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Old 01-13-19, 02:22 PM  
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Body Weight and Bands

I did Bodyweight and Bands today and really enjoyed it.
The music seems like mostly a cross between Mannheim Steam Roller type instrumentals, elevator music. It was not intrusive in any way and seemed to complement the workout.
I use bodylastics bands for the long bands.
The main workout is about 43 minutes with warmup and cooldown. It included standing and floor work. It used both the long bands and loop bands. It had moves like puddle jumps, firewalkers, side to side, bow and arrow arms, overhead tricep, tricep press down, front raise in tree pose, X pattern drill, deadlift with rear pulse, pushup type moves etc. Nothing too hard as you decide the weight on your bands. The impact is low but you still get some nice burn due to the bands.
Bonus workouts included the following. (Times are from Cathe's site)
6-Pack Abs #2...9:53
long leg lift crunch, long reach butterfly situp, reverse cycle, wide swing knee ups, side to side tap out, roll ups, knee circle plank, staggered arm plank holds and cooldown. It moved quickly between types.
Pyramid Pump Triceps...6:15
This was just 5 sets that alternated kickbacks with lying extensions
Extended Stretch #2...10:43
Nice long yoga/athletic stretch.
Calorie Crush...8:24 Aerobic type workout with loop band
Moves included and moved quickly between the following:
Jacks/scissors, ice breakers, twist and travel (fun), touchdown jacks, heel toe combo, snowboards, reach and tap, traveling scissors, jacks, low impact fire walker, and cooldown.
This is great to take on vacation and was just fun for me. It is a keeper.
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Old 01-13-19, 02:26 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Oakville, Ontario
Cardio Party was fun but I felt more beginner to intermediate. That might be partly as I didn't know what was coming so I took it easy the first time around though I had time to do one blast from the Calorie Crush and she really kicks it up a notch. I haven't looked at the premixes but if the Crush was interspersed through-out the main workout this would be a really hard workout. I like what one poster did where she put the Crush first and then the Main workout. I would be spent after that I think.

Extended Stretch #1 and #2 Really like as I'm finding Sun Salutations really stretch my body and both had what I think are similar to those.

Stacked Upper Body I think I might be able to go heavier than Cathe the next time I do this workout. It's easy to separate into a Split workout if you want and it had some new moves that I hadn't seen before. Chest/Triceps, then Shoulders are their own then Biceps and Back.

Stacked Lower Body It's set up to do a series of exercises and repeat once then another series of exercises that you repeat once. I went 2 - 5 - 10 pounds heavier but wasn't always able to keep up to pace but close. I think I'll continue to go heavier and just not as many reps. I think Cathe used 12# for deadlifts - can definitely go heavier than that.

Abs #1 - boxing themed and new moves. Glad no crunches but a learning curve. Also glad we don't do so many moves you get discouraged.

For the music - I find it all fine. I don't really notice it but that's probably a good thing as at least it doesn't bother me.

Overall I really like what I've seen so far. I really needed this series a few years ago when I just lost all energy and love for working out. I really didn't like the ICE Series. I think so far maybe the ICE Series may be harder than these but it's early to say. This series I'm going to be mixing in the Crush workouts for intensity as I'm finally getting my fitness level back. When ICE came out just any workout exhausted me and I had to take a few days off before I could manage another workout.
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Old 01-13-19, 02:33 PM  
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Pyramid Pump is fantastic!

I don't preorder Cathe any more because I play her workouts through On Demand, but LITE hasn't been uploaded yet and so I decided to purchase Pyramid Pump as a download. BTW, it's a great deal--almost 90 minutes of weight work plus Bonus Abs 1 for $20. I'm looking forward to doing Pyramid Pump via On Demand because in the future I'll want a shorter premix, but for today I just kind of went through the whole thing in order, skipping the occasional reps to keep the workout to about an hour. Then I tacked on the abs.

I think this workout is excellent. In general I prefer Cathe's more linear workouts, and this one really fits the bill because you do a body part and that's it--you don't go back to it. I also like knowing exactly how many reps are coming and I love the total absence of pulses and low ends. I used heavier weights than Cathe and the gang which made this workout as tough as any of her other total body weight workouts. Stretch was fine but not as thorough and enjoyable as the ones from the Fit Tower series, in my opinion.

I agree the ab workout is a little tougher than the series title would lead you to expect, but I didn't mind. I especially like ab exercises that are more total body because they make excellent warm-ups for days when I run.

Looking forward to seeing what the others in this series are like!

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Old 01-13-19, 02:57 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2002
Can someone give some more details on the Abs workouts? Is there alot of planks or moves like bear crawls, crab kicks and moves that utilize the gliding discs? I'm not a big fan of those moves which is where I thought Fit Split fell short. Thanks!
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Old 01-13-19, 04:08 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mommapew View Post
Cardio Party

Stacked Lower Body It's set up to do a series of exercises and repeat once then another series of exercises that you repeat once. I went 2 - 5 - 10 pounds heavier but wasn't always able to keep up to pace but close. I think I'll continue to go heavier and just not as many reps. I think Cathe used 12# for deadlifts - can definitely go heavier than that.
Does she do this for the Stacked Upper Body also?

What does she mean by 'stacked'?
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Old 01-13-19, 04:08 PM  
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Tugger, on Abs1 there are no gliding disk moves but the other exercises are just as you describe. Sounds like you won't like it.
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Old 01-13-19, 05:47 PM  
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I did the LITE Metabolic this morning - premix w/cardio crush and 6 pack abs. I really enjoyed this. It sort of broke down into: standing, floor and then cardio crush and abs. The standing portion was really great - I enjoyed it, some new moves in there, time went by quickly. Will be easy to modify taking weights up or down. What was interesting is that it does repeat moves, which I usually find very annoying, but she has different moves w/in each move - so you start out with pass through lunges for example and then move to side leg lifts. It really did not seem repetitive in the least. The floor part was harder, I thought. There's a nice little move in there with chest and hip thrusts that I liked. The cardio crush was just kind of okay - it was high impact, which I sort of expected. Approx 10 different drills, two of which involved jacks. 6 pack abs was hard, but I definitely liked the slower pace of this one compared to some of her others. Reading PP's I am disappointed that the other abs was not a standing abs - would have been a perfect mix for this series.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. The music was complementary and I actually enjoyed the music in the warm-up thoroughly. One really nice thing - there is a text pop-up with the amount of weight and the move itself that comes up before the move. I love it when she does this, and this one looks really nice. Easy to read with contrasting colors and great description of the move.
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Old 01-13-19, 06:16 PM  
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Stacked upper with pyramid lower

Holy moly...I decided to do the Stacked Sets upper premix that includes the pyramid lower body bonus, the stacked upper routine, plus abs and stretch, clocking in around 80-plus minutes.

It was no joke.

Cathe was NOT messing around! There's not a muscle in my body not complaining right now. I was sweating buckets and breathing hard during the pyramid lower, and then my upper body got nicely toasted in a relatively short amount of time during the stacked sets. Don't get me started on the abs. Ouch. Feeling it? Oh, yeah, I was feeling it.

There was no wasted time whatsoever. I feel like I got a cardio workout plus a killer total body workout all in one. I'm thrilled with how versatile these workouts seem! Can't wait to try the rest.
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Old 01-13-19, 07:40 PM  
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So far I've done Metabolic one and Rev'd Up Rumble. I chose the premix that added the Cardio Crush at the end. I liked it, not sure I love it but I will do it again to see. It's definitely intermediate as promised, but to me even with the Cardio Crush and my upward modifications it was still intermediate. I upped the weights that Cathe used, so if she chose 3s I chose 5s, I picked 8s for her 5s and 10s for her 8s. So, I'm slightly disappointed in that since I could definitely modify up for the ICE workouts and make them advanced more easily when I wanted to. I think that next time I will do double Cardio Crush with it, which is the premix option I chose for Rev'd Up Rumble. How's that for a segue?

I really, really liked Rev'd Up Rumble, and I'm a little surprised at that since I'm not always a fan of Cathe's kickbox/boxing. The warmup was still too long IMHO at close to 10 minutes (why does she do that, does anyone know? she seems to be the only instructor who has an extra long warmup for this type of workout) BUT I enjoyed the warmup along with the rest of the workout. The premix I chose started off with the Cardio Crush (burpees, but not a ton, and sequential power kicks are a couple of the movements), then to the main workout, then another dose of the Cardio Crush, cooldown and stretch. This was a good workout without killing me, and I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I'm going to do the Pyramid disc. Wish me luck!
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Old 01-13-19, 07:57 PM  
Joni O
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I’m curious about what “stacked” means, too. Mine is due tomorrow, and I plan to do Stacked Upper Body on Thursday. The extended stretch sounded good until I read ‘Sun Salutations.’ Nope, not for me!
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