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Thanks for sharing what has worked for each of you. I've read each post, but I'll respond to just a few below...

Originally Posted by Eibhinn View Post
I also read about how a lot of ankle sprains (formerly a frequent issue for me - several times a year) and knee injuries are caused by weak glute medius muscles, because they provide a lot of lateral stability.
This might be relevant for me, especially considering my recent(ish) knee injury. Something to consider...

Originally Posted by FirmDancer View Post
I've had several ankle sprains and a break or two, from extreme sports. What has helped the most for me is: spending as much time barefoot, wearing minimal shoes, and when I do wear shoes: buy the most flexible ones possible.
Well, I'm already on top of this. I am barefoot most of every day (homeschooling mom). I only wear shoes when we leave the house.

Originally Posted by FitBoop View Post
When I was ice skating, I used a Bosu to increase ankle strength.
I used the Bosu a lot when doing PT for my knee. I did feel it really working my ankles, as well! The therapist told me to sub my rebounder for some of the balancing moves (ie. standing on one-leg on my rebounder to imitate that wobble the Bosu gives). I've been a bit negligent with that...may have to actually drag my rebounder out!

Originally Posted by PennyK View Post
I have almost completed season 11 and this season has a lot of dedicated feet, ankle, and leg work. I have really been enjoying it!
I did like quite a few of the episodes I tried when I did a 2-month ETV subscription. I also really liked the foot/ankle segment from the Ultimate Stretching dvd. I'll probably buy that one some day because it made my feet feel really good!

Originally Posted by TracyQ View Post
Not sure if my ankles were ever weak but they are really strong now. I do a lot of walking in the sand barefoot every chance I get in the summer and I can really feel it in my ankle muscles.

Someone mentioned V-Core. I have it and use it occasionally and think it's great for strengthening the ankles.
We just got back from a week at the ocean, and I spent a lot of time walking on the beach. You're right -- it really does work those muscles (and all the others, too!)

I'll look into V-Core. It was SOOOO hard when I tried it (when it first came out).... and I was in much better shape then. I'm a little scared to give it a try now.
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