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Old 02-02-23, 03:23 PM  
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Today I did 30-Minute Killer Lower Body from Growinganannas. She has a different style than Heather. She likes to more mixing of holds with weights (often after doing the full range of motion move) or pulses or some unweighted faster version, like jump squats, to fatigue the muscle. Last week in her upper body work she had us put a 10-lb weight on our hip and stay in side plank for 40-45 seconds. I hadn't done that with a weight before. So her stuff is hard in its own way. I also walked a lot today. I already had 10k steps by 4:00, and then I had more walking to do. It'll be about 6 miles today.

Cynthia, one more day on the program - you are almost there! That is smart about only cutting dry hair. Ironically, my stylist did her biggest damage after she dried the hair and went back in with the scissors. She just did not stop cutting. It now looks like a helmet or a long swim cap to me, wrapped around my head, with short bangs. Like Carol Brady but longer, with short bangs. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and hate it so much. I can't figure out in what universe this is attractive. And DH and I are planning on filming another YouTube video this weekend. We are going to start filming regularly. So I guess it's hat season, lol.

F1Mom, I hope the new shoes are much better! What bothered you about tomatoes? I recently heard someone say that age is like the demon that wants to steal your tissue, and that you have to do strength training to keep your tissue. That seems so true. I also feel it is the biggest thing for me as far as affecting the shape of my body.

Lynn, I can see why you would get cabin fever. Being snowed in has its plusses and minuses, for sure. But you're right--when the weather changes, all the frustrations are forgotten. It's February, so hopefully that's enough of that for this year.

Linda, DD is getting her yellow belt in Kenpo this weekend. Some of the moves they do during their warmup look a lot like Tai Chi to me. I think martial arts and related moves are a great practice.

Diana, what are you using for audio walking?
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