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Old 06-22-19, 04:36 AM  
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Originally Posted by JackieB View Post
I have wanted to check this out for a while. What is in Course 1? Any links?
From what I saw on a search of youtube, Hamelin has not posted any of the fusion workouts (this might be similar). I bought series 3, but have not yet had time to really preview the videos. It seems like he has moved his videos to Vimeo instead of youtube which makes downloading easier. Since the series is older, all links are sent at once which is also quite nice. From what I saw, however, he has not improved the sound quality which has always been an issue. It would be nice if he would get a mic pac like so many others (Pilates by Lisa, Suzanne Bowen) use so that his cues could be heard clearly.
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Old 06-22-19, 07:11 AM  
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All Fusion classes basically have the same format. Start with Blitzmatics (slow controlled moves), Cardio Tone (with and without hand weights), standing toning then second half is barre/DMW and mat work. He usually has us put our ankle weights on before even warming up but sometimes he will warm up first. Ankle weights are used for entire workout. Fusion 1.1 has 2 Cardio Tone sets but after that he went to one set. Like I mentioned earlier Course 3 incorporates a step for Blitzmatics but it is optional and you can use the floor as well.

I absolutely this course.

I forgot to mention the sound... I have had no issues hearing cues. One class in course 2 he had to break into 2 downloads bc the music totally stopped but it's nice if you just want a barre set and don't have to FF thru entire workout.
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hamelin d'abell, hamelin d'abell method, hdm

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