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Old 07-12-15, 09:09 PM  
Debbie S.
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Where to start with HDM, Hamelin answers on FB

Hi everyone! There have been a lot of threads started here within the last couple of weeks regarding Hamelin's workouts. A few VFers have taken the time to answer your questions, but it has become a bit redundant with all the different threads asking basically the same question.

Hamelin just posted this on the Hamelin Workout FB page. Hopefully, this will be helpful to all of you who are interested in trying his method. If you are on FB, I highly recommend joining the group. The members are great people and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with them. They are super supportive. Hamelin is also a regular, and he is eager to answer questions, plus he is so supportive too!:

"Hi group. There has been a lot questions regarding where to start with HDM, and if the free material is enough. My suggestion is, if you're brand new to working out and HDM then do some of the free workouts...most of my workouts are on Angie's channel, some of the workouts are okay, others were recorded spontaneously without any other aim than recording some of my random practices back in the day. If you want some deeper work on an introductory level either start with one of the Secret Workouts or start with HDM course 1 (10 classes) and mix it with some of the free HDM cardio on Youtube (such as CardioTone and high impact). If you are ready to start a 'deeper' rotation, get the HDM classes from course 3 onwards (these classes have weighted arm/shoulder toning build into the simple athletic hi/lo impact cardio, this is then followed by muscle toning), rotate the class course with one or two Matics workouts of your choice. You can do your HDM class and Matics on the same day, OR you can do each on alternate days. Some HDM students are currently rotating a class course with Matics and DMW (Rambert)."

I personally mix Hamelin and TA. I find that they complement each other really well. I love Hamelin's cardio and cardio/tone workouts, and I much prefer his arm and abs work over TA's.

As far as results go, the conclusion that I have come to after belonging to TA's fan page, Hamelin's fan page, and Tonique's fan page, is that what matters more than the method is consistency. Women in all three groups have BEAUTIFUL physiques. It's their love for the method that they are doing is what's reaping results for them, because they are super consistent with their workouts. It isn't because one is superior over the other. It's because they click with the instructor and their method. There's also a few of us who are mixing the methods, and again, with awesome results. Once again, it boils down to loving what you are doing. If you love your workouts, you look forward to working out.

Anyway, I personally recommend Hamelin and his method. I have nothing but respect for him and his method. His method seems to be a blend of Callanectics, TA, and barre. Christine commented that he is more methodical, and I agree. TA always seemed to be out there, but that is what I love about her method. I despise traditional floor work, and the fact that TA's floor work always looks like she smoked a bowl before creating some of those moves is what I love about it. Despite it being tough as hell, it feels like floor-play to me, and I really look forward to doing her floor work.
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Old 07-12-15, 09:28 PM  
Coastal Girl
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Great post Debbie, thanks for taking the time to share this and your thoughts. I'm new to Hamelin but am looking forward to mixing HDM with TA. I know my best results come when I am consistent and enjoy my workouts (and so far this is the case) so... I'm looking forward to what this will bring. Plan is to mix HDM course 5, TA streaming and HDM Thighmatics 1 and Glutematics
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Old 07-13-15, 01:03 AM  
in paris
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Debbie, you said it so well -- I wish there was a like button

Thank you!

I agree completely with you on consistency... And think a blend of TA and Hamelin is near perfection. They are so opposite and yet so much the same in what they do for you. It's a beautiful mix.

The only thing I'd add is that I think it's even more important with HDM to concentrate on form. He goes slow enough that this shouldn't be an issue, but I find many people neglect that.

With Tracy's mad pace and moves, you can still get a lot out of it just trying to follow
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Old 07-13-15, 06:22 AM  
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ITA with Debbie about consistency and she hit all the points why I love TA & like HDM. (floor-play, LOLOL. wink, wink to Debbie. I love how you used that word! ).

TA works with big range of motion moves. I love that.
HDM uses a lot of pulses which I think are very effective. I love that too.
Tonique kills you butt with those squats and curtsey lunges. I love those too (maybe not while I am doing them, but the day after I always give a note to self to incorporate more Tonique in my workout sched ).

It is nice to belong to all 3 FB groups. I rarely post there but I get daily inspiration from the pics and the posts.
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Old 07-13-15, 08:28 AM  
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Darn! Wish I saw this before I asked a question in the other Hamelin thread. I asked where to start. Oops!

Thanks for this, Debbie!

I agree with the "do what you love" and my sister reminded me of that this weekend. She works at the Y and does Pilates and Yoga. That's what she likes, that's what she does and she looks great!

ETA: LOL! Hmm..I don't know if TA have the energy to do what she comes up with after smoking a bowl!
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Old 07-13-15, 08:32 AM  
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If I'am interested in only toning,which Hamelin would anyone suggest to purchase? Or which is the most economical? The exchange rate is so confusing too me. And does he have a sale often?
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Old 07-13-15, 09:54 AM  
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Does he have anything available on dvd?
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Old 07-13-15, 09:58 AM  
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Originally Posted by mandie123 View Post
If I'am interested in only toning,which Hamelin would anyone suggest to purchase? Or which is the most economical? The exchange rate is so confusing too me. And does he have a sale often?

There are 7 toning sets on the YT channel plus plenty of others to add on.
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Old 07-13-15, 10:22 AM  
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Debbie- LMAO at the bowl comment because it is so true! You hit the nail on the head there.
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Old 07-13-15, 10:47 AM  
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One more hamelin question,when you do purchase from his store,does it show up in your email? Right away? As I'am about to place an order I think.
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