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Old 08-11-21, 04:13 PM  
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No, not as written..and don't really care to do rotations as written. My body has different needs. I LOVE having a rotation as a template to modify it to suit my needs.

If I use a Cathe monthly rotation, it's not recognizable to someone else

I also LOVE going through a DVD set ..but only one time through ...not weeks on end. So I guess that doesn't count as a true rotation either.

I complete challenges but mine last longer than the prescribed length.

(ETA: Hehe, I'm a mess when I look at what I just posted!!)
Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

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Old 08-11-21, 04:19 PM  
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I love, love doing rotations. Iíve done so many that Iíve stopped keeping track in my signature.

Iím flexible with my rotations too. If Iím not feeling a scheduled workout Iíll substitute a similar workout.

I donít have a problem doing a timesaver version of a scheduled workout.

Iíve stopped a few rotations, too - it wasnít love!

I love the structure of a balanced rotation. Catheís XTRAIN is the best, followed by STS Undulating & BEAST, STS and Ö.
formerly TheTerminator2B
*STS 1/20 - 5/20 * FT/ICE/LIS/Generic 90 Day 1/20 *XT 90 Day - 7/19 - 10/19 *90 Day Body BEAST Rotation, 09/16 - 12/16, 01/17 - 4/17 *90 Day Undulating XT/ICE/RWH Fusion Rotation 2/16 - 5/16 *3 Month STS/LIS Transformation Rotation 10/15 - 1/31/16 *XT/Hybrid 90 Day Undulating Rotation 11/13 - 2/15/14, 9/14 - 1/3/15 *Jillian Michaels Body Revolution - 4/12 *RKS (3 rounds) - 9/11. *STS Timesaver Rotation Grad - 8/10 *Insanity Grad - 9/09
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Old 08-11-21, 04:31 PM  
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Originally Posted by Paine View Post
I did Tracy Anderson's Glutecentric Metamorphosis for 90 days and had zero changes in my body other than losing strength. I know many VFers had great results with Metamorphosis but for me it wasn't worth it.

Each time I have bought a new season for Classical Stretch, I will do one episode every day until I have completed the entire season.
I forgot that that I had tried this Tracy Anderson rotation. I made it 30 days and had to bail. But that isn't unusual for me. BBL rotation, made it 30 days. CB90, I made it a little bit longer at 6 weeks. The only rotation I've ever completed as written is CLX and that was several years ago.

As long as I have a good mix of cardio, strength, walking, and restorative workouts I'm happy.
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Old 08-11-21, 05:15 PM  
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I’ve completed most of the Jessica Smith rotations, the Walk Strongs, and the ones on her website. But I haven’t done any Walk On rotations, although I’ve done the individual walk workouts. I remember in the early days of her you tube, she would mail out a weekly rotation. I really liked that.

I’m currently doing Lift and Shift, although it’s taken me two months to do Month One. I’m also subbing for the ab workouts, I can’t do sit ups, crunches or hip lifts.
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Old 08-11-21, 05:49 PM  
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Yes, I've done many rotations over the years. I'm sure I've forgotton about many of them but I could probably go thru my written calendars and find them all. These are the ones I remember doing:

P90X (at least twice)
Insanity (will never do that again!) LOL!
Body Beast
Tracy Anderson (I think....that one tweeked my knees)
Several mini month long Cathe rotations
Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher series
Rip 60

My best results were with P90X, but there was some dread there after doing 90 days of it. And the Insanity dread.....well, I don't think I have to explain the dread in that one. Usually when I start a rotation, I finish it, if for no other reason, than to say I did it.

I never finished Blissology, Met Rx, or Meta Shred. At this point, I don't remember exactly why. Although, while looking in the DVD cabinet I just noticed that the Ruthless set is waiting in there for me. Hmmm....maybe after I'm done with the one I'm doing right now, as long as the workouts aren't over an hour each. I'm just not game to doing 60 minute workouts every day anymore.

I'm currently working thru a Jillian Michaels Body Revolution rotation. I haven't done a rotation in a long time before i started this, so I'm sure I'll finish it off. I'm only 3 weeks into it, but I'm enjoying it so far.
"Time heals all wounds.....especially the good times." Dean Winchester
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Old 08-11-21, 06:01 PM  
Join Date: May 2006
I love rotations and have completed too many to list

Multiples of P90X/2, One on Ones, Body Beast, STS, EBX2 etc
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Old 08-11-21, 06:33 PM  
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Nope. I highly prefer rotations otherwise I'll do too much guesswork everyday.

I used to do rotations strictly as written. I've since learned to change it up however I need to if I need extra rest, cardio, etc.
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Old 08-11-21, 07:13 PM  
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i stink at it. i go with the best intentions and fail every single time. i get tired of doing the same person day in/out, or i lose interest/bored, or i think i can make a better rotation..........bottom line i've never completed a full rotation in my life
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Old 08-11-21, 07:28 PM  
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I've finished quite a few rotations. I prefer to follow a schedule that someone who actually knows what they're doing put together, lol. It also takes the indecision out of it because if I had to think about it every day, I'd take too long to decide what to do and would end up doing nothing.

From what I can remember I've finished:
  • P90X (first rotation I ever did back in 2009)
  • P90X3
  • 10 Minute Trainer
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps
  • A lot of Jessica Smith rotations--too many to list. Right now I'm doing Lift & Shift
  • Ript 90
  • Ript 90 Fit
Current rotation: Jessica Smith Lift & Shift
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Old 08-11-21, 08:09 PM  
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I love starting rotations. I love getting ready by making spreadsheets. I have started dozens of rotations. I think I got really close to finishing Liift4, but I have never actually finished one.

I have started 30 days to a more beautiful body no less than ten times. And I started it again yesterday. Wish me luck!
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
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rotation, rotationally challenged, rotations

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