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Old 05-24-22, 02:33 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2011
Originally Posted by donnamp View Post
If you really want to continue to try to "like" it - I suggest subscribing to Essentrics TV and trying one of the other instructors - Sahra (Miranda's daughter), Gail Garceau, Meg Feeney, etc. You may click w/ their instructional style more. it is a free 14 day trial and easy to cancel.
Agreeing with Donna. I did the 14-day free trial, and loved it. Meg, I think it was, the brunette with lovely curly hair, was my favorite.

Originally Posted by BunnyHop View Post
I wish there were a way to slow the pace of the workouts without freaking out the speed of the narration. I prefer to go slowly, and that's not always possible with some of Miranda's workouts.
I get irritated with Miranda when doing floor work, the side-lying ones, where she turns to the other side far too quickly. Yes, I get it. I know that she's trying to say that we need to move quickly, but my goodness, slow it down a little, please. Things like that annoy me just a little bit.

Other than that, yes, everyone's right. There is learning curve with CS. I would go with the free trial, if you're interested that is, and then if you're not, just let it go. Thankfully, there are so many other options to choose from.
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Old 05-24-22, 05:13 AM  
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I agree with others...try some of the other instructors. I can only tolerate Miranda for so long and then I can't do any of her workouts for a while, but I do really enjoy the other instructors on Essentrics TV.

I wouldn't say I am a die-hard lover of the program but I am a die-hard lover of the way I feel when I have done them consistently.
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Old 05-24-22, 08:28 AM  
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I am a big advocate of folks doing what they enjoy doing. We are all different, with different taste, lives, ages, abilities, goals and athletic ability. I strongly believe that no matter how good any program or instructor is supposed to be, if you do not enjoy taking time out of your day to do it, it is not going to benefit you no matter how good or perfect the program/instructor is. I get your feelings though. The thing is, just because some folks love a program you don't have to love it too.

I admit that when I heard of CS I was not sold on the concept. Someone suggested I try Sahra's Arms and abs workout and I loved it. I went back to CS and I now have all of the seasons. Miranda is not the best instructor but she is extremely knowledgeable. It didn't take me long to just figure out where she was going with her movements and while she was chatting, I could just figure it out. Even with all of her quarks and chit chat, I am still good with her program. She seems to be very caring, genuine person who really wants to help people with their pain and the aging process. I use the ETV and love the live classes offered.

As others suggested you can try the ETV 2 week trial and try the other live classes/instructors. But if you are not enjoying it. Then that's ok. You will find something else that will. There is a lot out there and there is something for everyone.
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Old 05-24-22, 11:58 AM  
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I have nothing new to add, but I thought I'd chime in with some echoes of what others have already written:

There's a learning curve. I discovered Miranda about fifteen/sixteen years ago. I read the threads here on VF. I did some of her episodes on my local PBS channel. I couldn't figure it out. I read more threads. And then I bought some of her workouts. I don't remember the names of the dvds I bought (because I gave them away when she released them as Vintage). ANYWHO, I remember it was the Spanish Hall workout where everything clicked for me. I finally GOT what she was doing, and I could follow her, even with her bad counting and how she forgot what she had done on the first side.

I have grown very fond of Miranda's quirks, BUT as everyone else has written, the younger instructors give great clues, amazing clues, clues that have helped me take my Classical Stretch/Essentrics workouts to a new level.

So, if you're still interested in her work, I would encourage you to seek out the younger instructors (some of them are on video--I wish there were more videos with them) and be aware of the learning curve.
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Old 05-24-22, 12:54 PM  
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Hereís a link to the Essentrics YouTube channel. There are some short sequences with Sahra Esmonde-White (Mirandaís daughter) & Gail Garceau.

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Old 05-24-22, 01:45 PM  
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My review for Classical Stretch Full Body Workout Volume 1 from 2002:

"This workout is not for me. I am not good with dancy
ballerina stuff. I couldn't finish. She changes moves
quickly and cues badly. It didn't seem to flow in any
organized way. And the constant references to how
"slimming" the workout is made me nuts. I wasn't doing a
stretch video to get slim! She does talk a lot.

The moves reminded me a bit of T-Tapp. Good for balance
and coordination. The legs lifts were tough, but she went
too fast for me.

Instructor Comments:
She talks a lot. A whole lot."

I think I tried another Miranda one and that was that. Her poor cueing didn't help matters.

I did try Essentrics (Sahra, I think it was) a few months ago. Really not for me either.
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Old 05-24-22, 08:06 PM  
Patti S.
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Thanks to everyone who responded! Iím glad to see there might be some hope for me, lol.

I do have some Sahra Essentrics DVDs, so I will try those and see if I can get into these workouts. If so, maybe I can swing back into Mirandaís workouts! I appreciate your time, thanks ladies!
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Old 05-25-22, 03:47 AM  
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i think my problems are the same reasons I don't like barre (I am ok with standing pilates/ballet moves). I sweat in all my workouts, but I get a feverish sweat with CS (maybe its helping something? But it feels bad - maybe its lymph moving or something? If thats it I may try again), Then the strange (I know good for you) moves that I trip over myself doing. I get really tired doing it but at the same time I don't feel like I have done enough.
But, in phases, some of those things are what I like about them as well. The movements, atleast in some of the practices are easy to do when sick. i feel kind of a release in my body after (maybe because of all the strain during, or maybe just because of the type movements, but that part feels nice, even if not energizing) Having said all that, I think maybe it moves stagnant things thru the body?
Anyway, said much simpler, its a love/hate with some of the reasons I hate being reasons I also like.
I get tickled at her, so she makes me smile a little when she messes up- but I hate totally skipping a move on one side, that drives me nuts, but most instructors have done it at one time or another.- and again, depends on mood or phase i am in. (i have not tried streaming, only DVDs and youtube, but there were not instructors I didn't like)
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Old 05-25-22, 08:01 AM  
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In true vidiot fashion, I read this thread about why people DON'T like CS, then went to the website and picked out the seasons I want to buy during the next sale.

I've never done any CS, but I'm convinced I'm going to like it.
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Old 05-25-22, 08:40 AM  
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I've gone hot and cold with it. I subscribed to ETV for a while and was enjoying it until the dread factor crept in. Then it hurt my back. CS has hurt my back a few times, but the last time put an end to my trying to like it again.

The method makes so much sense but it just doesn't work for some people.
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classical stretch, dislike, essentrics, flaming hypocrite, miranda, miranda esmonde-white

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