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Sliding floor pull up variation using kettlebells (or more) for those on carpet

I just finished reading sbh's post about BJ Gaddour's pull up variation on the floor. I wanted to try it but I'm on carpet so I put gliding discs under me and gave it a try but couldn't budge at all. I decided to try laying down 2 heavy kettlebells and using them to pull my body forward. That still didn't work but it gave me an excellent idea...pull the kettlebells towards you. I used my heaviest which are 70 and 62. It worked great! I'll be working out later so I didn't want to do too much but I did it 4 times and really felt it in my back after. Like BJ's version, it's basically like doing a pull up (or lat pull down) horizontally. You pull the weights in, then push them back out. What makes this better tho is that the resistance used can be varied since weights are used. Someone could increase resistance over time to build strength for a regular pull up.

What makes it even better is you can use other equipment, too. Anything you can pull along the floor then push away will work. If friction is too much of an issue, something could be put underneath the equipment, like a plastic shopping bag. This could probably be used with dumbbells, sandbags, barbells, etc. Equipment could also be put in a bag or tied together to increase weight. Sets could also be pyramided up or down by adjusting the resistance.

The only things to keep an eye on are the possible effects of friction on the equipment and also buckling of the carpet as the equipment moves. It might be best not to do this in the exact area where you mainly work out but another area of carpeting close by, maybe something near a corner.

Later on today is strength so I'm definitely going to try this out. Of course a big thanks to sbh for posting. Oh btw, here's the original article link of BJ's from her post for reference:

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