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Old 07-22-18, 09:50 PM  
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Thanks, Sue. I appreciate it.
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Old 07-22-18, 10:07 PM  
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Originally Posted by cjayd View Post
Thanks, Sue. I appreciate it.
Oh and I would skip the secret workouts. I have one and I don’t remember if it was super high impact, but I remember while doing it that I would never do it again - and I haven’t.

I think DMW is good. I always had a super hard time hearing HDM and when he tells you what to do, but doesn’t do the moves - I miss a lot. So many times I never heard him say to put on ankle weightsand if he doesn’t I never even knew I was missing it. Because of this and other reasons I have just moved on.

Good luck.

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Old 07-23-18, 08:35 AM  
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Originally Posted by toaster View Post
Hamelin now has the older DMW courses on sale. For those of you who have done these, do you have a favorite series (1-5)? I would prefer minimal cardio (esp. impact), workouts of <1 hour, and minimal all-fours work (I will do some for Hamelin, but I still don't like it! ).
I have DMW Course 4, not any of the others except for freebies that Hamelin put out, so I can't compare them.
Times for each class ranges between 50 and 65 minutes. Most are towards the 50 minute side. Class 4 and 9 don't have all-fours work. The rest do. In 2 of the workouts I looked at the times and it was about 10 minutes.

Hope this helps.
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Old 07-23-18, 09:07 AM  
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Thanks Ella!
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Old 07-23-18, 02:11 PM  
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Originally Posted by cjayd View Post
Hey, Beth, thanks for the info. I was considering HDW 4 or 5 but I was having trouble making up my mind. I like the sounds of Glutematics but I wasn't sure if it is similar to the DMW. I agree with you about his cardio so I think that lets out the Secret workouts.

The secret workouts have a cardio portion and a toning portion; each is about 45 minutes. I am not especially enthusiastic about 1 and 2, but I love the toning in SW3. I don't do Hamelin's cardio, but the toning part on SW3 has no voice cues so you can do it with the gentle music he has or choose your own.
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Old 07-23-18, 02:44 PM  
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It's also been a while since I've done my Hamelin workouts (and I have many of them!) I tend to do his workouts in phases, so I have an on/off again relationship with them (which is also why I can't remember which series were best, to me.) I'm not into hi-impact cardio (at all) so would stick to mostly toning, though many of his lower impact cardio was so much fun, even having an old school feel. I honestly can't remember when I smiled so much doing his workouts. But, to offer comparisons I would have to go through them to sort of preview, then give any advice. Sorry. I do love him (and have most of his stuff) but it's not fresh in my mind, at present. Too many other workouts/instructors.

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