be as sore as I was.

8. IRON Series, Day 4, Full Body. WedU w/ CL 384 (not a great choice of WU for CG’s WO, but I just picked the first TB WU I saw on CL).
Long breathers between some of the heavy moves, 40-60 secs, and a minute after each circuit.
1st circuit kind of rough. By the 2nd time through, I had kind of found my groove and was in a nice rhythm, feeling stronger and much more confident. Those makers, though! GAH!
Because of a lot of switching around (with weight plates [I have detachable plates to microload my DBs], grips, yoga blocks), this WO felt long. (It DID go from light to dark, however, during the WO so that may have contributed to it feeling longer than it was.)

Heel elevated lunges not NEARLY as bad with the lighter weight. When I saw they were in this WO after the unbelievable DOMS they had caused just 2 days earlier, from which I was STILL recovering, I audibly groaned. I side-eyed Caroline when the first set came up, but, as noted, they weren’t nearly as murderous with the lighter weights. After Friday's WO, they felt like a cake walk here.

My grip was, unsurprisingly, struggling here. I thought because I wasn’t holding 45s for the entire thing, I could manage. It was a challenge. I did my own grip circuit of holding my DBs raw, letting them hang down with the large end resting on my hand, hoisting them on my shoulders, racking them (holding them in front of me up by my shoulders) and using straps. I just could NOT find a hold that worked for me all through the WO.

Even with the straps, it was awkward because, although the heavy weighted moves were all grouped together, I had to put the weights down during the breathers, then rewrap before picking them up again. I did NOT want to have to “time” myself like that when all I wanted to be doing during the rest periods was sucking wind. Maybe once I get more used to the straps and working with them (already feel like I have improved after just 2 uses), I can come up with some kind of system. As it was, even the LIGHTER DBs were taxing my grip!

(Ultimately, I could have gone a bit heavier, esp. during the 2nd and 3rd circuits when I was really warmed up. [Those are the circuits that I actually dropped down a bit for the heavy moves.] With how metabolic this was and the grip issues, I'm not sure that would have been possible, though. However, if I ever do this one again, I will try.)
I wish that she had done hip thrusters instead of the RDLs. Or even sumo DLs. I will try to make the swap myself if there is a repeat performance.

I decided that I am going to try and follow the IRON rotation to the best of my ability. So, I am going to do the ones I haven't yet from the first 2 weeks (which is where I was pulling all the WOs I have done from the series thus far), then just go in the order that she released everything, starting Week 3. I don't know if I am going to be able to stick with it, as presented, but I am going to try.

I'd love to start incorporating other training modalities into my routine, like you all do, but that has always been hard for me, trying to figure out where and when to squeeze things in. I will continue being inspired and motivated by all of you lovely humans and see if I can make it happen.

9. Metabolic Mish Mosh (273), 51 mins. I was SO pumped to get to my WO despite both it being a little late and having read my notes from the other two times I did this WO – I found it challenging, apparently. I was just so stoked to be getting my sweat on. Then, I started the WU. LOL Not particularly challenging or harder than Cathe’s other WUs, but, I was working harder than I was expecting. Overall, it seems like it was basically the same experience as the last time I did this – hard and challenging but not killer. Just when I thought my quads had recovered from CG, this happened! LOL
I felt SO accomplished afterwards. This WO is fairly intense in that it is just go go go, with just a couple of breathers. And, my cardiovascular capacity and endurance are just NOT up to snuff these days, so I was quite pleased that I was able to complete this without dying. Or needing any extra breathers.
I am already super excited for TOMORROW’s WO. I don’t know what it’s going to be, yet, but I am super excited for it.

10. IRON Series, Day 13, Posterior Work Back, Glutes, Hammies. WedU with CL 383 Functional Fitness.
I was excited to be working my posterior chain with Caroline today, and this WO did NOT disappoint. SO much great BACK work!!
I was able to use the same weight for ALL sets of the back work. I thought that I might have to drop down given all the different (variations on) rows, but that was not the case. I DID need some breathers during the working portion of the last set of rows, but my rep count didn’t drop.
I had to scramble and throw some plates on the BB because I forgot that Caroline was doing POs. I DID do one set with a DB in an effort to save time, but, squeezing my hands in that little bitty bar space was cruel and inhumane.
My low back WAS very fatigued through a large portion of this (half?), despite bracing my core, keeping a neutral spine (I seem to have a slight tilt in my pelvis), and establishing a mind muscle connection and really trying to concentrate on contracting my glutes and hammies. (That is not unusual, and I was doing yard work again today, which had already taxed it.) I found some relief using a kb for the sumo DL instead of the DB so that is what I will do going forward.
Hip thrusts were AWESOME but KILLER today, more brutal than when the WO is JUST hip thrusts. (Day 3.) I actually wish she had included MORE of them, though.
I am doing Day 7 Shoulders & Tris tomorrow (I hope), and I am already fearing it a little bit given how sore my shoulders get in CG's WOs that don't even TARGET them!

11. IRON Series, Day 7 Shoulders & Triceps. WedU with CL WUB (382). LOVED this WO. Again, I was super excited to get my sweat on despite my apprehension yesterday. My eagerness grew even more so as the evening came to a close, and I knew the only thing that would salvage my hot mess of a day was a good WO.
There was a little bit of a learning curve as quite a few of the moves were brand new to me, and I had never done them before. I was unsure of form and technique and what weights to use. I’m still not sure I nailed everything, but I was definitely working my triceps here! Caroline is a BEAST, and she just CRUSHED my weights/reps here. I went as heavy as I could and had some PRs on some (two?) moves, but Arnold presses with 27.6lbs?! Actually, I wasn’t that far off from her weights for most things, but, again, she crushed me in reps, looked MUCH smoother than me while doing them, and, while I wasn't watching her most of the time, unlike me, I don't think she took any breaks. For the shoulder work, I needed breathers DURING ALL of the working periods.
And, can I just thank Caroline for doing shoulder circles backwards AND forwards? Cathe only ever does them backwards which drives me bonkers.
I was worried going in to this because on and off all day my left trap kept feeling, intermittently, tight and strained, and I was afraid it would impede the WO. I’m not sure it hindered any of my moves, but I was feeling it a bit during shoulder presses and lateral raises. No pain, just tense.
I used a BB for two exercises and subbed in reverse curls for the upright rows. I’ve never had an issue with URs, but too many people who are much more knowledgeable in kinesiology and biomechanics than I, have recommended NOT doing them so I listen. They’ve never been a favorite, and I like reverse curls so I popped them in here. Sometimes I do DB high pulls, but I’m never sure if I’m doing those right.
This WO was so much different than the other triceps WO I did of Caroline's (Day 5), in which so many of the triceps exercises were like Total UB moves because they worked so many other muscle groups as well. In this one, Caroline chose moves that really isolate the triceps so they were REALLY targeted here, which I loved. Who knew I could enjoy working triceps so much?
Also, surprisingly, I felt like this was really light on shoulders! Day 5 hit them MUCH harder, and they weren't even being targeted there. That was fine by me, though!
SO so glad I got this in, even if it was a ridiculously and embarrassingly late time to be Wing O. Thinking of all of you rocking your WOs 100% motivated me squeeze this in, though. I’m so grateful for JTW!

12. IRON Series, Day 11 Legs. Wed U with CL Strong Glutes & Thighs (394).
LOVED this WO. It just FLEW by. There was SO much variety!!! I was a sweaty mess during this. I don't know how Caroline (or ANYONE, for that matter) stays looking so together and coifed while working out. I am almost always a hot mess while exercising, esp. as soon as the temps creep up over 70. I thought opening the windows would help, but it was SO humid out, that just made things worse. I needed to break out a sweat towel for this one. The first appearance of the season. I am dying to go to a Cathe Live ONCE in my life before she stops teaching, but the thought of being on camera, sweating like a football player in August, for all the world to see. I don't think I could handle that. I would LOVE to go with someone, but I know no one who would ever want to do that. I digress, though.

The weights were challenging but doable, but I was SO excited to get to the moves that used just a single DB, then even MORE excited to get to the finisher which was all bodyweight.
(I declare, here and now, that the start of fitness style drinking game must begin. Every time I say the word "excited", everyone does a push up!! I mean, c'mon, Liz. What is the count at now for "excited"? 12? I need a new word! LOL)
I was unsure about this WO going in to it as things didn't go quite as I had planned leading up to it. First, I had not yet reached my standard prerequisite amount of water that I like to have consumed by my WO, so I thought maybe it would impair my performance. Second, I had actually fallen asleep before I did my WO! I was SLEEPY and tired and almost – ALMOST – declared it an unplanned rest day. Then I thought of my wonderful JTW crew, and I pushed forward. SO so glad I did. I REALLY enjoyed this WO. I think my grip might be getting stronger, too.

Oh! And Caroline added a new tune in to the playlist! Two, I think, actually. Extra bonus, I really liked one of them. This was really such a great WO.

I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s WO, but it has what CG calls a “staple”, a move done every 3rd move. I’ve never done a WO like that before, and I am not feeling entirely confident. The staple is a squat press, which is NOT a move I am particularly fond of. I don’t HATE it, but I find them TOUGH, which I guess is why CG is using it. If I am going to go as heavy as I can, I am going to have to go WAY slower than CG.

PS. SURPRISE! I had not a smidge of soreness in my tris. I thought for SURE I would be feeling yesterday's WO today.

13. Unplanned rest day.

14. IRON Series, Day 9 Full Body. WedU with CL Superset Circuit (379). Holy COW!! Shoulders. On. FIRE! And OOB!!! GAH!! I cannot BELIEVE that I got through this entire WO using the SAME weights for EVERY set of squat press. By the 3rd set, I was struggling and, by the 4th, I was eyeballing the next drop down. Somehow, I made it through, though!! The squat part was easy. The press? Not so much. And the sets where she tacked the staple on to the ACTUAL shoulder presses? Holy moly. WHY Caroline, why? I thought we liked each other.
I REALLY liked this WO, way more than I thought I would having to complete TEN sets of squat presses, but, oy.

I was feeling pretty confident in my fitness/strength, then I did this WO and had my butt handed to me! I needed DOUBLE the breathers that Caroline gave, so, for her 15 seconds, I took about 30 seconds for almost EVERY rest period, I think. I know that is partly due to my cardio/fitness being down, but I think it is also that I am already so used to the standard in the IRON series of 60 secs of work and 30 secs of rest. I SAW that the rest periods were shorter, but, since the WORK time was also shorter, I thought I could manage. I could not. I’m not sure if all my extra breathers took anything away from my WO, but I just could not continue with my weights selection after just 15 secs. I was certainly breathing hard and getting an absolute killer WO. This is definitely my kind of cardio!
Now, though I am very much looking forward to my next WO with her, I am also a LITTLE afraid because it, too, has the 45/15 format!

Of note, despite the insane number of reps of squat presses in this WO, I was struck by how strong my LB felt during them, and I was really appreciating how fierce and powerful my legs felt. It sounds odd, but I don’t think I’ve EVER appreciated my body like that during a WO. I was just feeling so grateful for how they kept powering me through all of those squat presses and impressed with how stable and sturdy they felt. Since the squat press uses considerably lighter weights, it was hard to tell for sure, but I’m pretty certain my lower body has gotten stronger in the short time that I have been WingO with Caroline. I can feel it during my WOs and just in every day life. It’s an AMAZING feeling! I’m pleased with that progress and even more pleased that my legs will be carrying me through whatever I may need them to.

So, going forward, starting on Monday (and Day 14), I will be trying to follow the IRON rotation as Caroline planned it. I am already side-eying those dedicated shoulder WOs, so we’ll see how it goes. If it is going to be more 45/15, I am really going to have to step up my game!

15. CL Metabolic Circuit Blast (11). Almost didn’t WO AT ALL. I remember this being tough. I was not wrong. At least not today. I had to put the AC on!! MY last two WOs, I needed to turn my unit on, as well, but the dehumidifer was all that was necessary. Today, even the air felt like it wasn't enough. (Looks like the last – and ONLY – time I did this was 7-24-20.)
I was sucking wind and burning my muscles out right from the START.
Used all the same weights as C. Quads on fire. Struggling with the squat presses, though I was using HALF the weight I used yesterday with Caroline! Tried really hard to channel that strength and pipe in to my inner warrior. She had called it a night. (Still can't get over the squat presses!! I consoled myself moderately by mostly rocking the band/loop exercises even though I felt like I was going to D I E.) Tried to get as low and deep in to a move as possible and really good ROM.
I gave Cathe the stink eye when she said we were almost done. (She always says that when we are, decidedly, NOT almost done.) Poor Cathe. I was ALL kinds of cranky today.
I was SO OOB after the 2nd set of suicides, I couldn't even be happy or relieved when she said that we were done. I was just too tired to process. (My notes from last time say: “PATHETIC suicide runs. Like, EMBARASSING! I was TIRED, though and not caring one bit, but the saddest runs I’ve ever done. More like “old lady speed walk across the street.” These were better than those.)
(Calves still sore from CG's WO on the 12th, which didn't kick in til the 14th.)

16. IRON Series, Day 14 Unilateral Training Full Body. WedU with CL Compound UB 395. OMG, AWESOME WO! I felt SO proud and accomplished afterwards. I never haven't after a Caroline WO, and this was no exception. LOVED. So much good stuff!! Some double breathers, maybe a bit longer in spots to set up, get out or put away equipment.

17. IRON Series, Day 15, Shoulder Workout - Compound & Isolation. WedU with CL WUB 382. Actually liked this WO! (No one was more surprised than I.) I would gladly do it again with zero dread, which I HAD been when I saw that it was just shoulders given how sore my shoulders have gotten from her things in the past.
I love that I was actually WingO but not killing myself, like with all of the WOs in Caroline's IRON series. VERY happy to be getting back to the standard 60-30 interval of the IRON series. It was another late night WO, and it is a small miracle that I got this in. I almost pulled a page from Jane’s playbook and did this in my yardwork clothing, but I knew I had to wear something proper if I was going to put in a respectable WO.
Had one of this "IH" moments when I caught a glimpse of myself after changing in to my WO clothes. I don't really get those a lot, but this was a BIG one. On the plus side, it didn't distract me too much during my WO, which it has in the past, so that was something nice. Just been feeling so "off" lately, like I can't get in to any kind of rhythm and like, no matter WHAT, I just can't relax. I feel constantly on edge. I tried starting up with meditation again, and I was so unfocused, I couldn't remember ANYTHING that was said during it. Three times! On two different days.

18. IRON Series, Day 16 Hamstrings - Hip Extension & Flexion. WedU with CL WLB 386. Surprise, loved this WO. Okay, well not LOVED but really liked. Looking CRAZY beefy before this WO, and, during, discovered a WICKED knot in my left rear delt/rhomboid. Holding the heavy weights was like, "Hello!" Didn't feel it til the VERY last set of RDLs, though.

19. Unplanned rest day.

20. No WO. GAH!

21. Wicked Upper Body (382), 51 mins. Basically turned this into a Caroline WO. Whatever Cathe did, I just went heavy and did my own pace, at least for back. Everything else, somehow managed to pretty much keep pace with C&C and get in the same number of reps.
Went straight to chest and bis after back, then triceps, then shoulders. This was after a LONG day of pretty physical yard work in which I was hand sawing a BUNCH of things so I was already pretty fatigued by the time the WO rolled around. It was unsurprising that my biceps gave out a bit early, but I was pleased, overall, with the weights I was still able to use, esp. given that I haven’t done a non-splits UB WO in 2, 3? months.
(Ironically, I swapped this for the CG WO that was on the docket because there wasn't enough bicep work in it. LOL I would have been better off doing THAT one!)
Oh, and I dropped a DB on my face. A 25lb DB. Yes. Though, I feel it's a bit misleading to say "dropped". It was about 6-8" away from my face while I was on my back, and it just kind of LANDED on my face. Don't know WHAT happened. I was taking my arms down because I knew I couldn't do any more reps, and just as they were almost there, wham. I don't even remember my muscles giving out. I've replayed it about 2 dozen times in my head, and I STILL don't know what happened. In the 10 or so years that I have been using weights, I have NEVER dropped a DB ANYWHERE, let alone on my face! (The day ended in a stressful way, and I was VERY distracted during my WO so I am just chalking it up to that.)
I am FINE, though. The cheek bone was just MILDLY bruised for several days. (It's the 24th, and I am certain by tomorrow, it will no longer be sore.) I "ow"ed for 20 secs, then finished my set and continued on with the WO.

22. IRON Series, Day 18, Glutes Supersets. AWESOME WO but holy COW. I swear, CG's toughest to-date. Both the supersetted moves and the different format contributed to the difficulty in this. I LOVE that she switches up the work and rest interval in this series but especially love that she mostly sticks with the 60-30 intervals. I am QUITE partial to that format.
I was SCRAMBLING to get this done. Not only do I usually pick the next day's WO the night before, but I also do my weight sheets for said WO so I know what weights and equipment I need. Today, I hadn't even LOOKED at my WO selection, let alone set up my weights for one, so I was really running around at the last minute to get this done. Worth it, though!
Don't know WHAT was going on during the unweighted 1 legged hip thrusts, but I was feeling that ALL in my QUADS. ?!?! They were still feeling it by the end of the 24th.

23. CL Cardio Circuit Mash Up (103), 45 mins. Used all the same weights as C as I was approaching this as a purely metabolic WO. I was TIRED – SO tired – and it was LATE. I had to fight to keep from just calling it a night and going to bed. My hammies were tight, my quads were tight and sore, and I just felt KNACKERED. Despite all of that, ZERO breathers and fantastic ROM and depth. I never reached the energy levels that I usually do when WingO, even when tired, but I was still very glad that I pushed to do the WO and feeling very proud of myself afterwards. The loop work was especially eye watering after Caroline’s glute WO yesterday, but this was just what I wanted – something to get the blood flowing, the joints moving and the HR a little high. Didn’t like this nearly as much as I remembered or thought I would upon previewing again, but, as already stated, I was just KNACKERED. I wouldn’t have liked a bushel of blueberries at that point. (I LOVE BBs. I could eat my weight in them and practically live off of them when in season. I feel like Violet Beauregard no less than 6 times throughout the season, every year. LOL)

24. IRON Series, Day 19 Full Body. WedU with CL 396. I was OOB from the WU and SO glad I was NOT doing anything cardio or metabolic today! This was a great WO, mostly just because I managed to do it! As always, felt fantastic afterwards. Weight selection pretty on point. My forearms are still fatigued from this weekend, though! Consequently, my grip was struggling through most of this WO.
Felt so good to be back exercising with Caroline. It felt like I hadn’t seen her in a WEEK; it's just been two days!

25. Unplanned rest day. ::grumble, grumble::

26. IRON Series, Day 20 30 Min Superset Arms, Abs and Core. WedU with CL 395 CUB. Awesome WO. I am always so amazed how Caroline can completely obliterate a muscle group with so few exercises. What looks like so little on paper brings SUCH a huge burn in reality, like this WO. Amazing. Even the core work worked the UB which I'm sure was Caroline's intent.
I went in to this COMPLETELY unprepared. I DID do a weight sheet, but I somehow missed the change in working and resting interval and entirely overlooked the fact that this was another supersetted WO. GAH! (Yes, I see that it SAYS that in the TITLE of the WO. Where’s the face smack emoji when I need it?) During the very 1st pair (of exercises), I was expecting a nice 30 second rest after the first move. Psych! It worked out, as I had to drop down in weights, anyway. (As it turns out, I think I could have just stuck with the heavier set so I'll just use the same poundage, NT, for both.)
I was really excited (push up!) to see core work pop up in the middle of an UB WO again. I was hoping it would be a nice reprieve from the UB work, like in Day 5 – it was not. As noted, it was working the UB hard, esp. the shoulders.
At a glance, this looks SO similar to Day 5 – Bis & Tris broken up by some Abs. The supersetting and change in intervals made this an entirely different WO, though.
I almost dropped my DBs during this WO. Not on my face. LOL During one of the iso holds, I looked up and saw the on screen note Caroline had made, "Maybe think of something nice right now." I was gritting my teeth, doing the “potty dance”, trying to ignore the pain and waiting for the timer to go off, and it was so unexpected to see that on the screen, I just started laughing so hard I almost dropped the weights.
I WAS going to try and double up with the other UB WO of Caroline’s from IRON that I had skipped since I missed my WO yesterday. It was horrifyingly late by the time I finished this one, though, so I had to pass. I think my muscles could have taken it, but, no one should be working out at that hour. Maybe I will try tomorrow to do double duty with her.
All last week, I kept waking up expecting to see that, due to my recent participation in Caroline's IRON series, the effects of gravity on my body had been reversed. That did not happen. Nor during this week, which is unsurprising, given the insane amount of eating that has been transpiring in my pie hole as of late. However, my legs feel stronger and firmer, and I am SUPER excited (push up!) to try out Caroline’s new series, Fuel. I know I am getting ahead of myself as I still have 10 WOs left in IRON, but yay for more 30 min WOs!!

27. Unplanned rest day. GAH!

28. Redemption. IRON Series, Day 21 Leg Day, Step ups & Day 17 Complete UB WO. WedU with CL 381 Plyo Legs LI (incl. 1st cardio, rope climbs). I love how Caroline combines heavy weight exercises with bodyweight exercises like she does here with all those step ups. While I usually have very good balance, I was having to really fight to stabilize myself during all those slow step ups as my balance seemed to have abandoned me today. I have NEVER done step ups on a platform that high before, though. (20"!)

My initial thought for Day 17 was that I wasn’t too thrilled to see another WO with a "staple" in it. Esp. tri dips. They are not my favorite exercise. (At least it wasn't more squat presses, though!) Caroline gives us the option of subbing in another tricep exercise of our choosing so that’s what I did; I picked tri PUs. Not gonna lie – I impressed myself here. As the WO wore on, my tri PUs got better and more quantitative. (What is this wizardry Caroline conjours?)

I do wish I had bars to do dips on, though. Not a fan of dips when done on a chair or step, but it is a different story when done on bars.

I can't believe Caroline calls this complete UB. This was SO tri intensive, and the rest was all shoulder. (Glad I didn't tack this on to Day 20.) It was a great WO. Not even close to being an all-inclusive UB WO, though. (Technically, all UB muscle groups DO get worked at least once, but I do not consider a muscle once used throughout a WO as "complete".)

During this WO, more than ever, I was wishing I had a heavier DB than my 50lber, which is just not heavy enough for landmine rows, even with the pause at the top. That is not to say that it did not induce serious burning in my muscles, but, at that weight, the exercise was feeling like a Jari Love move. There is an 80lb kb in the house, but I’m not sure I can handle THAT much of a jump. I'll try it, NT, for rows, but I feel the weight distribution and position of the handle will make it an untenable solution. Maybe hanging my weighted vest off of the DB would work?

It was exactly a week ago that I dropped a DB on my face doing diamond presses so I thought I would celebrate by doing the exact same move but with heavier weights. I made it through unscathed. Last week's incident was running through my mind non-stop, though, during both sets of the move.

(It was also a week ago that I, essentially, rolled around in poison ivy. How you ask? It's not because I saw a giant vine creeping up a tree, said to myself only a moron would try to rip it down, then proceeded to do it anyway. In shorts and a tank while balancing on a slanted tree stump so that when I yanked and tried not to slide off the trunk, the ivy touched every part of bare skin. Not to worry, JTW crew, with my poison ivy "treatment system", I am already mostly over the hump with the majority of the worst parts behind me, but, ooo, when it itches, I want to take an electric grinder to my skin!!)

29. Ripped w/ HIIT Scrambler (34), 45 mins. Fantastic WO. Last night, I decided that I was going to do Cathe’s To The Max today. When it actually BECAME today, I thought, “What are you thinking, woman?” I slept decently last night, but I was TIRED today for some reason. (Adding to that was a day with my mom. I LOVE getting to see her and spend time with her [I wish I could see her more often], but it can be exhausting. She is prone to paranoia and delusions, and, today, she had both of them.)
I settled on this WO, which I thought was a good compromise, and, after doing it, it was, indeed, perfect. It was challenging and pushed me to do more than I thought I could, but it wasn’t a killer. My quads were FULL even before the WO even started. I was expecting to be SORE because the last time I did heel elevated lunges with Caroline my quads were sore, IIRC, for almost 3 days afterwards. They weren’t sore today, but they felt “loaded”. I thought I was DONE for during the first few exercises. It got MUCH easier after that, though. The easiest I remember this WO ever being for me, but, I DID just use C’s weights so that could account for it. Plus, it wasn’t super hot out.

(I will NEVER get over how Cathe can talk non-stop during a WO that has me sucking in air like a Hoover. Incredible.)

30. The day do not go as I had planned. No WO. What really did me in was one of my Violet Beauregarde moments. LOL

31. Talk about pulling victory from the jaws of defeat. SO close to not WingO, but I did NOT want to have TWO of those days in a row nor did I want to close out the month like that.
IRON Series, Day 22 Upper Body Chest and Back. WedU with CL 25 Strong UB w/Core. Holy cow. CG should have called THIS complete UB. Rows work EVERY UB muscle. (I also find PUs to mostly be a total UB move, as well.) By the end, my bis, tris and shoulders were TOAST. This WO was HUMBLING, whoa.
This WO was SO worth dredging myself (I REALLY had to dig deep) to muster up the resolve and energy to do it.
Of note, Caroline had almost all new music in this WO. (I wish she had just stuck with the songs she's been using the past 21 WOs. LOL Odd to completely change it up now, anyway.)
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40min, brisk dog walk - it's dark so soon after work now - can't give her a ball chase. Had a glow-in-the dark ball last winter, but it's since been lost. Hmmm... note to self - replace it.
71min, Cathe - Hardcore - Low Max which was hard work

Thanks for your thoughts on Caroline's Iron series. Must admit, the Epics gave me dread factor. I've downloaded them all, but never actually done one.

Lee Holden is Qi Gong? Am I right? I know what Life with Cee is, but can't find what the LWR Feel Amazing Challenge is.

26min, dog walk
21min, Cathe - Hardcore - Core Max - Workout 1 (no equipment) I am unable to do even ONE levitation hold, even with pushup handles to help extend my arms.
45min, Cathe - Step Heat - Finished Product x3 Mix
To my toddlers/tweens/teens: "One day you WILL be stronger than me, but today is NOT the day." Proud to say that still stands. They're now 24, and both lift weights at the gym (though not as heavy as I do...yet).
Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day." To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!
To reduce the size of my butt, I need to reduce the size of my "But......"
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just the workouts

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