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Old 07-27-20, 02:51 PM  
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Master list of workouts with balance work

I'd like to start a master list of workouts with balance work. I've got the Jessica Smith workouts and Jane Adams Gentle Yoga, Stronger Standing Balance and Yoga For Seniors. I guess a lot of yoga would qualify as balance work, but are there any other workouts or instructors who incorporate balance work in their strength work like Jessica does?
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Old 07-27-20, 03:29 PM  
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i tagged this thread to jog people's memory.

i read an article somewhere that balance has a lot to do with eye focus. it also suggested that seniors make sure their eye exams and glasses are current to prevent falls or tripping over objects. eye focus - this was a profound statement - i began noticing that instructors remind you to focus on one point when you're standing on 1 leg.

i also noticed that when i wobble, i crouch down an inch - this activates the core muscles more, giving me more stability.

there's 2 workouts available on VHS - Rejuvenetics and More Rejuvenetics by Kathy Keeton that have been lauded on VF for its balance work.

Kathy Smith's Functionally Fit Lower Body Firming is a great standing workout that does a lot of 1-legged squats and other 1-legged moves. it's also available on her compilation DVD "Yoga Sculpt" - titled this way because it includes 2 yoga workouts with it.

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Old 07-27-20, 03:39 PM  
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Teresa Tapp and Miranda Esmonde-White incorporate balance into most of their workouts.

Mirabai Holland does some balance work.

There are balance segments in Stephanie Huckabee's Powerfit.

V-Core is nothing BUT balance.

I'll come back if I can think of others.
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Old 07-27-20, 04:01 PM  
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Joel Harper's Better Balance Workout.
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Old 07-27-20, 06:12 PM  
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I was going to say V-Core also. Balanced Assets, with Gin Miller. I think there are a number of yoga workouts that focus on balance if you enjoy yoga.
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Old 07-27-20, 06:30 PM  
Donna D
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I purchased Kathy Smith's rejuvenation Body Balance kit years ago.

I see that Mary carries the DVD only.

Amazon carries the balancing discs

A new release by Lee Holden is Qi Gong for Better Balance
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Old 07-27-20, 07:04 PM  
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Tangoflex is a really great workout that incorporates balance.
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Old 07-28-20, 08:59 AM  
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A lot of barre workouts incorporate quite a bit of balance. Sleek Technique comes to mind.
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Old 07-28-20, 09:22 AM  
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Kathy Smith Ageless Collection especially Total Body Turnaround.

Mirabai Holland incorporates balance a lot.

Standing yoga poses (tree, eagle).
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Old 07-28-20, 09:24 AM  
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A lot of bosu workouts incorporate balance. Tracie Long, Ellen Barrett, and Jessica Smith incorporate balance in all their workouts.
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balance, balance work, balance workouts, tangoflex

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