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Old 12-26-22, 07:23 PM  
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News from Cathe

No, nothing about STS 2.0. I just saw this on Facebook so thought I'd post it here cause I know not everyone is on Facebook

Hi Cathletes! I just wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on a little setback that Iíve had.
Iíve been dealing with some on and off shoulder/bicep pain for some time due to an old injury. Iíve been able to strategically work around it and rest it as much as possible in an attempt to get it to heal up on its own, but a recent struggle with a stubborn jar lid was the final straw and led to a pop, a burn and a trip to the surgeon. MRI showed a full tear of my left rotator cuff tendon as well as a partial tear at the top of my bicep tendon. A few days ago I went in for an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. Rotator cuff repair surgery has a very long and slow recovery, but there was no choice at this point but to go ahead and get it fixed. All this being said, surgery went very well and I am home, healing and taking the time I need to recover. Knowing that I was going in for the repair and would then be out of commission for awhile, I pre-recorded 7 Express Cathe LIVE episodes (with modifications for my shoulder) so that we could continue to provide you with classes while I am recovering. These will be released each Thursday in our regularly scheduled time slot. After a rotator cuff repair it takes several months before the shoulder can really be used for much, so when I return to CatheLIVE after our pre-recorded episodes run out, I will be ďcoachingĒ our typical LIVE class as I continue to heal. So what does this mean moving forward? Simply continue to sign in and enjoy our regularly scheduled (currently pre-recorded) 9:30 AM EST Express CatheLIVE productions every Thursday morning for the next several weeks. After that we will transition back to our CatheLIVE classes as you know them with me coaching you every step of the way! But look out (wink), Iíve been told that when I coach my classes, Iím a wee bit harder than when I participate in them (he he he he heeeee!) Iíll be back my pretties! If you have any questions, please post them right here. And Iíll answer them as soon as I can.
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Old 12-26-22, 07:32 PM  
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Sad for her!
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Old 12-26-22, 08:00 PM  
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Ouch! She's been through it recently huh? I'm happy the surgery went well though.
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Old 12-26-22, 08:19 PM  
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I am sad to hear about Cathe's injuries and surgery. Just yesterday, I told DH that I am amazed at how Cathe has led a Live workout every week for many years, (with the exception of holidays and her eye surgery). Cathe is my inspiration in so many ways, including fitness and attitude. I hope she recovers fully and quickly.
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Old 12-26-22, 09:34 PM  
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I am so sorry to know she's injured and wish only the best for her recovery!
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Old 12-26-22, 09:42 PM  
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She always seems to handle these things so professionally! I really admire her and wish her a speedy recovery.

I remember when the "sash" series came out she had some kind of leg/knee injury or something and that's how the Cardio Fusion bonus disc came about.
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Old 12-27-22, 12:55 AM  
Jane P.
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Originally Posted by FitBoop View Post
I am sad to hear about Cathe's injuries and surgery. Just yesterday, I told DH that I am amazed at how Cathe has led a Live workout every week for many years, (with the exception of holidays and her eye surgery). Cathe is my inspiration in so many ways, including fitness and attitude. I hope she recovers fully and quickly.
She really is superwoman. How she has managed to keep going all these years without many injuries (the eye thing isn't included in this) is amazing. I wish her the very best.

I hope STS 2.0 wasn't the last straw.
"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." Leo Tolstoy
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Old 12-27-22, 09:34 AM  
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Thanks for the update. I am sad for her too. Shoulder injuries are the worst, and seem to take FOREVER to heal. That's rough. Agree with the PP that she always handles these things so professionally.

I am dealing with a shoulder impingement/inflamed tendinosis (something) since the end of summer and it is on my last nerve. Have been doing PT faithfully since August and it is still not completely healed. Better, yes. Healed, no. !!! Everything takes so much longer to heal as you get older. Meanwhile DS (13) took a rough tumble that tore up his knee and no joke it was healed up in two days. Ah, the amazing recuperation of the young!

Sorry, I digress - sending Cathe speedy healing wishes!

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Old 12-27-22, 12:23 PM  
Kathy G
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So sorry to hear about Catheís injury & surgery. I hope she has a quick uncomplicated recovery. Iím thankful to her for thinking about the Cathe Live subscribers and pre-filming several to tide us over. She really is superwoman pushing through it! I thought she might be dealing with something the last couple of Lives because she coached bicep and shoulder exercises and went lighter in weights. But she never let it slow her down!
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Old 12-27-22, 12:53 PM  
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a jar?

sheesh! so sad for her, and it bodes ill for those of us less fit than Cathe!

on another tangent, friend of mine had to get back surgery after holding up a Christmas tree with his arm stretched out so that his wife could look at it from a distance.

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cathe, cathe injury, shoulder injury

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