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Old 06-30-14, 10:36 AM  
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I might give that physics problem to my boys this week (I homeschool and we are doing physics and chemistry this summer): how much actual "weight" are you pulling when you drag 132 pounds across the floor? And the related problem of whether or not the weight being in a smaller surface area that contacts the floor has the same friction force as same weight with larger surface area (i.e., does a heavier weight per unit area create more friction?).

Sorry, we've been physics crazy lately around here! Really though, I love this idea of horizontal pull-ups, I can't do full vertical ones here at home (no equipment and no way to gradually work up to it), so this is very cool, thanks.

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Old 06-30-14, 10:37 AM  
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Originally Posted by Debbie S. View Post
Bob, another option that I do is done in a plank position. I set a heavy kettlebell off to the side and I drag it under my body to the opposite side. It's another great way to work not only your lats, but your entire body.
I do this!
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I tried BJ's way too but there was not enough friction on my palms and wood floor so I was "clawing". I wore a pair of rubber gloves but that didn't work either.
Then I had an idea! I just bought a jacketed rope from AoS. I looped that around a post and dragged myself using the rope. I am sure I will not be able to climb a rope when it's vertical. Horizontal is easier. Next time, I'll put a face towel between my face and the floor.
O I like Calistro's suggestion! Where can I buy that?
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pull ups, pull-ups

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