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Old 08-01-21, 12:12 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Heather - that is an interesting device. I wonder how well it works on hills.
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Old 08-01-21, 01:20 PM  
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Wow. This looks great. Thank you so much for posting. VF is just the most knowledgeable bunch

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Old 08-01-21, 02:42 PM  
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I do think it's still worth seeking out another doctor--maybe a sports medicine specialist--because there may still be a way back. But as many others have said, in the meantime, you need to find activities that are still very challenging and make you feel "worked out" and fill the void.
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Old 08-01-21, 05:16 PM  
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I am sorry you are having a hard time, I understand because it was not your choice and out of your control

I don't have any suggestions but wanted to give you a cyber ((HUG))

I think the suggestions of trying another doctor are good also.


[QUOTE=heathert;2935557] This looks like fun!
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Old 08-01-21, 10:16 PM  
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I bought the Elliptigo 8C because I have been dealing with severe foot injuries for 3 years. I haven't gotten to ride it for more than a few seconds because when I chose to try it out, there were tons of cars I will try it early in the morning. It is very different and I have never used an elliptical machine, so that is a challenge. I tried an MSUB of that brand and was more comfortable since the pedal motion is more like a regular bike. With both, your foot is on a platform of some sort and there is no pounding like you get with running and walking. Being up higher is really different.

Alta - The guy that I test rode with has ridden thousands of miles and said it is good on hills.

Bfit - I hope your foot can heal. Nobody can truly know how your body will heal. I have been told I could never do certain activities again, but have managed to be able to. I will say the foot injuries are what have plagued me most. Good orthotics have helped, avoiding inflammatory foods and not standing in one place too long have helped. Good luck with your healing journey.
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Old 08-01-21, 10:30 PM  
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Double post.
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Old 08-02-21, 02:49 AM  
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Don't have anything to add that others haven't already said, but just wanted to add another voice to the list of those of us out here that understand the problem and to reassure you that needing to talk about it a GOOD thing.

Something someone has said may help, the elliptigo maybe?

Agree with others about the grieving too, and not to risk even further damage by attempting to do what experts have advised not to - you CAN walk, but imagine how awful it would be not to even do that. Of course, seek further opinions, but please do heed those opinions - they've seen many, many injuries and have the experience to know what's possible, and what's not.

Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day."
To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!

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Old 08-03-21, 05:24 PM  
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bfit this definitely stinks! I am not going to give up hope that you will eventually get back to it. Finding another doctor, when you can muster up the energy to do it, is something worth trying.

But in the meantime, you have people here you can keep asking and ready to listen. We are ready to share the community experience of grieving the changes/limits our bodies sometimes saddle us with.

Keep finding ways to move
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Old 08-03-21, 07:24 PM  
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The last time my leg was broken and I needed surgery with a plate and pins and all, my orthopedic surgeon said “no more high impact”. I wasn’t happy at first but then I thought about it and decided that if I went against his advice and really screwed up my knee, I would be very, very sorry. It’s been 16 years and I have absolutely no problems with that knee. My parents will occasionally ask me if my knee ever bothers me, but it doesn’t. I’m happy I didn’t take a chance of making things worse.
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Old 08-04-21, 07:30 AM  
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I was in a near fatal car crash in May. Fractured C7 and shattered right leg that has required 4 surgeries. I am only doing range of motion exercises at this point. Not allowed to bear weight until September. Exercise was my stress relief. My preference was high impact cardio and step routines. I actually broke my foot the year prior -right in the beginning of Covid and continued to exercise doing chair cardio and upper body programs. That healing period taught me to mix things up because I believe the foot fracture was related to overuse. My recovery from the car accident will probably take up to a year. I’m pretty confident my days of high impact and my absolute favorite form of exercise step are over. It’s so difficult to accept the idea that my daily routine will need to change dramatically. Not even sure yet what level of recovery I will reach. I was a cardio junkie. I’m hoping my spin bike and trampoline will fill that gap in the future. Really love both! It’s definitely a grieving process. I feel so blessed to be alive and never want to seem ungrateful but it’s tough. This board has so much knowledge. It has been very helpful and inspiring during these difficult times. I wish you the best and hope you find an alternative that brings you joy.
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elliptigo, limitations

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