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Old 01-11-17, 12:06 PM  
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I was just looking at the clips for the new Tracie Long dvds, and the second workouts on both of her Core Movements dvds are mobility/stretch oriented and look really good! Check out the second half of the you-tube clips to see:

The second workout on Core Movements 3 & 4 looks especially good to me.
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Old 01-11-17, 12:11 PM  
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I personally like Get Bent better than Bendy Body. It is focused on getting you into a better split and a better back bend, but the stretch workout is less effort. I think there are a few more passive stretches, and not so many stretches where you have to work the bejeesus out of the opposing muscles to open up.
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Old 01-11-17, 03:19 PM  
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The Contorture dvd arrived

All 5 vids on a burned (not pressed) dvd
I'm gonna go back this thing up on my computer asap
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Old 01-11-17, 07:57 PM  
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I am really, really liking StretchIt TV, although it is streaming (where you have access for six months), not a DVD. So far I have enjoyed a middle splits one as as a full body stretch.
They have snippets on youtube

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Old 01-13-17, 01:50 PM  
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Beth/toaster: All of the DVDs are voiceover, but Kristina doesn't do any of the workouts in "Shoulder School." I do find that one has less of a fun factor than the other two.

Also, Kristina has a great YouTube video in which she explains the differences between "Bendy Body" and "Get Bent" and how to choose between them.

The other workouts suggested look interesting, but they're either too expensive for me, require a lot of equipment I don't have, or aren't available on DVD. I'm grateful for the recommendations, however, because someday I'll have more money to spend on workouts--and maybe I'll eventually embrace streaming, too!

I still think Tangoflex comes closest to what I'm looking for, though I'd like to know if there's a strong yoga influence before I buy...I prefer yoga in small doses and mixed with other things.

(Edited to add that I forgot about the Mobility Rx DVDs that were mentioned...Those sound promising.)
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Old 01-13-17, 05:59 PM  
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Thanks Seeking...I'll have to check out that YT video!
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bendy body, kristina nekyia, tangoflex

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