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Old 12-25-20, 12:06 PM  
Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001
Classical Stretch Recommendation

I'm considering getting another season of Classical Stretch during Miranda's latest sale. I have seasons 4,6,7,8, and 10. Initially I was thinking of getting season 9 but I remember comments in GF that Miranda's style had improved in season 11 and later. So now I am considering season 11 or 12 instead of 9. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Old 12-25-20, 12:39 PM  
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Location: central New York
I mostly do the streaming and don't pay attention to which season I'm watching. Are they still offering a trial so you can try out various episodes? Since you already own many seasons, I'm not suggesting you subscribe, just use it to find what you like. Or maybe even email them and ask?

Other VF'ers know the seasons better, so I hope they can offer more ideas.
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Old 12-25-20, 01:31 PM  
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: West coast of Canada, eh. ;)
I haven’t done Season 9 for ages as I tend to go to the newer workouts. The method has evolved a lot. I’d go for Season 12 or 13. Season 13 is shorter, but it’s really nice.

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Old 12-25-20, 01:47 PM  
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I'm with Mopsy; I really like streaming and what the new workouts have to offer. I'd spring for streaming while it's 20% before I'd buy another season.

I do like what Miranda did with Season 13. Like Pam said, it's nice. It is a shorter season but it seems more like the "old" Miranda. I like 11, also.

What I really, really like is the exclusive content online.

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Old 12-25-20, 02:33 PM  
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Of the seasons you have, which do you like the best?

Or what kinds of episodes do you tend to repeat?
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Old 12-25-20, 02:40 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2008
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Personally, I like 9. I prefer it to 11-13. For me seasons 11-13 are too slow. 9 is one of my favorites.
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Old 12-25-20, 03:01 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2006
Right now, 13 is my favorite season, but the PBS Fast Track, Aging Backwards 3 DVDs are my favorite set—rotation.

I'm in the middle of doing season 12 again, and while I like it, I find Miranda's cueing, and more than a few of the workouts themselves, a bit choppy.

Before 13/Fast Track, my all-time favorite season was season 8. When I finish going through season 12, I will revisit 8 and see whether it holds up against 13/Fast Track.
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Old 12-25-20, 03:01 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Québec City (Canada)
I have season 11 and I've recorded some Season 12 episodes from PBS. I like season 12 much more than season 11. She seems more focused in season 12 and her instructing is better. Also, in season 11, I often feel that she tries to follow the music but I doesn't work at all!
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Old 12-25-20, 10:46 PM  
Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001
Thanks for the recommendations! I decided to go for Season 12. Of the seasons that I currently have Season 7 is my favorite. I'm not really sure why.

By the way, Miranda is having Boxing week sale until January 4. She is discounting her sales prices by 10% with the coupon code BOXING10.
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Old 12-27-20, 12:38 PM  
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Let us know how you like it. I just checked and my PBS station is doing Season 12 now.

Thanks for the tip regarding the extra 10% off!
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classical stretch, classical stretch seasons

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