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Old 03-04-17, 07:02 PM  
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Originally Posted by FitBoop View Post
You can probably use a barre for the workouts. Maybe a chair would work, too. They obviously want to sell the Fit Towers and although in the list of equipment for the DVD's, it says you will need a Fit Tower, there will be ways to improvise without it. No way am I buying a big, expensive piece of equipment like the Fit Tower. My barre will work fine. There was discussion about this during the roadtrip. Using something besides the Fit Tower may not have the same height change flexibility as the Fit Tower, but the Fit Tower hasn't reinvented the wheel, or the barre! .

To be certain, I suggest waiting until the workouts are released and read the reviews to see if they will be worth buying without the Fit Tower.
I'll definitely be waiting until these get released to see whether I'd be able to use them with my adjustable squat rack instead. Seeing as I'm in NZ and they don't ship the Fit tower here, although if they did I would shudder to think of the shipping costs! I really like the sound of the bootcamp workout so am crossing my fingers!
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Old 03-05-17, 05:28 PM  
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This is the first pre-order I think I've seen that didn't include free shipping with the set, other than maybe the Crossfire/To the Max pre-sale. So, nah.....I think I'll wait on this one. I just ordered Crossfire and To the Max later with another pre-sale to get the free shipping and the discount. Plus, it's always nice to get everyone's opinions first. I've got the older bar and hardly ever use it so it would be nice to get workouts for it that aren't barre type workouts. At the same time these seem pretty pricey for the length of them.

I'm a fan of the larger sets and if there were a few more workouts here I'd certainly give it more consideration.
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Old 03-06-17, 02:57 PM  
Karen Beckwith
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Can you only order the last set of Beginner/Intermediate Fit Tower DVD's from the other vendor?
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Old 03-18-17, 08:43 PM  
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I actually bought two of the new Fit Towers because I enjoyed working with it so much that I wanted one for our vacay home. I recently found out that I will need a knee replacement soon, so I've been trying to find workouts that won't aggravate my knees. I never really liked barre that much, but the Fit Tower made barre a lot more palatable and some of Cathe's core and upper body work that incorporates the Fit Tower keeps things interesting for me.

So, I am VERY glad that I made these purchases and look forward to the new advanced workouts. The ones that come with the Tower are not challenging at all for me...even the "advanced" one, although I think it will be nice to have for post-surgery recovery workouts.
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Old 03-28-17, 08:55 AM  
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Cathe's newsletter yesterday said that they will start posting updates about the new workouts this week! It looks like they've already started filming because the picture they included is of Cathe in an outfit that she doesn't wear in the original Fit Tower DVDs, plus it looks like Amanda in the background!
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Old 03-28-17, 01:54 PM  
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And now she has posted a picture of the cast from Fit Tower Total Body!
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Old 03-29-17, 11:58 AM  
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I threw out my Turbo Tower months ago because I never used it and the base took up so much room.

I preordered these DVDs without the tower. I will *try* to do them without a tower. Cathe posted that the tower is moved up and down to do pull ups, barre work, and incline pushups. I'm wondering if I could do some of the same moves with a high step and/or a chair? The pull ups I'll need to find a sub for...
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Old 04-05-17, 09:39 AM  
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Hi, I can anyone tell me what the shipping is for fit tower
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Old 04-11-17, 07:40 AM  
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Well I had been going back and forth on these and the Fit Tower itself. I had wanted the Turbo Tower but never purchased, and then when the Fit Tower was announced I really wanted it. My main issues were size and portability - unfortunately I don't have a dedicated workout space so I have to have something I can pull in and out with ease.

So ... I just totally caved and purchased both the Fit Tower and the DVDs. The pre-sale ends today so I just went ahead and took the plunge I know I will use it, and I am really looking forward to this different style of DVDs. I think the biggest deal with me is being able to figure out the storage/portability side of things. I do have some space in my workout closet as I cleared out some old boxes and things. I am hoping to be able to use that space and get it in/out with ease.
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Old 04-11-17, 09:51 PM  
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I ordered the DVDs 2 days ago. No Fit Tower for me.

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