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Old 07-08-22, 08:14 PM  
Laura S.
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It didn't feel like a Friday for some reason. DH had a PT appointment in the late morning and I took him. On the way home, we picked up Chinese food from our favorite restaurant. We picked up food for Mom and Dad as well and dropped it off on the way home. They seemed really excited to have some of their favorite food from out of the house. After lunch, I had a training session with a woman whose files are out of control. I think I got her situated to start deleting some of them. I got some cards made in the later afternoon and enjoyed the creativity.

Today, we only got into the low to mid 90s. It was still really oppressive. There were storms that moved through the area and we didn't get any rain. That's how it goes every day. It will rain all around us, but not where we area. It's a weird dynamic.

Anita - Have a GREAT trip. I looked up Mineral Point and it looks like a neat town. I hope the reunion with your bio aunt goes well. I would think that cats would be much easier living in that type of building. I look forward to seeing what you decide when the time comes.

Paula - $6.21/gallon? Ugh. Our prices are dropping pretty quickly. The average around here is around $4.30 and there are a few stations in Raleigh that dropped below $4.00 at $3.99. You'll be amazed when you visit! I understand about wanting to be sure that your husband doesn't have to drive when he's not feeling well. It's nice it wasn't needed though.

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Something is better than nothing
The best workout is the one you will DO
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Old 07-08-22, 09:06 PM  
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Good evening. Workout this morning was Pahla B Body Shaping Day 4 Moderate Weights followed by Yoga with Tim Daily Stretch.

DH wanted to fly to El Monte to talk with a airplane mechanic about some work he wants done. So I went along for the sole purpose of having Huevous Rancheros at Annias. Hot and sunny, we did a short walk around the airport after lunch and enjoyed the view of the mountains. We didn't walk very far or very long as it was just too hot and not much shade on the tarmac. I don't know what the actual temperture was but darn hot works for me. Didn't do much when we got home, took a cool shower but the heat had sapped my energy so was glad I'd prepped dinner before we left and didn't have to put any thought and not much work into it.

Anita, Enjoy your trip! I hope all goes well with the trip and your visit with your aunt. Oddly, I'd heard the lastest COVID variant BA.5 is more contagious and severe than prior variants. I read there has been an increase in hospitalizations and deaths but as usual, vaccination decreases the severity of disease. Glad you can have pets in the co-op. I enjoy cats but I sometimes have allergic reactions to them - not sure why I've heard different theories. Corgis are cute, a women I used to work with had two and always had stories on what they had done lately.

Laura, glad it's cooling off a little for you. I'm very glad to hear your folks are faring pretty well though in isolation. I'm sure they deeply appreciated the Chinese food. Glad your training sessions are doing well. I think your temperatures are probably worse than ours because the humidity makes it more miserable. Our gas prices are dropping quickly too. I was miffed today when I drove by the station where I got gas yesterday at $6.21 and it was $6.11 today. I hear it's going to continue to drop. When we took that short trip to Grand Canyon last month the fuel prices were lower once we got out of California. I was surprised though I expected prices to be much lower in Arizona and Nevada than they were. Not sure why the western states are higher than the east but it seems to be.
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Old 07-09-22, 08:03 PM  
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Good evening. Workout this morning was a neighborhood walk with DH and Pahla B Body Shaping Day 5 Core.

This afternoon was my quilting group, so that was fun.

Another week in done. Guess I'm here alone tonight. Anita has left on her trip to WI I guess. Not sure where Laura is but hope both of them had a good day.
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