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Old 11-22-22, 12:12 PM  
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Cathe Live and Cathe On Demand?

This is a completely ignorant question from someone who uses almost only DVDs with an occasional foray into You Tube. What exactly is Cathe Live, and how is it different from Cathe On Demand? I went to Cathe's website and quickly got confused about what costs what. Something was $9.99 a month, something was $19.99 a month, and something came free with something else. Can anyone help?
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Old 11-22-22, 01:59 PM  
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Cathe Live only is a subscription to access the 400+ workouts that she releases every Thursday. This subscription is currently $9.99 a month before any discounts. Cathe On Demand includes the Cathe Live workouts PLUS the DVDs she has released over the years (not sure how far back they go). It also includes the ability to blend segments from different workouts. This subscription is $19.99 a month before any discounts.

I only have Cathe Live so someone please feel free to add or subtract from my description of Cathe On Demand.

Hope this helps!
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Old 11-22-22, 02:10 PM  
Kathy G
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I had Cathe On Demand for a year or so awhile back. Now I just have Cathe Live.

Cathe On Demand:
Has all of her dvd workouts that you can stream/includes the premixes.
Includes Cathe Live (see below).
Has a Workout Blender so you can “splice” dvd chapters together to customize and save to your profile/account.
$19.97 per month (or you can subscribe for either six or twelve months).

Cathe Live:
Has 421 workouts available (as of today).
The workouts are filmed Live on Thursday mornings at about 9:35 a.m.
The workouts vary, Cathe announces what it will be on Wednesday evening.
You can log in while they are filming and do it real time or wait until it’s added to the library.
They’re unedited so it’s like taking a class at her gym.
$9.97 per month (or you can subscribe for either six or twelve months).

Apps are available for iOS and Android. You can stream on Roku and Apple TV (or your TV if it’s capable). Or you can also stream on your iPad or Android tablet (or iPhone or Android phone).
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Old 11-22-22, 04:24 PM  
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And if you want to see the Cathe Live workout sample clips, then take a look at the playlist on YouTube.
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Old 11-22-22, 05:25 PM  
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Originally Posted by fanofladyvols View Post
And if you want to see the Cathe Live workout sample clips, then take a look at the playlist on YouTube.
In the past, there was also a free seven day trial. Not sure if she still offers this.
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Old 11-22-22, 11:12 PM  
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Others have done a great job with the details, so I'll skip that and just tell you that over the last year I've had a subscription to Live and *loved* it!! It takes a bit to get used to starting on the left foot, and the production quality is obviously different, but overall it's a great bargain and so many fun workouts -- strength, cardio, and combined. And, I'm just about at the end of a month trial of Cathe On Demand. I paid, but I call it a trial because I was trying it to see if I would be happy using her new workouts that way when they come out, or if I'd prefer to have dvds. In the end, I chose the dvd option and preordered the new set. If you don't have many of her dvds, On Demand is a great way to access them -- you could subscribe for a month and try a bunch of them to see if you would want to purchase any. I never purchased STS total body so I did it three times this month. I may buy it on sale sometime, and I was convinced from the preview that I wouldn't like it, but I do.

Hopefully it all makes more sense for you now. It's great that Cathe has so many options for us -- and also she seems to give a discount all the time for purchasing six/twelve month subscription.
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cathe, cathe live, cathe on demand

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