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Arrow Just The Workouts ~AUGUST 2021~*Everyone is Welcomed!*

August, 2021

This month continues with workouts that are non-taxing for my flare-up. Hoping to include more power yoga but taking it day to day with my joint issues and weight bearing exercises. Meditation daily unless mentioned otherwise. Focusing on cleaner eating too.

1 - Rest Day

2 - Jessica Smith Walk Strong 3 (Metabolic Conditioning; Cardio Sculpt (10 min.); Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches); Yard Work at parents=45 min. Dust bunny with JS's workouts and was reminded of her creativity of moves that can be a lower back tweaking threat for me. Had to modify quite a bit. Oh well, at least I tried her again. Good thing I did a light workout today, as I cleaned my house, laundry, then cleaned my parents' condo (dusting & mopping floors), got a few groceries for them and did some yard work (trimmed a bush; pulled weeds) for them. I was so tired (still am on Tuesday!).
3 - KCM 30 MTF Super Sculpt (Drills & Band Premix=31 min.; Band & Box Premix=22 min.); Mady's (Back Pain Relief Stretches) After 2 cups of coffee, LOL, I felt motivated to workout and had a GREAT workout!! Loved these two premixes put together! I used 5's for the first boxing segment then 3's for the duration of the premixes. This was perfect with very little high impact moves sprinkled throughout and mostly low impact. There was maybe one plank variation but all the rest standing. No step is involved except for a couple moves that uses it but not for cardio purposes. LOVE the FW band segments in these two -- and they are different so not repetitive. The boxing is the same but they are so spaced apart it wasn't a repetitive issue for me. So happy to find a decent 53 min. workout on this that's mostly low impact and doesn't use the step for step-ups or jumping and still kept up my HR. Great calorie burn too.
4 - My own w/u; Olivia Lawson (40 min. No Jumping Cardio & Abs Workout//Calorie Killer//Lower Belly Burn =47 min. actually); Mady's (Back Pain Relief Stretches) This was a great calorie burner with no high impact or equipment and just a few BW exercises = plank variations mostly that I made into elbow planks & used my step. Format is :40/:10 intervals with 6 rounds of 4 exercises repeated twice so may be a little repetitive for some. Fabulous core & lower ab focus with mostly all standing work.
5 - YT 30 Min Yin Yoga "Lower Back' w/ Travis; Mady's (15 min. Full Body Stretch) I needed just a stretch day today...Travis's class was relaxing w/ music in the background but too many forward bends for my liking. At least it didn't include any iffy knee positions. Poses were held for 3 min. which was nice instead of the usual 4. Ends with hip twists and bolster under the knees during Shavasana. Added on Mady's Full Body stretch which was wonderful.
6 - Cathe Live #263 Metabolic Bootcamp; Mady's Back Pain Stretches This Live remains one of my favorite Metabolic workouts...could be b/c it's more intermediate but could also be made more advanced using heavier weights. Plus no cardio. So not sure why it's titled BC since usually BC workouts have cardio? It totally flies by for me and I kept the weights lighter - nothing above 12's. So on a few exercises where she uses heavier weights with no arm movements, I included some arms to make it a little more challenging that way. This one is shoulder intensive, so the moves I added were either biceps or triceps. Great workout!
7 - Olivia Lawson (10 Min. Inner Thigh Workout); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); 15 min. yard work while DS mowed
8 - Rest Day

9 - YT Michelle Briehler (No Repeat Full Body Workout//Tone & Sculpt (30 min.); Michelle Briehler (20 Min HiiT Mini Trampoline Workout//At Home Fat Burning Cardio) ; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Seeing this trainer on the GD this morning made me change up my plan! Loved this trainer!! She reminds me of Ilaria without the accent! Great form pointers and music is fine for background music. She had two backgrounders for her Full Body workout...noticed their form wasn't the best on p/u's mostly, but otherwise fine. Michelle's form is great. I really liked this total body workout - uses 8's and a mat and filmed outside in her back yard. The exercises were good for my limitations right now and worked me good with not too many BW exercises. Thought I'd try a rebounder workout which turned out to be a good find for me. Kept up pretty well and spiked my HR. I kept a hand on my bar at all times though...don't need a broken leg or arm at this point! Don't know how they jump so fast and keep their balance on that thing! Ended up with a big calorie burn and just enough to give me a great workout. There's lots of PiYo workouts on there so not sure how often I'll use her channel but this total body workout at least was good! Good YT find! (Helped clean at DD's condo)
10- Olivia Lawson 5000 Steps Calorie Melting Indoor Fast Walking Workout//Intense & Sweaty//Full Body Activation - 41 min. (Can we get a longer title?--jeesh!); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches, Michelle's Yin Yoga This was a great all standing (barefoot) session and done upstairs waiting for a delivery to arrive. I didn't have my HRM on so not sure how many calories I burned but I was very sweaty when done! (Helped clean at DD's condo)
11- Cathe Live #300 Metabolic 300=49 min.; Mady's Full Body Stretch//Gentle Routine for Flexibility, Relaxation & Stress Relief//30 Min.Yoga inspired (what is it with these long titles?). I just love the #300 class with all metabolic weight work until the very last 6 min. of a cardio finisher. This one always sails right by and is over before I know it. The format is 30 exercises for 10 reps each and doesn't seem so bad since if the exercise is done on both sides, it's only 5 reps per side. I kept the weights lighter but mostly matched Cathe; it's easier to go heavier with this class too. I loved this stretch of Mady's that was released 3 days's more thorough and covers all body parts. I had the time this morning awaiting the storm to subside. Then, my mom called and said to come over right away as she fell (her leg gave out for some reason) and then my dad fell trying to help her up! Luckily I was showered and mostly ready to stop what I was doing and hurry over. The paramedics came to help them up and they took it easy the rest of the day. I stayed around to make sure they were ok and got groceries for them. So very thankful they weren't hurt. Usually it's my dad that does the falling but today it was both! Sigh....aging parents are so hard!! (helped at parents most of the day)
12- Yvette Fit #69 30 Min. Moderate Impact Kickboxing; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) Always a fun one when wanting something easier and good for adding on something else.
13- Rest Day (helped with parents all day starting at 7:45 a.m.! Too tired to w/o when done. Mom's leg is bad and hard for her to walk etc).
14- Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; Michelle's Yin Yoga (helped with parents all day but did fit this in).
15- Yvette Fit #104 60 Min. High/Low Cardio & Metabolic Weight Workout It felt so good to workout today!! Yvette's is a real shoulder burner - some of the exercises I switched up to triceps. This is the class that has that great stretch at the end - love it!//Had the day "off " to clean at DD's old condo, clean at my house & do laundry! Mom is getting around a lot better but still not 100% and has to take it slow with her leg which was diagnosed as a muscular issue. Thankful no fracture!

16- Heather Robertson Glow Up Challenge Day 4 UB Tone & Sculpt (47 min.); Heather 6 Pack Standing Abs (14 min.); Mady’s Back Pain Relief Stretches; 2.5 hours trimming plants and pulling weeds at DS’ condo This UB workout may be my favorite UB workout of Heather’s. It sails by and what a upper body fryer! Today I used 5’s (shoulder work at beginning) and 8’s and the last circuit I used 10’s which were very doable but 5’s for the around-the-worlds. It is metabolic since her pace is fast and my HR stays elevated with a good total cal burn. I added on her ab workout which seemed long to me and sort of repetitive with the same moves over and over. I think she has other standing ab workouts that I enjoy more. It was a great finisher though and it felt good to include some lower body moves with all that UB work. Mady’s stretch felt great for my lower back from all that standing work.//It was a beautiful day so thought I would finally get to those overgrown plants at DS’. It was almost therapeutic for me to do something other than take care of the parents. Then I drove around in my Miata for awhile to enjoy the sunshine and have some “me” time! It felt great, Jane!
17- Olivia Lawson 40 Min. Low Impact High Intensity Full Body Cardio Workout//No Jumping//Burn 300+ Calories; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; 1 hour finishing trimming a bush over at DS’ place. I loved Olivia's workout!! It is very sneaky with the intensity that was mostly high but still everything low impact. Format is :40/:10, no equipment (although I added 2# weights for quite a few exercises), 4 circuits of 6 exercises in each circuit and repeated twice. The first 3 circuits are cardio/strength based and the last circuit is all ab work done on the floor. No significant stretch at the end. Some of the plank-type moves I switched up to ab work done on my back. Really a major sweatfest! Didn't quite make it to 300 calories, but it was close.
18- Rest Day Taking care of the parents all day and took them to an appt.
19- Olivia Lawson Inner Thigh Workout; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); Mow Max/Yard Work 1.5 hours I took an Aleve before I mowed and put some inserts in my shoes which I think helped with the pain. DS was thrilled I got it done!
20- Mady’s Back Pain Relief Stretches Taking care of the parents all day. Exhausted.
21- Cathe Live #314 PHA Supersets (42 min); Mady’s Back Pain Relief Stretches I really enjoyed this Live. Like PHA workouts, it alternates UB & LB but in this, two different upper and 2 different lower exercises are done instead of one and each group is repeated so it doesn’t seem as repetitive as some of her other PHA’s. This one is more Metabolic since it moves at a quicker pace and uses lighter weights. The second grouping is easier to heavy up. I used 5’s, 10’s, 12’s, 15’s, and 20. I went heavier than Cathe on some exercises and lighter on some exercises. I would term this PHA more intermediate due to the weight selections and the shorter class. I loved it for those reasons alone when wanting to get in/out and lift lighter.
22- Cathe Boss Bands Total Body So, after I posted yesterday about not having my new Cathe’s, I went out to get the mail and they were sitting on my porch! Love the bands and the little carrying cases!! Anyone else going to use them as a makeup bag? Will get great use out of these. This workout was a little disappointing. In 57 min I burned a little over 200 calories??? I guess I shouldn’t focus on that BUT…I at least like to get sweaty if I’m working out for that long! And that was using my blue band for most of the exercises. And even then, sometimes it wasn’t enough. She kept saying this should be getting up your HR…um, nope mine’s at 114! I found during the glute bridge work, pulling on blue band with elbows on floor had more resistance than pulling on it close to shoes,etc. So I will need to play around with the resistance somewhat to make it more advanced. These will be a good recovery day workout, however, when my lower back and wrists will comply. Some of the moves irritated both. The stretch just seemed forced to use the bands…I just put it down and did the stretch without it. I will probably pick BW&B more often than this one…or some YT workouts?? If anyone comes across YT using the long bands, please post!!

23- Olivia Lawson (30 min. No Jumping Powerful Tabata//Fat Burning, Calorie Killer Intense Full Body HiiT @Home); Mady Morrison (Toned Legs, Thighs & Booty/Best Home Workout for Beginner/No Repeat & No Equipment/Day 2=27 min.); Mady Back Pain Relief Stretches One of Olivia's newest. Format is :20/:10 with 4 rounds and each exercise repeated 3x. Loved this one!! Usually I’m not a fan of tabata, but this one sailed right by. I think it was due to her fresh, new moves so it was really fun for me! She is just a rock star when it comes to fresh low impact stuff!! Sometimes I would start the move before the start buzzer (but that waned toward the end, as it was getting hard!). I wanted more of a stretch type workout that didn't have a lot of BW exercises and Mady's fit the bill even though it was easier and Pilates inspired. ;0) It has the same format as her stretches with just music and next move shown in corner even though the description is in German. I added on her stretch which is a 'given' anymore. Great cal burner, a sweatfest and feeling awesome!//Now off for my mammo appt. Joy. :/
24- Yvette Fit #134 (30 min. Upper Body Weights & Core Workout); (later) Five Parks Yoga (Yoga For Better Posture Class=26 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga I had an early morning hair appt., so I could only fit in 30 min and this was a good class (minus the fact that there are no biceps) to fit my time frame. This is a weight and core only class, with 12 reps and heavier weights and stability ball is used for core work. I used lighter weights and 16 reps for each exercise. Like most of her weight & core workouts, it is up/down throughout the whole class. Only shoulders, triceps, and chest are worked. I noted to omit some of the shoulder exercises next time (too many as it is) and do biceps instead. Added on the stretches later in the day as I was feeling really stiff.
25- Cathe Boss Loops Glutes & Core Now we're talking! I LOVED this one, well all except the hydrants! I think the thing that sold me on this one is that I used my own fabric bands around my mid thighs mostly but did have to have it higher for some of the core work. I used my medium pink fabric band in place of her orange band (which has a higher resistance than her blue band!), and my heavy light green band in place of her green band so I definitely felt it more. I loved the standing work but I was a little surprised she doesn't include FW band walks?? Probably b/c the bands aren't heavy enough in resistance and too wide? I LOVE, LOVE how she incorporates mobility all the way throughout the workout!! Superman and Bird Dog had a totally different feel when done with the band! The floor work and core were fine and was over before my wrists complained too much. Also loved the warm up (a great one for lower body) that maybe will replace my X-10 w/u?? Loved the stretch in this too. I give Cathe an A- (using my band strengths) to make it work for me. I burned close to 300 for this one which made me "feel" better about it! The good thing I realized is my lower body is strong and I am needing to use heavier strengths of bands to feel it! <3 I just wish I had some heavier long bands to make the Total Body workout work for me. :/
26- Yvette Fit #133 (40 min. Cardio Boxing Combos w/ Weights); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; Mow Max (40 min. instead of the 1.5 hours)! Humidity levels are ridiculous! Oh sure, now there's no 500 error and now it's working! Yvette's class was really fun with boxing combos with cardio bursts, light weight work and a few core exercises. For the weight work, she uses 8's and does all shoulders. I used 10's and did all bicep variations: curls, hammers, and W's. So I got those bi's in there this week anyhow! Great class when wanting a short, moderate cardio workout. Mow Max was a very short class as well, LOL!
27- Olivia Lawson (Energetic Walking Workout//2000 Steps in Less than 15 min.); Olivia (10 Min. Inner Thigh Workout); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Olivia's walking workout was a good warm up when wanting to move a bit before stretching. I used a lighter band than usual during Olivia's Inner Thigh workout (she doesn't use any but I like to) b/c I could still feel my booty DOMS from Cathe's Glutes workout 2 days ago!!! (It's been forever since I have been THAT sore in my lower body)!! Makes me appreciate it even more and shows that it makes all the difference with the band resistances.//So far so good on the 500 error...but I am typing on my new Mac! <3
28- Olivia Lawson (30 min. All Standing High Intensity Tabata HiiT Workout/Wrist Friendly=37 min. w/ stretch); PHA 3 (Extended Lying Stretch); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Olivia's newest workout and it was TOUGH! And a lot of times she titles these as HiiT's when they really aren't but this one was for sure! A little too many lateral jumps for my liking but it's only for :20 so it was doable. She includes snowboards -
and no burpees - Yay! Format is :20/:10 with 3 circuits of 5 exercises repeated 2x (IIRC). Anyway, great short HiiT w/o to get in/out when it's so darn hot! Added on stretches which felt great. Great cal burn today too.
29- Rest Day

30- KCM Box Fit (Workout 2 Weights= 35 min.); Cathe Rev'd Up Rumble (Premix TS 4: Combos Only =26 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga First time for this KCM premix and it was good! Mostly UB but maybe a couple LB thrown in. In place of her upright rows, I did pull-down variations. (I noticed my underarm flab is protruding more...time to get busy with pull-downs again)!! I wanted some fun k/b combos (ya, Box Fit ain't a choice!), so Cathe's RUR it was. Hadn't done this one since May 2019!!! I think it's mostly b/c I find it irritating how the camera man focuses on the crews' body parts so often. Ugh. Just like in XT. Makes me not want to do the workouts!!! :/
31- Yvette Fit #125 60 Min. - Killer Cardio/Strength/Core Workout; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretch Holy cow, this one was hard! I loved it, though. Based on the 3-2-1 Method, I thought I can stop at the 30 min. mark if I need to, but Yvette is sneaky and the 30 min mark was in the middle of block 2 so I had to keep going, LOL. I used 5's, 10's, & 15's and my step for plank variations which were very doable for me. My hands cooperated with the double pads on top which help. I did the J.Jacks on the rebounder but pretty much everything else following Yvette. Loved to see those leg lifts sitting on the ball doing shoulder presses!!! Trick is to have feet wide and close to the ball but it is so much easier on one side for me! During the last block, I did hamstring roll-ins with hips raised minus the crunches...that was a nice finisher. Then, I must've heard Yvette wrong and thought we were to sit on the ball for more shoulder work. She stood doing wtd. shoulder exercises but I sat on ball and used 10#'s and to her 2 shoulder raises, I did the lifting of the leg again. Double bonus! Nice long stretch at end but she still doesn't hold them long enough for my liking and added on Mady's stretch. 516 cal burn!! LOVED IT and feeling very accomplished now!! Jane, thx for mentioning this one! Now I hope I don't feel like I could eat a horse!! ;0)

Side note: Foot is an issue now, I think the pain traveled down to my foot and is still painful to walk. I'm going to try foam rolling (gotta find me a roller!), and icing it. When will all these reactions go away?? The good news is by recording my calories on MFP, I managed to lose some COVID weight, so I am very thankful for that!!!
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~ August ~

~ Mr. & Mrs. Muscle
~ ACHV Peak
~ Pahla B
~ Human 2.0 30 Day Movement Challenge
~ Pilates

- Pahla B - TONE UP! Build STRENGTH
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - Effective One Dumbbell ABS Workout - 10 minutes | #69

- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - 20 MIN Full Body FAT BURN with Dumbbells Get TONED
- 2.5 mile walk

- Pahla B - WALKING with WEIGHTS over 50 Calorie Burning, 2000+ Steps
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - Ab Workout - Beginner Friendly, LOW IMPACT & NO EQUIPMENT | No.4
- Rachel -5 Minute Standing Pilates for Balance, Strength and Coordination | Leg and Core Workout

- Lee - Qi Gong for Upper Back Pain
- Kseny - 10 Min Morning Qigong to Wake Up

- Kseny - qigong 10 Minute Daily Stretch For Flexibility
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - 20 Fiery Full Body Fat Burning Workout with Dumbbells
- 2 mile walk

- Kseny - Qigong 10 Minute Instant Energy Boost
- 3 mile walk

- Qigong with Kseny - 11 Minute Qigong Stretching Exercises For Flexibility & Stress Relief
- 1 mile walk

- Qigong with Kseny - 15 Minute Qigong For Joint Mobility
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - Ab Workout - Beginner Friendly, LOW IMPACT & NO EQUIPMENT | No.10
- 1.5 mile walk

- Qigong with Kseny - 10 Minute Energising Morning Qigong Routine To Start Your Day
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - NO EXCUSES - Full Body FAT BURN WORKOUT (NO Squats - NO Lunges - NO JUMPING)

- Qigong with Kseny - 10 Minute Daily Stretch For Flexibility
- Pahla B - 25 Minute Barefoot BALANCE + STRENGTH Workout, Functional Fitness for Women Over 50
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - Beginner Friendly Abs and Core Workout - 10 MINUTES (NO.15)
- 2 mile walk

- Qigong with Kseny - 10 Minute Qigong To Improve Your Balance & Flexibility
- rebounder - 30 minutes
- 1 mile walk

- Qigong With Kseny - Feel Good in 10 Minutes - Qigong Body Tapping & Shaking
- ACHV Peak - Resistance Band Bicep Workout - Stronger Arms in 20 Minutes
- rebounder - 30 minutes

- 1 mile walk

- Qigong With Kseny - 10 Min Morning Qigong to Wake Up
- rebounder - 30 minutes
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - Intense Lower Abs Workout ➡ LOWER BELLY FAT BURN
- Jessica - "Total Body Strength" Full Length 15-Minute Fat Burning Fitness Program

- Qigong With Kseny - Easy Qigong - 15 Minutes A Day
- 2.5 mile walk

- Qigong With Kseny - 15 minute Qigong Practice On The Beach - Easy Qigong Exercises
- SS - tone it up

- Qigong With Kseny - 15 Minute Qigong For Joint Mobility
- KUKUWA® African Dance Workout: Mood Lift 15
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - KNEE FRIENDLY - Full Body FAT BURN WORKOUT Dumbbell

- Qigong With Kseny - 10 Minute Morning Qigong To Wake Up
- Taebo basic original
- ACHV PEAK 15 Minute Beginner Resistance Band Workout

- Qigong With Kseny - Easy Qigong - 15 Minutes A Day
- KUKUWA® AFRICAN DANCE 15 min: Karibu Kenya
- PK Band Exercise TV

- Qigong With Kseny - 15 Minute Qigong For Leg Strength, Hip Mobility and Balance
- Taebo basic live 5

- Qigong With Kseny - 10 Minute Daily Stretch For Flexibility
- Taebo - energy
- KUKUWA® African Dance 15 min: Enjoyment

- Qigong With Kseny - qigong 5 minutes a day

- Qigong With Kseny - Quick & Easy Qigong To Feel Better - Qigong Body Tapping Exercises
- Taebo - 8 min original workout

- Qigong With Kseny - 10 Minute Qigong Morning Routine - Easy & Effective
- Taebo basic live 1
- Amy Exercise TV Basic Strength Training

- Qigong With Kseny - Easy Qigong - 15 Minutes A Day
- Taebo basic - Get Ripped 8 Minute Workout
- Gilad qfs shoulders & arms
- Tae Bo® Ab Burner!
- Tae Bo® PUNCH OUT!

- Qigong With Kseny - 10 Minute Qigong for Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back Tension
- KUKUWA® African Dance 15 min: Sweat in 10
- Qigong With Kseny - 10 Minute Daily Stretch For Flexibility

- Qigong With Kseny - Total Body Qigong for Flexibility & Relaxation
- KUKUWA® African Dance Workout: CELEBRATE!
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - 16 FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT No.55
- Beo & Be Qigong - Qi Gong & Mindfulness : 'Free Flow in the Bog'

- Beo & Be Qigong Mindful Movements - Wild Atlantic Flow
- Mr. & Mrs. Muscle - Fiery Full Body Fat Burning Workout with Dumbbells

- Beo & Be Qigong Mindful Movements - Abbeyhill Flow
- Billy Blanks Tae Bo® PUNCH OUT!

- Beo & Be Qigong Mindful Movements - deep roots flow
- Tae Bo Warrior Workout (15 Minutes)

- Beo & Be Qigong Mindful Movements - Flaggy Lake Flow
- KUKUWA® African Dance Workout:Wake Up
- Larie - 10 Minute Mini Band Workout | Upper Body + Arms

- Beo & Be Qigong Mindful Movements - leafy flow
- KUKUWA® AFRICAN DANCE 15 min: Karibu Kenya
- Teddy - legs and glutes

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Here we go!

1 Silver & Fit - International Balance & Flexibility (with Kim 7/31/21) - 30 minutes
2 Senior Shape - Mat Workout with Weights - 27 minutes
3 Jessica Smith - 4 Mile Walk: Warmup, Mile 1, 1/2 of Mile 2 & Cooldown - 35 minutes
4 No workout
5 Jessica Valant - Upper Body Strength Beginner Workout with Weights - 20 minutes & Therapy Exercises
6 No workout
7 No workout
8 Pahla B - August 1 Essential Weights - 25 minutes; Jessica Valant - Exercises and Stretches for Scoliosis - 18 minutes
9 Senior Shape - Barre Fight - 33 minutes
10 No workout
11 Jessica Valant - Hip Pain Exercises - 12 minutes; Senior Shape - Strength with Weights - 34 minutes
12 No workout
13 Hip Bursitis Exercises
14 Senior Shape - Gentle Pilates & Stretching - 40 minutes
15 Senior Shape - Cardio with the Ball - 25 minutes
16 Senior Shape - Weights (on the) Floor - 25 minutes, 10 Minute Warm Up & 10 Minute Legs & Glutes
17 Worked late
18 Worked late
19 Silver & Fit - International Mixed Format - Aug 16th with Karen - 30 minutes; Hip Bursitis Exercises; Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs: Level 1 Pilates - 10 minutes
20 Worked late
21 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength - Aug 17th with Adita - 30 minutes
22 Silver & Fit - International Flexibility and Balance with Karen (8/21/21) - 30 minutes; Flow with Mira - 30 Minute Full Body Flow - 35 minutes; Caroline Sandry - Total Body Tone: Total Body Workout - 10 minutes
23 Silver & Fit - Advanced Mixed Format with Keli (8/23/21) - 30 minutes; Pilates Nest - Evening Pilates Wind Down - 10 minutes
24 Walk At Home - 2 Mile Walk, Run and Lift - 30 minutes; Pilates Nest - Lower Body Sculpt Workout - 14 minutes
25 Bar Method Online - The Best Part of Your Day - 45 minutes
26 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio led by Madeleine 8/25/21 - 30 minutes; Pilates Nest - Pilates to Feel Your Best - 10 minutes
27 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength led by Sean 8/26/21 - 30 minutes
28 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format led by Stacey Lei 8/25/21 - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates for Beginners
29 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Yoga with Andrea 8/28/21 - 30 minutes
30 Senior Shape - Yoga & Pilates - 20 minutes
31 No workout

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Tammie M
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1 - Michelle Dozois Bodyfit 360
2 - Leisa Hart Arms of Steel Tone & Tighten
3 - Beach Pilates: Pilates Body Sculpt (Abs, Buns and Thighs)
4 - Shape Bikini Body Camp: Redefining - Interval Cardio Sculpt & All Mini Workouts
5 - Minna Lessig Emergency Workout
8 - Sharon Money-Twombly All Body Attack - All Weight Attack
9 - Sharon Money-Twombly All Body Attack - All Cardio Attack minus Core/Abs + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1215
10 - Met-Rx Conditioning Workout 1
11 - Met-Rx Cardio Tactics Workout 1
12 - Met-Rx Conditioning Workout 2
13 - Met-RX Kickboxing + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1222
14 - Met-Rx Conditioning Workout 3
15 - Met-Rx Advanced Abdominals + Met-Rx Stretch & Refresh
16 - Met-Rx Shaping Workout 1
17 - Met-Rx Shaping Workout 2
18 - Met-Rx Shaping Workout 3
19 - Met-Rx Shaping Workout 4
20 - Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30: Workout 1
21 - Guillermo Gomez Kickbox Underground
22 - Kayoga Beginning Yoga
23 - Cathe Boss Bands Total Body
24 - Gilad Elite Forces Fat Burning Workout
23 - Cathe Boss Bands Glutes &
30 - Met-Rx Definition Workout 3 + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1230
31 - Met-Rx Definition Workout 4
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I will continue with my Killer Body Rotation this month.

01- Planned rest day. But, I ended doing Jenny Ford's Spicy Step warm up twice and first combo (30 min. aprox.), it looked so much fun while previewing, I had to rewind a few times, but I actually ended catching the whole first combo, she cues so well.

Week 4:

02- Rest day. Bad night sleep.
03- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 2 + XTFMax: Stretch. I used the same weights (Weighted Vest & Soft Medicine Ball) than last time, still a killer workout, I am seeing more definition in my legs!!
04- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 2 + Si6:Slim & Limber.
05- DIY Foam Roll + Si6:Slim & Limber. Poor night sleep so I took it easy.
06- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 2 + DIY Foam Roll & Stretch.
07- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 2 + KS' Step Workout : WU & S1 + Si6:Slim & Limber.
08- JM's Killer Abs Level 2.

Week 5:

09- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 3 + Short Stretch (My Own). L3 was challenging but doable, it felt less grueling than L2, thanks goodness! I used 8s for single leg deadlift and lunges (I did regular weighted lunges instead of jumping lunges), I also used my EZ Shaper Pro bar for side leg extension with side crunch combo, and fire hydrant to kick combo, to add a little extra resistance, and of course a high step instead of a chair, I liked it.
10- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 3 + Short Stretch (My Own). Nice workout, challenging but doable, it again felt less grueling than L2, I am glad!
11- JF's Step by Step + Stretch Max: No Equipment Stretch. SBS was fun! And very easy to catch, but still challenging, Jenny is a great cuer, I loved it! To be honest, I don't know how I did it, since it has been so humid these past days.
12- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 3 + Si6: Slim & Limber. Again I used my high step, EZ Shaper Pro, and upped my weights to 12s this time.
13- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 3 + Pi10S: Upper Body, Back & Hips. I used 3s, 5s, and 8s, like last week, and also a weighted bar for a few exercises.
14- JM's Killer Abs Level 3 + Stretch Max: Resistance Band Stretch. L3 was fun, I used 3s, 5s, and one 8 dumbbells, a soft medicine ball, a weighted bar and my bosu.
15- Rest day.

Week 6:

16- Active rest day. We went to the beach!
17- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 3 + Si6: Slim & Limber. I used a pair of dumbbells, my Corebar, bosu and 1lb ankle weights, it was great!
18- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 3 + Pi10S: Upper Body, Back & Hips.
19- Kathy Smith's Step Workout + My Own Extended Stretch. I did the whole workout, 70 minutes of pure awesomeness! Simple choreography, but it was quite intense! Wow, I loved it. I used a 6" platform and 3s dumbbells since I did UB yesterday, I double it up for the biceps and rows, and did chest press instead of push ups, since I did so many yesterday.
20- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 3 + Mady Morrison's Full Body Stretch. I liked Mady stretch and it has nice music.
21- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 3 + My Own Extended Stretch. I did my own warm up using my clubz today, and I also used it for a couple of exercises.
22- JM's Killer Abs Level 3.

Week 7:

23- Rest day.
24- JM's Killer Body: Lower Body + Short Stretch. Nice workout, I used my 10 kg Sandbag for several exercises, my bosu for the balance exercises, and 3s for one exercise.
25- JM's Killer Body: Upper Body + Short Stretch. Another good workout, I used 3s, 5s, and 8s.
26- Rest day. Back to school today.
27- Unplanned Rest day. Super tired.
28- JM's Killer Body: Lower Body + Short Stretch. I used the same weights as last time.
29- JM's Killer Body: Upper Body + Extended Stretch (20 min.). I used 5s, and 8s today.
30- JM's Killer Body: Core. Weird warm up, two exercises only worked one side, so I went back and changed side, next time I will probably warm up on my own. I used 3s and my bosu, first circuit was my favorite, probably because it was the easier lol.

Week 8:

31- JM's Killer Body: Lower Body + Short Stretch.
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~~~ AUGUST ~~~

“The month of August had turned into a griddle where the days just lay there and sizzle.”
― Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

1 - GYM for 15 recumbent and 40 weight machines and dumbbells; 1.45 mile nature walk; 7,357 steps.

2 - Walk around neighborhood with a steep hill challenge; 6,491 steps.

3 - Original Winsor 20 Minute Workout; beach walk in the evening; 5,972 steps.

4 - Restorative Yoga & Breathwork by Jessica Richburg; 5,015 steps.

5 - Nothing formal, AND left my Fitbit on the bathroom counter.

6 - Nothing formal but I did an involved deep cleaning project that felt like a workout; 3,838 steps.

7 - Nothing formal; 6,289 steps.

8 - Nothing formal; 5,512 steps.

9 - R&R and catch-up day; 2,445 steps.

10 - 25 butt bridges; 20 minute lunch walk; Kathy Smith Fat Burning Pilates, abs workout; 7,422 steps.

11 - GYM for 20 minutes recumbent bike and 15 treadmill; 6,024 steps.

12 - GYM for 10 minutes recumbent and 30 minutes weight machines for lower body, back and chest; 3,990 steps.

13 - My own yin series for low back; short beach walk; 6,026 steps.

14 - Winsor Buns & Thighs; my own yin practice for front body opening; 3,516 steps.

15 - My own yin practice, same as prior day; GYM for 10 minutes recumbent, 10 arc trainer, 60 full body dumbells and weight machines; 6,034 steps.

17 - Qigong for Better Breathing; forgot Fitbit.

18 - Quick walk around neighborhood and some back stretching; 2,444 for my walk.

19 - A Lively Ladies one mile low impact walk; GYM for 20/15/15 of recumbent, elliptical and treadmill; 8,020 steps.

20 - Walk around the neighborhood; 6,527 steps.

21 - Nothing formal; 3,754 steps.

22 - Walk around neighborhood; 5,306 steps.

23 - Nothing formal, just some housework bursts between binge reading sessions; 2,404 steps.

24 - LWR Four Minute Arm Routine; YogiBethC Banish Your Own Backache (BYOB); 5,155 steps.

25 - LWR 8 Minute Pilates Inspired Standing Workout; LWR Get Rid of Bingo Wings; Jason Stephenson Pain Relief Guided Meditation; Kassandra Yoga for Headaches; 3,500 steps.

26 - GYM for 15/20/15 of recumbent bike, quick blast of lower body, chest and back, plus treadmill; 4,814 steps.

27 - Winsor Flat Abs Pilates - Flat Abs workout; Mirabai Holland Longevity Solution Flexibility level 1; 3,994 steps.

28 - A little back PT; GYM for 10 minutes recumbent and 30 lower body, chest and back; 5,673 steps.

29 - GYM for 15/15/15 of recumbent bike, dumbell workout for arms and 15 arc trainer; 5,207 steps.

30 - Boho Beautiful 10 Minute Pilates for Toned Core, Abs & Legs; 25 minute walk around neighborhood; Yoga with Bird Evening Yoga in Bed - Supine Yoga Sequence; 5,584 steps.

31 - 20 minute lunch walk; Margaret Richard Good for You segment one (back, shoulders, inners and outers, abs); Yoga with Bird yoga in bed practice; 5,868 steps.
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This month I’m focusing on workouts that don’t make me want to eat everything I see! I’ve gotten very lax with my eating and drinking and everything is tight on me so mostly moderate workouts and steady state cardio. Who knows I might do a slim series workout or two.

1-3. I was still feeling under the weather Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I had two appointments that really ate up my day.
4. 3 mile walk
5. Hamelin Inch Loss Course 1.1 I purchased this series looking for some moderate toning without spiking my appetite. This wasn’t a killer workout but there were parts that were challenging. It did not leave me feeling hungry or beat up either. Lots of reps of course.
6. 3 mile run/walk intervals 4 min run 1 min walk. I’d like to be running by September but I haven’t run since pre-pandemic times so I’m taking it slow.
7. Hamelin Inch Loss classic (YT) I was having weird connection issues with my tv so I did a YouTube one instead.
8. Rest
9. CL #148 Warrior Kickboxing I missed Cathe kickboxing so I subscribed this month. I do love this one!
10. CL #352 Metabolic Weights and Loops I really liked this live. I kept the weights light for the compound exercises, mostly I used my 10s and 8s. I only used 15s for the two deadlift segments. Cathe does some metabolic exercises and breaks it up with band cardio. I used a medium band which is perfect for the cardio but I felt like I needed a heavier one when she segues into side steps. Definitely not enough time to change it either.
11. CL #337 Cardio Kickbox Mashup (33 min) + Heather Robertson Power Pilates Workout (no w/u) I didn’t preview this live before I started so I thought it would be more kickboxing combos and cardio. I had only planned on doing 30 mins anyway but it was more like upper body conditioning with punches, some cardio w/o gloves and the leg conditioning. I completed the next segment which was more boxing style cardio with gloves and stopped there. It just took me longer to get sweaty than usual. Cathe just felt off in this one, probably won’t try it again. I liked Heather’s workout, I wouldn’t call it HiiT but it was a nice mix of standing and mat work with a 40/10 format. It would be a nice finisher to a walk or run.
12. Rest One of my early work days. I give everyone working out in the morning before their 9-5 so much credit!
13. Eleni Fit 60 min Full Body HiiT + Madfit 5 min stretch This was a new to me YouTube instructor that popped up in my feed. Heather Robertson style, no talking with a 45/15 timer. There was no warm up but the first few exercises are fine. A few cardio moves sprinkled in. Perfectly acceptable for a moderate day and for most exercises I just kept going until it was time to change. No repeats but something about this workout felt long to me.
14. Kaylie Daniels Glow Duo Sculpt & Barre Fusion Another YouTube workout. It a yoga barre fusion that uses 3s, 5s, and a block. It looks easy but it felt super tough. I was seriously sorry I didn’t grab 4s for the lunges with biceps. Total body, lots of compound exercises and pretty plank heavy. She does most segments with an add on progression so you really feel burned out by the end. I definitely had to modify some exercises and I love that room to grow feeling. I was left with sore biceps and core. No music but Kaylie has Spotify playlists that match her workouts. Two thumbs up!!
15. Rest I just got involved in cleaning and chatting with my husband in the morning and before I knew it I had to get in the shower for work.
16. Kaylie Daniels 60 min Cardio Sculpt Another fusion workout using 3s and 5s, I also used 2 lb ankle weights instead of using a 5 behind my knee for the table top work. Kaylie adds cardio moves into her progression. Another burner that really worked my core. I’m really looking forward to doing more of her workouts.
17. Lilly Sabri Boxing and Core workouts (55 min)
18-19. Rest My early start work days
20. Cathe Boss Bands Total Body This is probably the worst Cathe workout I’ve ever done. Not even because it was too easy, it just felt like a waste of time. It was just totally unimaginative and I’ll never preorder again. TB2, you’re really going to hate your girl Jen in this one. On the plus side the long bands seem very nice.
21. Lilly Sabri Core/inner thigh (53 min)
22. Lilly Sabri Ultimate Cardio fat burn + extra activation and finisher 57 min I have been doing a little rotation from Lilly’s Lean app and have been enjoying the workouts. She always adds a nice longer stretch on too. They’re shorter but tough segments and there’s a lot of core in all the workouts. The cardio is 45/15 mostly HiiT style but it goes quickly. There’s burpees and jump squats but she really shows a lot of modifications. I would describe these workouts as HiiT Pilates. I feel good afterwards too, worked out but not beat up. Lilly uses light weights and the fabric bands, in one she used the pilates ball I think you could easily get a good burn without any equipment.
23. Lilly Sabri Lower abs and Waist Sculpt + activation and finisher (56 min) The main section was all mat work 45/15. Not a sweaty workout but definitely felt the burn. Lilly used a thick towel (I used the foam roller) to balance on in the second circuit. It was tough! My abs actually feel stronger already from these workouts.
24. Penny Barnshaw 60 min strength supersets +2 mile walk I did this with my husband this morning, just because we both needed to work out at the same time. This was two back to back exercises for 45 secs each that targeted one body part, 30 secs rest then repeat the two. One of the exercises was compound like a renegade row was paired with rear flies. The first half was upper followed by lower and a shorter core add on. It was a nice strength workout that hit everything. I changed up a couple of exercises in the lower body section, I used the kettlebell for a few of the exercises. I haven’t worked out with my husband for a long time and it’s funny how when the lockdown started he was using lighter weights because he wasn’t used to those kind of workouts but now he’s definitely using heavier weights than me I should probably add in a total body strength once a week.
25-26. Rest My early work days. Can’t seem to get myself up and moving early enough to workout.
27. Nikki Carlson Hype and Tone 8/24 Fun and energetic. I feel like Nikki hits all the bases with her workouts, gets the heart rate up a bit and burns out my muscles without leaving me beat up. I like that her cardio is more kickbox inspired than dance too.
28. Kaylie Daniels Cardio Barre 50 min A good burner with a few cardio blasts sprinkled in. Just a mat, chair, wall, 3lb weights and a lot of bodyweight. I really appreciate her athletic take on barre.
29. NC Hype & Tone 8/17 I used Cathe’s hip band for this (the lightest), great quality. The lightest was enough too! Nikki does static lunges, lunges with a knee up and that’s with ankle weights and holding a 10lb weight or balance ring, and twisting. I like the creative moves and really feel them in my core. Her workouts remind me of Dreambody workouts but not frantic, and the fun factor is so much higher too.
30. Kaylie Daniels Glow Sculpt 1/27 I’m really loving Kaylie’s Bodyweight/light weight workouts. They don’t look like much but I’m lucky if I can complete the reps. She really hits the triceps and obliques in this one. I knew better than to use 5s for some of the exercises. Glad I have 4s.

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1 - Club Forme Side Lying Pilates
2 - Cathe Upper Body
3 - Trifecta Pilates
4 - Cathe Upper Body
5 - Jessica Valant Hips
7 - Cathe Upper Body
8 - Moving Mango Pilates
10 - Callanetics
11 - Callanetics
13 - Callanetics
14 - Callanetics
15 - Callanetics
16 - Callanetics
19 - Callanetics
21 - Callanetics
22 - Callanetics and Jessica Valant Hips
24 - Callanetics and Jessica Valant Hips
26 - Callanetics and Jessica Valant Hips
29 - Callanetics and Barre Arms
30 - Bar Method Change Your Body
31 - Barre Arms and Side Lying Pilates
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Planning to focus on cardio this month.

1. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #61 30 min ride
2. AngieFitnessTV Sweaty Step Sweaty Strength
3. nothing
4. BurpeeGirl Super Power Walk
5. SSoD Work It 45 min ride
6. SSoD Rhythm Walk 30 min
7. Heather Robertson Glow Up Challenge UB Tone and Sculpt
8. Joe Alvarado Olympic Ride 45 min
9. nothing
10. CDornerfitness Step #133
11. RI:ID Calorie Burner 40 min ride
12. nothing
13. Spin with Lars Rapido #1 30 min ride
14. AngieFitnessTV Cardio Boxing (stopping at core tabata, used as a w/up); Sydney Cummings UB Sculpt
15. Cycling Sophie Push Yourself To the Limit 60 min Ride
16. nothing
17. BurpeeGirl Cardio Kickbox
18. nothing
19. TreadChic Incline 30 min t/m walk
20. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #60 45 min ride
21. Yvette Bachman Cardio, Shoulders, Tri's, Bi's, Legs and Core
22. SSoD Cycle Therapy 60 min ride
23. nothing
24. Joe Alvarado 80's Rock 30 min ride
25. CDornerFitness UB with DB's and Mini Band
26. Cycling Sophie Double Your Pace 40 min ride
27. 1.66 mile walk; AngieFitnessTV Fat Loss Walking w/o
28. Olivia Lawson 60 min Intense and Sweaty Step (walking) w/o
29. Time 2 Train #4 45 min ride
30. Fit with Lari UB Compound Trisets
31. RI:ID Hiit Sprints 30 min ride
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✨✨August 2021✨✨

EPIC 2 - I'm going for it!

1 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
2 - Rest.
3 - Bike ride (1 hour 45 mins total).
4 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
5 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Almost made it to work out but DH put on Jungle Cruise and I got caught by it, watched the whole thing and enjoyed it.
6 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Cardio & HIIT Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC 2 Day 1 HIIT + Low Intensity Cardio, Jessica Valent's 15 Min Gentle Full Body Stretch. Aaaand, we're back! Kept up well through the HIIT portion of the workout and was mentally patting myself on the back. Then 20 mins of non-stop cardio kicked in and by 85% I was crawling through the circuits. Love being back with Caroline.
7 - Mr & Mrs Muscle's 5 Min Full Body Warmup, Precision Kettlebells' Moving Target Kettlebell Complex 24.4, Growing Annanas's 12 Min Tabata Workout (first 4 mins), Heather Robertson's 10 Min Flat Tummy Tabata, Growing Annanas's Full Body Stretch Mobility Routine for Relaxation. Took advantage of the time I had available on a Saturday to get in a lot. I was fully toasted afterwards, ate dinner and watched TV. It's nice to have a day off of work and live in my body.
8 - Travis Eliot's Power Yoga Gentle (60min) l Day 4 - Digital Yoga Retreat. My body was feeling a little beat up by 2 killer workouts in a row, so gentle yoga it is! This practice was a nice combination of movement and held poses. I appreciated the emphasis on gentleness, not forcing or jamming the pose.
9 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Low Impact Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC 2 Day 2 Compound Leg Workout, Jan Chuan's How to Stretch After Leg Day. Wow, that was a tough workout. But my mind-body connection was *on*, so I felt the muscles working in a whole new way. So happy to both be building strength and the mental connections to help me maintain good form.
10 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Caroline Girvan's 30 Min Defined Abs Workout, 30 Min Constant Cardio at home, Growingannanas' HIIT It Harder Day 14 10 Min Neck & Shoulder Stretch. My shoulders were not up to a Caroline upper body workout, so I picked out 2 of her 'singles'. Both were quite do-able. Either I've gotten stronger or Caroline turned down the intensity. (Maybe both).
11 - Rest.
12 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Heather Robertson's Glow Up Challenge - Day 3 Legs & Booty AMRAP, Heather Robertson's 15 Min Booty Band Workout for Strong Glutes, Jan Chuan's How to Stretch After Leg Day. The Glow Up AMRAP wasn't a leg killer, but it definitely got my HR up. I was sweating buckets by the cooldown came up, but I wanted more so I added on the miniband workout. Since I used my strongest band, I was seeing stars by the end of the circuit. For the second half I switched down to the medium band so I could finish.
13 - Travis Eliot's 45 Mins Yin Yoga Foundations. Too mentally frazzled by work today to do a challenging workout. This practice was just perfect. Relaxing and yet challenging in a very 'yin' way. Will definitely do this one again.
14 - Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 Min Warmup Workout Improve Mobility, Caroline Girvan's EPIC 2 Day 3 Upper Body Workout, Growingannanas' HIIT It Harder Day 14 10 Min Neck & Shoulder Stretch. This was really tough. I went heavier than I thought because I didn't notice Caroline had swapped down to her lighter pair of dumbbells. I mean, I try to do 1/2 of what she does, but I thought she was using 15kg and yet I couldn't manage 7kg. So I checked my ego, grabbed lighter pairs and used 6kg or even 5kg. I was feeling really weak, then suddenly I noticed that she'd swapped down to her 8kg pair. So yes I was still using less than Caroline but still proportionally more than I thought. No wonder it was tough.
15 -Bike ride (1 hour total).
16 - Mr & Mrs Muscle Full Body Warm Up Exercises 5 MIN AT HOME, Caroline Girvan's 5 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC 2 Day 4 Cardio Dumbbell Full Body, Fightmaster Yoga Full Body Yoga Stretch for Flexibility (first 10 mins). Boy, this was a fun workout. So glad it was light weights and cardio focused. I was getting worried that EPIC 2 would all be heavy lifting and I'd have to crawl through it slowly. I sweated buckets and loved it.
17 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
18 - Rest.
19 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
20 - Bike ride (1.5 hours total).
21 - Rest.
22 - Rest. Work plus an upcoming move has been taking up my time, but not working out is starting to affect emotions. Better get back to it, no matter the cost.
23 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
24 - Bike ride (1.5 hours total).
25 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
26 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Heather Robertson's Glow Up Challenge Day 4 - Upper Body Tone & Sculpt. Shanghai has been really hot, and I've been busy with work but I finally got myself out of my slump. A solid low weight and high reps workout, I sweated and felt better afterwards.I find I'm dreading EPIC 2, so I might need to keep doing Heather for a while until I find more enthusiasm.
27 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
28 - Onnit Barbell Warmup 1, Caroline Girvan's EPIC 2 Day 5 The Slow Burn Full Body, Sydney Cummings' 12 Min Deep Stretch. All my choices worked really well together, emphasizing deliberate movement. I was able to really feel the mind-body connection and enjoy the challenges. The Slow Burn lived up to it's name - it didn't feel killer while I was doing it , but when I was done, I was toast. I'm finding EPIC 2 really is harder, hoping I'll get used to it.
29 - Rest.
30 -
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just the workouts

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