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Old 10-26-18, 11:30 AM  
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I find the new series and melt very meditative, I love the music too. I am following the 6 month course with a 6 month cardio class, and am having so much fun with these. A friend joined me for one and said she'd rather sit on a 20 hour flight than ever do it again.. Ha.. So not for everyone. I have ab definition showing now and my back and arms are looking nice and toned, my legs are slimming down and my bum is lifting. I'm thrilled with my results, no real diet change except for trying not to nibble and snack.
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Old 10-26-18, 11:49 AM  
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I'm glad to read this thread because my FOMO was getting pretty strong, reading the HDM newsletter and seeing photos about results on FB, but I did both MELT trials and bailed on both. Sounds like the new classes are MELT on steroids and I won't be any more in love with those. I do miss my old HDM workouts so much, though. I guess all good things come to an end.
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Old 10-27-18, 08:25 PM  
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Originally Posted by Suzan66 View Post
I did the first Melt test group and the dread kicked in toward the end.. I haven't done any more of it since. I DMW and his Cardio Tones so I stick with those plus all my old favorites. I was tempted by the new "inch loss" classes but I don't have 90m a day to work out. I guess Blitzmatics classes are a thing of the past... too bad since they were so good.
I liked blitz too. I think that stopped because of bodies by p. Theyíre pretty similar to me. Iím glad i have my blitz stuff but Iíve been doing a lot of bodies by p and Iíve got some nice leg definition and my butt is coming along.

"I'm just one workout away from a good mood." ~ Valerie Waters
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