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Old 01-03-21, 07:17 PM  
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Kittybug Iím sorry youíre having that doom feeling again. I hope it has passed. Did the walk outside help? Getting outside sometimes helps me.

Oh, and I agree, it would be a total BLAST to take a class led by Garrie!

Bee I was laughing at your yin and chicken workout. OMG, I could just picture it. Itís like the time I was doing yoga on my deck and the neighbor and his kids were setting off fireworks. I was all zen and quiet and all of a sudden, LOUD cracks, boom, bang! It was quiet again for a few minutes then they did it again. Not the atmosphere I was hoping for.

Nathalie Iím sending good vibes and prayers to you and your father. The waiting for news is so very difficult.

ChelePA I will join you guys in IMAX Extreme too. If I make it through the Viper I can try that one, especially if so many of you Fierce Watulans are doing it too.

Today I did Homestetch, an hour long stretch by Charlene Prickett. Later in the day I did some strenuous chores so I counted that as my workout.
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Old 01-03-21, 07:54 PM  
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Kittybug and Horusosiris thanks for the vote to get High Step Training. After reading your recommendation and rushing back over to Amazon, I now see that it's Hardcore Extreme for under $10. Might pass on that since I LOVE Terminator. Not sure Hardcore Extreme will be as good, but I don't know.

Kittybug Yes, it is C.S. Lewis. I love his works too! I'm sorry you had a bad day. Nothing like a good, hard workout to help alleviate stress. YAY YOU for doing ALL of Cardio Fusion with NO breaks, AS IS!!! I bet the walk with your husband was nice - just to get out a little bit. Hugs to you, my friend.

Horusosiris, hubby said Silmarillion is about the mythology behind middle earth, so it may be worth reading. He just couldn't get into it at the time. But as he said, that was about 20 years ago. And you said it perfectly, "for if one is faithful or faithless, there is something in his books that most can admire, find thought provoking, comforting or just enjoy it for a masterpiece of a literary work." Perfect!

Did Bee post a question about our favorite color/color of the year and I missed it? My favorite color is yellow, so if we're picking a color for the year, mine is yellow.

Imax Extreme will be our Fun Friday workout! Hope all can join!
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Old 01-03-21, 08:23 PM  
Garrie A.
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I ended up taking a rest day today. My body told me it needed one.

Manleym: Yes, you need HST! It's my favorite of Cathe's circuit workouts. In fact, if I had to pick just one Cathe workout this would be it, since you get both cardio and strength in one workout. Another reason I love it is because of all the leg presses (which I LOVE), but I'm also a big Firmie so I'm a $ucker for anything with leg presses.

Kim and Kittybug: I teach a wide variety of classes. My favorite is step (of course), but I also love teaching strength and circuit classes. Barre, too.

Kittybug: You ROCKED Cardio Fusion!

Nathalie: Thinking of your father. (((HUGS)))

Horusosiris: I used to play saxophone in 6th grade band and dabbled in guitar when I was around 10. And I also sang in the choir but no solos. Really I'm more of a dancer/actor than a singer/musician. A while back I had PTSD from a vocal performance I did back in a middle school talent show, so I'm a bit self-conscious when it comes to singing. For my third STS round (don't know when) I thought about doing a modified version of 2lazy4gym's Glute Focused Rotation.

Bee: Definitely try CrossFire! It has a lot of variety. I will admit that I had to psych myself up for the Plyo Tabata at the end because I was about pooped by then.

Cataddict: Please take care of that knee!

ChelePA: I've seen Kat's workouts; they look fun. But right now I don't do streaming and with YouTube sometimes popping up annoying ads every 5-10 minutes I'm a little bit concerned.

Waves all!
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Old 01-03-21, 09:21 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
You guys crack me up! Watulan indeed!! I love this group and laugh at our name all the time. Itís so silly and so beloved (at least to me). Yes, Watula was the name of one of Cataddictís cats and her current avatar. Sadly Watula is no longer with us, but her name lives on with us. Remember when we had our imaginary band, The Fierce Watulans?! I still chuckle when I think of that. isnít that when Linda started using her cowbell?!?
Yes!! Its the only musical "talent " I could lend to the band ...

Which reminds me... any musical flair to add to the budding rockstar band Fierce Watulans?

(Clearly, the threshold is low if they let me onstage with my cowbells...)
Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

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Old 01-04-21, 01:45 PM  
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Originally Posted by fanofladyvols View Post
Yes!! Its the only musical "talent " I could lend to the band ...

Which reminds me... any musical flair to add to the budding rockstar band Fierce Watulans?

(Clearly, the threshold is low if they let me onstage with my cowbells...)
Linda you must have missed Garrie's post just before yours. He has saxophone and guitar experience!
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Old 01-04-21, 02:07 PM  
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Hi all!
Yesterday we got about 4 inches of snow. So shoveling was part of my workout. Plus I did Fit Split Pull Day. Iím also part of a January challenge with my favorite instructor from the Y. Itís about 10 minutes daily of a variety of burpees and core work, etc.

Today I did Fit Split Mixed Impact plus Boxing. Both on my rebounder with a few modifications for some of the moves. I wore my weighted gloves to increase the intensity. Iím also getting some balance work for a few of the exercises . Something I struggle with so itís a nice bonus.

Winston loves the snow!!!

Hope you all have a great start to the week!
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Old 01-04-21, 02:13 PM  
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Happy Monday Watulans! I hope people are feeling generally happy and hopeful. As much as we can these days.....

Kim, fireworks during yoga sounds awful!

Thanks to all for encouragement on Crossfire. I think I've never done the whole thing but have done parts of it quite a bit because in general I used to tend to reach for ones that had no step for cardio. But when I previewed it the other day -- ug, it looks taxing, but I will definitely do it one of these Sundays!!

Looking forward to Imax Extreme for Friday!

Oh and yes, it would be a hoot if we could all take a class with Garrie!!! Linda, bring your cowbell!

For Mellow Monday I did some youtube walking as a warm up and then did an Emily Clare Hill yoga, but it was not mellow! It was a balance one so think side crow and other crazy things I don't even know the name of that require taking your leg behind your head. I did what I could, which sometimes was sitting and staring at the TV.

Waves all around!!
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Old 01-04-21, 02:15 PM  
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Hi Watulans and Happy Monday!

Yesterday I did Cathe Live #315 Boxing Bootcamp 2 (I think that's what it's called). I enjoyed it--not too tough, and pretty easy on my knee. My knee is still a little tender, so I'm going to take care of it by not doing step at least for a few days. I'm playing it by ear as I'd really like to join Fun Friday Imax Extreme! It doesn't hurt the way it did initially, so I'm taking that as a good sign. Today I'm looking at doing another kickboxing type Cathe Live, maybe #287. I am seeing now that I need to be keeping better track of the Lives that I'm doing. I have very much been the squirrel in my approach.

I see we've gotten some interest since we've moved here and changed our check in name. I still miss our namesake. The other guys are only now starting to sit in her spot on the sofa. She really was part of our community of humans/felines. I know it was her time, and 19 years is a long time to be around for a cat, but still I wish she was here---strong, healthy, and pain free.

Nathalie, also sending prayers for you and your father. The waiting is tough. I'm sure there are extra cautionary measures being taken for him in light of COVID.

Linda, yes, you missed Garrie's post about his musical ability, mainly that he has some. Now that we know that FN1 was a dancer, perhaps she will dance in time with our attempts at music. Cowbell Cha Cha, anyone??

bee, YAY on completing To The Max! I agree that if you can do that one, you can do CrossFire. Funny but I have no sense of dread with either of these workouts. They offer a whole lot of options and mix and match segments with great premixes. They are highly underrated, IMHO.

FN1, I doubt that I will be able to match you for fierceness in our "recovery" week, but then again, that's why YOU are #1 FN! I like Cardio Fusion, as I enjoy melange workouts.

Garrie, funny but I know Chele has mentioned the ad interruptions in Kat's step, but so far (fingers crossed) that hasn't happened to me in any of her workouts. So maybe you might want to give her a try.

Kim, OF COURSE you will join us in IMAX Extreme! I find it "easier" than the "regular" IMAXes just because you switch between steady state step and the blast type step so it seems like the breaks are longer.

Waves to manley,Kate, horusosiris!

Pat58 and Paine, please feel free to join us!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

Watula, Cheeto, Charli, Lux, Merlin, Rudy, Finley, Hobbes and Winston Fan Girl!
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Old 01-04-21, 02:50 PM  
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For Kat’s step videos, if you choose newer ones, there are usually no ad interruptions. It’s the ones that are frequently watched and liked. Many of those were in the beginning of quarantine so ads started popping up as more people did the workout.
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Old 01-04-21, 07:03 PM  
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Happy Monday, Watulans!!

Today in the spirit of a recovery week and because I didn't get squat for sleep last night and because of my mood, I pulled out one of my faves from the Ultimate Yogi set, the Detox practice.

ChelePA, I LOVE Winston in the snow! He looks like he's meant for snow, hah!

FN2, there is no fiercely nuts hierarchy here, you are as fierce as they come and I think you're WAY more fierce than I am with all your doubles workouts and the like. 'Nuff said!!! I'm so sorry about missing sweet Watula. I know all about wishing my former furbabies were still with me!

Bee, thanks for the sweet wishes! And you can TOTALLY do Crossfire because you were like To The Max ain't no big thang!!! Meanwhile, I'm still reluctant, hah! It's been since I was doing the Xtrain series last year that I mixed those in. My excuse right now is they use weights and I don't want to use ANY weights this week, I've decided, so they'll have to wait until after STS. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Wait, FOLV, I thought you had mentioned a kazoo recently....?

Nathalie, please keep us posted on your dad. Crossing all fingers, toes, and paws in this house that all will be well!

Ohhhh, Manleym, Hardcore Extreme is one not in my collection. It uses an intimidating amount of equipment, as I recall, which kind of turned me off from it, but looking at it again, I'm thinking day.... Did you get it?

Hah hah hah, Horusosiris, I think The High Heels workout would quickly end up being The Broken Ankle workout in my house!!

Kim, yes, the walk outside did help yesterday, as did the sweat fest Cardio Fusion. My poor husband had been trying to cheer me up and distract me all day yesterday, so I was really glad he joined me for the walk as it helped. Today is all rainy and gloomy, wah!!

Garrie, good for you on the rest day! I actually listened to my body too and did yoga instead of anything else. Yay us! I love leg presses too.

Hey, did we lose KateTT? I hope not!!!

Stay fierce, Watulans!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

Word for 2021: Tenacity

Thrilled to be a first-time STS grad, Nov '20 - Feb '21!!
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watulan check-in

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