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Originally Posted by MichelleRN
I CRINGE when I see Cathe bounding up on the high step...and now she knows too.
There's nothing that indicates to me that Cathe is about to change her high-impact ways. When she was on GMA with her doctor, she spoke about people who don't learn until they get an injury, but she didn't seem to be refering to herself.
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Old 06-14-06, 05:31 PM  
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When was Cathe on GMA?

When was Cathe on GMA?

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I don't visit Cathe's board, but has she definitively come out and said, "This injury is in no way related to my fitness programs" or "This injury was caused specifically by this one move, and you can avoid my injury by doing / not doing such-and-such"?

I'm not insinuating anything; I like Cathe but don't do a lot of her cardio programs. I'm just curious if she's been specific about it. I faintly remember in her first thread disclosing the surgery the definition she provided indicated that some people were born with the tendency to develop extra material in the knee area, thus leading to this problem.

I hadn't heard Christi Taylor mention her injury, either.

It must be tough for instructors to discuss injuries. Do you avoid admitting that your product may be flawed if it indeed might have led to your injury to avoid losing sales and customers, or does your duty as a fitness professional to whom thousands of people look up take precedence?
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cathe injury, injuries, instructor injuries

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