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Old 07-06-20, 12:31 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
Clear coat for kbell handle?

I have several GoFit kettlebells. They are my faves due to the slick surface on the handle. However, over the years this is paint/coating starting to chip off.

I had been using black electrical tape to cover/protect the chips, but I wonder if there is some sort of "clear coat" I can paint on? Of course, it needs to be something that is not too toxic so it would still be safe to have my hands on it regularly.

I figured if anyone would know, it would be my VF friends!
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Old 07-06-20, 02:08 PM  
Join Date: May 2006
Have you thought about applying kinesiology tape or a longer lasting grip tape? Far more comfortable than electrical tape and not extremely slippery. You can get it in different patterns/prints so that it might also look cool. If the paint chips just bother your hands, you could also use leather hand grips. Obviously, you want enough grip to hang on to the bell but not so much that it can't "roll" in your hands for specific moves. That is very individual in terms of preference but with enough experimentation, you can usually find what works. I have used both tape and leather grips. They typically have a breaking in period (esp as the leather gets smoother) and I just use a light dusting of chalk until then.

Kinesiology tape

Grip tape

Leather hand grips

Regardless of the brand, I tend to keep a separate layer from the handles because I just don't trust the paint (or even the metal) to be safe for chronic exposure. I guess I've read too many stories about lead poisoning etc. Sorry I can't offer a clear coat suggestion. I have not seen a non-toxic brand specifically and my guess is that it would require regular re-application any way as the handles are exposed to higher levels of sweat/friction. HTH.
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Old 07-06-20, 02:55 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
Great suggestions Taiga! There are only a few chips right now but would like to prevent them from getting worse. Plus, I have to get my kbells all prettied up for my new kettlebell workouts!

Which do you think is more durable...kinesiology tape or grip tape?

Interesting what you mention about not trusting the paint/metal. I do wear lifting gloves with my kbells most of the time. One time I was going through security at the airport. They pulled me aside and kept running a wand over my hands. I must have set off the metal detector! They ask me what I did for work. (I'm a graphic designer) I told them it must be from the kbells!
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Old 07-06-20, 04:12 PM  
Join Date: May 2006
Originally Posted by adrien_73 View Post
.....Which do you think is more durable...kinesiology tape or grip tape?
Definitely the grip tape. Though it can leave a residue when you take it off, goo-gone will remove that. I never care about residue as I just put on a new layer.I actually like changing up tape just for fun colors. I use it on my gymnastic rings and like to coordinate lol I also change colors for holidays

ETA: yeah, kind of spooky that KBs can cause you to set off metal detectors. Don't even want to know what a Geiger counter might say
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kettlebell, kettlebell grip tape, kettlebells

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