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Old 04-17-06, 08:00 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mollie F.
A couple of weeks ago I participated in a charity race where Amby Burfoot (1968 Boston Marathon winner and executive editor of Runner's World) was marshal. The night before, he gave an informal talk. He said of arthritis that he'd read a great deal about the relationship between running and arthritis in the knees, and really hadn't seen convincing evidence either way. He also said that he's trying to learn to swim (it's harder when you're older) and has taken up walking, planning for those times when he won't be running as much or might give it up entirely. He also said that he was taking up lower body strength training because he wanted to be able to get up from the toilet when he was older .
Mollie, I included this quote because it's so insightful. I love the way this guy's mind works...lower body training so he'll be able to get up from the toilet when he's older...that's what I call very wise! I guess that's because what's at the back of my mind whenever I'm working out or planning rotations or theme weeks or whatever, I'm thinking of all I hope to be able to do 30 or so years down the road. I'll be 53 in a couple weeks so I have a lot to think about...and a lot of work to do

BTW, I hear you about the running on the concrete...glad you don't do it every day and really watch those shoes. Would running on the road be any help or is the traffic too bad where you're running? Around here, a lot of folks do that...running on the road. I think the asphalt (?) is more forgiving?
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Mollie F.
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Asphalt is supposed to be more forgiving, but the roads in my neighborhood are mostly paved with concrete. And I like sticking to the sidewalk. Since the tornadoes, we've had a lot of contractors with big contractor trucks around, and they have to park on the street, blocking the view around curves. It's not their fault; I just feel safer on the sidewalk.

And, of course, a track would be even more forgiving. I'm just bad.
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