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Old 07-10-12, 08:00 AM  
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Alison that sounds like a neat blog! does she blog about the traveling in general as well or just the fitness aspect. could you pm me the link pls? I've been wanting to read up on rv'ing (Not that I wanna drive one of those suckers but think it would be fun to move around - this coming from a homebody her entire life!)
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Old 07-10-12, 08:01 AM  
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yikes wont' post this morning!
alison that sounds like a neat blog - would you pm me the link pls?
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Old 07-10-12, 12:42 PM  
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Kathy, I have the same dream as your husband I so envy the two of you, what an amazing adventure!!! this will be a great time to walk everywhere, take advantage of all the beautiful places you will see. I agree with the Yoga suggestions, Kelly Coffey Meyer uses minimal equipment in all her workouts, Body Training uses nothing but your own body weight. Maybe some Leslie walks?
You certainly have a world of opportunity open to you
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Old 07-10-12, 01:59 PM  
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We own a smallish motor home 30 some feet, and since it's on shocks, doing any impact in it makes too much noise and it moves too much. I keep the band workouts from Turbo Fire in it.

I second taking a bike and using that for exercise. Running if you are not in an RV Park. I really dislike RV Parks and we try to stick to backcountry or forest service campgrounds. Some states have nice campgrounds in the state parks, but some have you stacked up on top of your neighbor like an RV Park.

Over Christmas, we stayed in a county park in Arizona that was very, very nice and had some nice trails in it. My advice is to do plenty of research on where you stay, so you can get in your recreation too. Large motor homes won't fit in many national forest sevice spots.

Motorhomes have the comforts of home but have many drawbacks too. I think pull along trailers are the way to go.
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Old 07-10-12, 02:07 PM  
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I am not sure what workouts I would take, but I would be taking my pedometer and my yoga mat. DH and I travel quite a lot and we always do lots of exploring. I usually set a daily goal of 10,000 steps, and daily yoga is a staple for me.

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Old 07-10-12, 02:28 PM  
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That sounds really exciting!!

I'd take barre workouts -- you can do them while holding on to the edge of your table or counter!
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Old 07-10-12, 02:56 PM  
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My MIL leaves Arizona behind during the hot Summer months and goes to Oregon, usually. They do lot's of biking, hiking, walking. I think she takes a light pair of dumbbells to work on trouble spots (triceps) but that's about it. She has done some shorter yoga workouts, also. They seem to get plenty of exercise in, but then they still eat out quite a bit.

I would love to do this someday. We'd have way too much stuff to unload, though which could take a few years!


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Old 07-10-12, 07:24 PM  
Kathleen Ann
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thanks for all the suggestions. I don't know what our plans will be regarding if we sell our home and everything or not. This is all in the talking stage right now, but I know he wants to do it. It was just funny how my thoughts went right to my workouts and how am I going to do them.

I do want to buy bikes and good hiking shoes. We have a Smart Car and will tow it behind to use when we need. I like the idea of biking to wherever we need to. I'll get baskets on the bikes to get groceries or treasures!!!!

Lynn O, what is the largest size motor home you would suggest to fit in all the parks? My husband is looking at the great big ones. Although the end result will be what we can afford. Some of those things cost more than my house

I would LOVE to sell everything and be a minimalist. Husband has WAY to much junk. And no, my exercise stuff is not JUNK, as per hubby
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Old 07-10-12, 07:33 PM  
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Originally Posted by Kathleen Ann View Post
My husband is retireing at the end of the year. His DREAM is to buy a motorhome and tour the country!!!!!!!!!!
That is my DH's dream too!! My dilemma is what to do with 5 cats and a dog in that small space, LOL.

I would probably just walk A LOT, since I love doing that anyway, and body-weight workouts (minimal space, no equipment). I can see how you would be concerned about your workouts in such a small space though!!

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small space, travel, travel workouts, traveling

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