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Old 09-04-21, 04:40 AM  
Join Date: Feb 2015
Location: UK
Good morning all!

Yesterday evening I did Beth's 'Come On, Get Strappy'. I go back to this one time and time again. Thank you Beth.

This morning:
- Never Stop Dancing I love Virginia's routines and choreography. They're always so much fun and never fail to raise my spirits. Her first class is free if anyone fancies a bit of bopping!
- Karin Slings Vol 2 Inside and Out, working the deep front line and arm extensions

Pat - It's quite amazing that a peach/apricot tree would take root on a beach. Thanks for sharing the pic. It'd be fun to pick one and cut it open to see if that gives you more clues. Are the birds eating the fruit?

Pam - I l think it's great your son has a penchant for quirky socks. He sounds like he has a sense of fun. I can't make myself do 'Senior' classes either. The BF Blossom & Glow class sounds just up my street; only 20 minutes long and nice and mellow. I wasn't going to look at her sale but maybe I'll just take a quick peek.

Sandra - It's good you're feeling well enough to go back to work. I don't think you'll ever hear the words 'looking forward to cooler weather' over here in the UK. We're all excited because we have a few days of warmer coming up and we may even reach 80 degrees! Wow! Apart from one hot week, we've had a pretty dreary summer.

Paine - I'm not surprised none of your kids wanted to go back to school after summer vacation. Who would want to, with all that lovely sunshine in California? It would have been nice growing up in the US. We only got 6 weeks of vacation during the Summer.

Thanks Beth. My program consists of Sandra Hanna's Callanetics, which she has improved imo to include Somatics (Thomas Hanna's method). We always start the class with a couple of somatic exercises to free up the trunk of the body, to allow greater extension from head to foot. She also trained in Katy Bowman's techniques, so there are a lot of cues in postural alignment. She also adds in pelvic floor work (not kegels) but pelvic rotations; moving the sitz bones towards each other and turbo bridges. I've also found Yamuna ball rolling has helped a lot in relieving pain and stiffness. Oh and I also try to get in about 3 sessions of Karin's Slings work. She focuses on the fascia lines of the body and is also very much into anatomy. Essentrics just complements everything else I'm doing, so I try to get in some of their classes too. There are so many great remedial methods out there. Sandra's work just seems to be the magic pill for my wonky body, with its history of abdominal scarring and shoulder dislocations!

Good luck with your class today. That's a lot of students. Are you still teaching outside?

Waves to all!
Hope this is the start of a great weekend.
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Old 09-04-21, 11:46 AM  
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Location: Connecticut
Good morning everyone! Yesterday was all about stretching and walking:

~ pre-walk fluid stretch routine for hamstrings, low back and quads
~ 25 minute lunch walk
~ my own yin practice for front body opening
~ evening beach walk
~ 8,700 steps

On both my walks I could sense summer's departure. By the woods at work it just had that autumn feeling in the air; at the beach I noted the osprey have gone home for the winter, and the Brant geese have begun returning from their summer breeding homes.

Margot, ooo I'll have to try that strappy offering from Beth. Your program and especially your teacher sound therapeutic but still kind of fun from an exercise perspective. I did not notice any bird activity near the fruit, maybe I'll pick one and check it out!

Nice workouts, Pam.

Beth that sounds like a nice sized group, have fun!

Sandra, boy that cold is a real lingerer. I hope everything continues improving for you, including the smoke.

I'm so bummed for Cyana with this working on the weekend, especially during good gardening weather. Throwing rotten tomatoes at her boss.

Are you walking with your grandson this weekend, Paine?

Have a great day everyone!
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Old 09-04-21, 09:02 PM  
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Location: Rochester NY area
Wound up with 13 for class today - certainly still a lively group! The studio actually has 2 rooms that join together in sort of a T shape, so when we have more than 10, I teach in doorway between the two rooms. Several of the people were new to the studio and seemed interested in attending my other classes.

Aww, Margot, that's so nice to hear! I actually want to outline more strap practices since we do have those available in the studio now. Sandra Hanna's fusion sounds really nice! Do you attend live classes with her or follow her on video?

Pat, it definitely felt autumn-y here yesterday, but today was warmer again, a beautiful day in the high 70s.

I went or an almost 15-mile bike ride; wound up going a bit further than I had intended. I felt fine but am worried I might pay for it tomorrow, LOL.
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Old 09-04-21, 09:04 PM  
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Location: West coast of Canada, eh. ;)
Hello mat mavens!

Today’s offerings:
-30 min on stationary bike
-SeniorShape Fitness: resistance band workout - This was very nice Beth, I shouldn’t make assumptions based on “senior” in the title. It was one of those workouts you can easily modify up or down. I look forward to trying more.
-PT exercises
-Essentrics 30 min - a friends class I saved from the band app, I skipped the standing barre work
-MELT: spine, shoulders, neck focus

I’m feeling generally disgruntled about keeping my step counts & standing cardio to a minimum. But I need to follow my PT’s orders if I want to give it a chance, so this too shall pass. I’m basically not doing activities I know will cause discomfort & the main one, if I’m honest with myself, is walking and especially walking on hills. Everything I did today felt good.

Beth - Hope your class went well! Teaching Essentrics doesn’t bother my hip thankfully. I’m only teaching one short class a week as my core group are quite busy right now. One is away & the others are very busy with our upcoming federal election. One of them, who is my co-teacher, is running for a seat in parliament, similar to your House of Representatives. The others are working on her campaign. It’s quite exciting. She is very qualified & would do an awesome job, but unfortunately I don’t think she will win. The incumbent is quite popular.

Pat - Those look a bit big for apricots, maybe they are peaches? I’d pick a few & take them home for a closer analysis.

Sandra - Your cold is persistent, hope it passes soon!

Waves to all!

Certified Level 4 Essentrics Instructor - March 2021

Hatha YTT - 2011

Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down.....

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
Jim Rohn

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Old 09-04-21, 09:07 PM  
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Location: Sacramento, CA

Today's Workout: Upper Body Strength from Jessica Smith's original Walk Strong set.

The cold is doing better -- I hope to be completely over it in a few days. I was able to work yesterday and today, and unfortunately that aggravated my knee a bit. Beth, I'm going to check out that link -- thanks!

Margot: I live less than 100 miles from San Francisco, and apparently they have barely cracked 70 degrees all summer long! Funny how being in California's Central Valley is so different. Loved the weather when I lived in S.F. I really like hearing about your workouts -- definitely off the beaten path!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson
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Old 09-05-21, 01:35 PM  
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Location: Northern California Foothills
Well, that was no fun. Thanks for thinking of me during the Airola Fire, Sandra. It started 2 miles from us but ended up heading up the other side of the river canyon instead of the side toward us. I think I said we had been packing Go Bags as the state emergency services office was recommending for all Californians this summer when the air attack base planes started taking off and heading right over our house. We put the bags in the car.

The next day I repacked some of the hastily gathered stuff with better options and a few more items. Soon after I finished another wildfire, the Washington Fire, broke out 3 miles the other direction and right on the edge of the main small town in this area. Lots of fire-retardant planes flying as they brought in more from elsewhere and were bombing two fires at once. We have three main routes out of here and two were now closed. We didn't unpack the car for a week. Both fires are now controlled. Airola was 639 acres and Washington 128, which is small by California standards but still pretty scary. I've been slow getting back into my unpacking and settling in projects and my workouts.

I did get my workout room sorted enough to be able to do yoga in there and ride my stationary bike. For a while I had a routine of a 20-minute morning yoga of my own creation, a dog walk, and afternoon 20-minuteish bike session plus something else, plus a 15-minute bedtime yoga stretch and a meditation. All the moving had already resulted in less consistency. Heavy smoke means neither the dog nor I can go out walking and DH shouldn't. Bad sleep, anxiety, and needing to stay on top of what was going on meant I didn't feel like doing even 15 minutes of anything.

I'm slowly getting back to normal. Two days ago I did my yoga routine. Yesterday I did one of the 7-minute sessions on Lee Holden's Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge and a 23-minute session on my bike. I use Ambient Collection DVDs for my bike rides. I could tell the difference all afternoon and evening yesterday. So far today we've taken the dog for her 3/4 mile walk and done my yoga. I plan to do Lee and the bike this afternoon. We'll see if I get the bedtime stuff in. I almost did my bedtime routine yesterday but DH was fading out early and I know it affects his sleep if I don't get in bed at the same time, even if I'm reading in bed for a while before I go to sleep. He's been having heart arrhythmia problems again and needs his sleep.

Thanks for the nice greetings from everyone. I need to stop this novel now, but I'll try to get back later for some personals and an update.
Karen Jo

I now have a doctor's order to never again do push ups (yippee!)
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Old 09-05-21, 03:56 PM  
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Happy Sunday! I would usually have a 3-day weekend, but we need someone to cover tomorrow, so I think I'm joining cyana in the laboring on Labor Day group.

Karen Jo, that sounds harrowing; so sorry you had to go through all of that! It's pretty understandable that you haven't been able in the mood to exercise; I hope things start to stabilize for you.

Sandra, I didn't preview the knee practice at all, so I hope it's helpful.

Pam, I think I mentioned that I tend to feel the same way as you about "senior" in the title, but Lauren definitely does not seem to make her practices overly easy! I think it's very cool that your teacher friend is running for parliament even if she doesn't think she has a chance to win; I admire people who put themselves out there like that.

Back shortly with my the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the new VIP Yoga video I have set to premiere tomorrow:
Beth aka Toaster

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Old 09-05-21, 04:43 PM  
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Pat, I did walk with my grandson to the park yesterday.

Margot, a couple decades ago, my husband and I went to London and we both really loved it there! Exploring London was so much fun.

Pam, I know you love your walks and cardio. I'm sure it's hard for you to keep that to a minimum.

KarenJo, I'm relieved to know that the fires out your way are now controlled. I would have been filled with anxiety about it.

Beth, you have me curious about your yoga video for tomorrow. Right now when I click on your link, it says it's a private video.

I went to 3 markets today. I found some Japanese sweet potatoes at Trader Joe's (they are the little ones and call them Murisaki sweet potatoes, which are sold in a bag).
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Old 09-05-21, 04:52 PM  
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Back with my checkin; a lot of Frankenworkouts this week!

100 KB Swings + 20 ATW + 20 Fig 8
30MTF Kickboxing - Workout #2
Yoga Therapy for Back Pain & Stress Relief - Warm-up, Hip Openers, Thigh & Hamstring stretches

SeniorShape Fitness (YT) - Yoga & Pilates Mat Workout for Beg & Seniors
TAUGHT yoga at studio
100 KB swings
Yoga Therapy for Back Pain & Stress Relief - Therapeutic Exercises for Back (about 1/2)

TAUGHT yoga at college
100 KB swings
Human 2.0 (YT) - 15m KB Core Workout
Yoga with Shaunneka (YT) - Therapeutic Yin Yoga, Twist & Compress

in office: Coach Kel (YT) - Ballet Back; Barre Thigh Workout
100 KB swings + 20 ATW + 20 core
Lucy Wyndham-Reed (YT) - Arm Workout for Women at HOme
Train Like a Ballerina (YT) - Get Lean & Strong Arms
Coach Kel (YT) - Butt Firming Workout 15 min
Rituals Cosmetics Global (YT) - Yoga for Tired Neck & Shoulders (about 1/2)

50 KB swings + 50 core
Arianna Elizabeth (YT) - Morning Yoga for People Who Are Too Busy for Yoga
SeniorShape Fitness (YT) - 10m Standing Ab W/O for Core Strength
Human 2.0 Fitness (YT) - 30m Single KB Workout

TAUGHT yoga at studio
approx 15 mile canalside bike ride
Yoga Conditioning for Athletes - cycling mini routine
some yin on own

100 KB swings + 20 DL
Heidi Miller Pilates (YT) - Basic 5 Workout with Weighted Bar
Annie Taylor Efremsky (YT) - 9m Arm Workout, 3rd Trimester
SeniorShape Fitness (YT) - Upper Body (chest & back) Strength Workout with Dumbbells
Yoga with Shaunneka (YT) - Intense Quad Stretch (about 25m)
Beth aka Toaster

Follow me as YogiBethC
And yes, I am Reviewer Dr. Beth on Amazon.

DISCLOSURE: I've had professional relationships with vendors; see my profile for details.
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Old 09-05-21, 04:54 PM  
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Location: Rochester NY area
Paine, yes, the video is private until it is posted, although I thought that meant that those with the link could view...I guess that means you have to wait until tomorrow. You have probably said this before, but how do you prepare your JSP?
Beth aka Toaster

Follow me as YogiBethC
And yes, I am Reviewer Dr. Beth on Amazon.

DISCLOSURE: I've had professional relationships with vendors; see my profile for details.
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