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Old 08-18-17, 04:03 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2005
Question for reformer owners

I am thinking about getting the IQ reformer Balanced Body. If you have a reformer that sits on the floor, do you miss the legs? Are there a lot of things that you can't do?
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Old 08-18-17, 05:22 PM  
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Hi, Susie,
I have both a reformer on legs and one on the floor. I can only think of one stretch that feels more effective on the higher platform, but that could be because I am 5'7", with more of my height in my legs, so ymmv. For some standing work, I prefer the unit on the floor because I feel more stable on it. I only paid $25 for the 2nd unit, and I have room for it, so I'm keeping it, but I have considered your question before. I do have one friend who has so much difficulty getting up from the floor due to her weight that she can't use her unit that has no base.

That ended up being a group of random thoughts, but I hope they help. Hopefully, one of the more serious pilates practitioners here can help.
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Old 08-18-17, 08:18 PM  
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Probably the only thing you can't do, or can't do properly, is the exercise where your butt dips down into the well where the springs are. Sorry, I'm having a brain dump and can't remember the name of the exercise.

I had a few performers from QVC with no legs, and now I have a Stott reformer with legs. Like Sandrine said, the standing exercises feel more stable on the floor. I wish I still had one of the QVC models for the standing work. I have a knee replacement so the legs make it easier for me to get on and off.

It really depends on what you want to pay for. If you have no issues with getting on the floor you can get the one you want most.

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Old 08-19-17, 07:49 AM  
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Hi Susie,

I don't really have anything much to add but wanted to congratulate you on your Reformer purchase. That telescoping feature is pretty sweet! Some smaller studios use stackable floor models or floor models that will stand upright to make better use of space. I can't imagine them doing this if it were severely limiting.

Adding a long box can also provide some additional exercise options.
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