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Old 01-04-13, 12:39 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2002
Dream Body Fusion Fitness Workout Series vs Cardio Barre vs Physique 57

DVD 1 - Fusion Mix with Darby - Sweating, sculpting and strenthing your way into your dream body. Look tight from your triceps to your tush! ( 60 min)

DVD 2 - Tabata & Toning with Francie - Drop a size with this cardio master piece. 20 Second tabata's mixed with body toning. (45 min)

DVD 3 - Barre with Sadie - Achieve the length of a dancer and strength of an athelete. Ballet meets badass in this belly fat burning workout. (50 min)

DVD 4 - Bikini Bootcamp with Amy- Get summertime skinny with 40 minutes of non stop kicking, jumping, lunging and punching. Tone up your trouble areas in the last 20 minutes. ( 60 min)

DVD 5 - Fusion with Brooke - A vigerous sequence of funky fresh yoga, pilates, calisthenics, and barre. You will tone muscles you never knew you had!

Series includes all 5 Workouts. You will need: Stability ball, playground ball, resistnace band, weights, and paper plates.

Could someone tell me which workouts require which equipment? what weight weights? Could bands be substituted? Trying to figure out which of these would be good for travel.

Anyone get these and not like them?

Could I just do a rotation of these? Any extra cardio or weights?

Also, would anyone be interested in a trade or temporary trade? Wouldn't mind DVD-r version just to try.

I edited this post to see if anyone could compare these to P57 and cardio barre?

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Old 01-04-13, 07:04 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: San Diego, CA
Hi Yahoo,

I've done four of the workouts so far, and here's what I remember about the equipment needed for each one:

--Fusion -- requires a stability ball and light weights

--Tabata and Toning -- I think this one requires light weights and a resistance band (the thick ones without handles)

--Barre -- requires light weights, a barre or chair, and a small playgrond-size ball

--Bikini Bootcamp --this is half kickboxing and half floorowork; no equipment required

I think you would need weights (not bands) for the workouts, but you only need two-pound weights, so that might make them easier to travel with. They don't require too much floor space.

Hope that helps!
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Old 01-11-13, 11:17 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2002
bumping because i edited post
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Old 01-11-13, 11:41 AM  
Linda KH
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Kansas City
I do not have Cardio Barre or Physiqe 57 so can't compare (sorry!)

I agree with Leanne that you could probably do these workouts without weights (since they only use 1- or 2- pounds). You could probably even do the Fusion workout without the big ball. It's used more for resistance on inner thigh presses and leg lifts, and you could do the same moves without it.

The workouts are intended to be used alone in a rotation (just do one workout each day). There's a cardio component to each one so I would think you wouldn't need to add any cardio. I personally prefer to do heavier weights for my upper body, so I've been rotating these with Cathe's new workouts. However, if you don't want/need heavy upper body weight work then these would be fine for weight training.
Linda KH
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Old 01-11-13, 11:52 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Illinois
WAY harder than P57

"I'm just one workout away from a good mood." ~ Valerie Waters
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cardio barre, dream body, dream body fusion, fusion fitness, physique 57

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