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Old 05-08-05, 08:01 PM  
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Yard Work

I have been working so hard for the past month, cleaning up landscaping beds and mulching. Everything was really neglected last year and it was a mess. Anyway, I have noticed big results in upper body toning that no tape weight lifting can equal - i wonder if any body else has experienced this, instead of doing tapes I have been out working and running a couple of times a week. I still do cardio tapes at least twice a week but gee, I am tired out from this yard work!
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Old 05-08-05, 08:29 PM  
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I think my upper body was in the best shape when I used to have to shovel snow. That was a pretty tough workout.
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Old 05-08-05, 08:47 PM  
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I know weeding-pulling is like doing 100 deadlifts for me! But I can only handle that a few times per year before I give up on the lawn...
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Old 05-09-05, 10:34 AM  
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It's so funny you posted this. I spent Saturday pulling weeds and clipped back all these monster hedges around our house. My forearms and lats (well, sort of lats but even going farther down the sides of my back) have been sore since Sunday morning. Oh, and my hands were sore from being in that position, curled around the handles all morning.

I was thinking, I must not be doing enough "functional fitness" or else there just isn't anything that mimics that type of workout. Guess I'll have really developed forearms, a la Popeye, by the time our yard is in shape!
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yard max

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