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Old 05-07-21, 10:37 AM  
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Oh my, the 'bundle' coupon also worked on CTX so I got a screaming deal, yay!!! Just FYI for anyone else out there who might want CTX.
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Old 05-07-21, 12:31 PM  
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TGIF my fierce friends! Look how you are doing!!!!

bee: two thumbs up with the bonus core work on PHA3! You work around the bench. Sorry I don't have more details in my log.

manleym: Great Cathe workouts!! I have taken a wee break from her stuff but am missing it. However, I've been able to clear out some seldom-used vids by revisiting some of them.

ChelePA: All I can say/do is HUGS!! I'm so sorry for your loss. Still a tough year.

Big waves, high fives, fist bumps to all!

Today I finished out the week with P90x Chest & Back & Ab Ripper X. I have only done Chest & Back twice and the last time was Feb 2010!!! That's because it's ALL pushups and pullups with the exception of 3 back exercises with weights. My whole upper body is sore and I totally had to drop to my knees for the pushups. I lost count after so many sets but there had to be at least 100 reps of pushups. YOW!

Getting a bit better with pullups still using my Pullup Assist band. That does help and I can get a wee bit more range of motion.

I'm thinking of continuing with Tony with the P90X Plus workouts next week. I'm also expecting to get some Sarah Lurie kettlebell workouts too so maybe???

Have a great weekend!
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Old 05-07-21, 03:45 PM  
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Originally Posted by kittybug View Post
Oh my, the 'bundle' coupon also worked on CTX so I got a screaming deal, yay!!! Just FYI for anyone else out there who might want CTX.
Good for you!
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Old 05-07-21, 03:48 PM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and sharing your grateful hearts. It helps on such a difficult day. It rained nonstop (lots of flooding everywhere) but cleared by the evening. Just in time for my family to meet at the cemetery. This year we used seed paper to write special notes to our sweet Isabella and then we sang Happy Birthday while planting the paper hearts. Any gardeners with experience using seed paper? Hoping some flowers eventually bloom. My other daughter decided to pay for people at various drive-thru restaurants. I call her my rainbow baby. She has brought so much joy, light and hope after such darkness. And on that note, my husband and I saw a beautiful rainbow this morning after the storm.
I'm sorry for your loss. You have found a beautiful way to honor her memory.
And you have a wonderful other daughter.
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Old 05-07-21, 06:47 PM  
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This morning I did the Purify practice from Yoga Detox 30 on ID. It's a twists practice which are not my favorite but it also had some really, really hard (IMO) core and pushup work. Yikes!! As usual, Travis had a way of making the practice different from his other practices and it was a good, albeit hard, one.

Kittybug I notice you're revisiting some really old Cathe workouts lately. Is that by plan or coincidence?

Bee that grand jury experience you had sounds horrid. Yes, I agree that after that you should be exempt from having to serve on any other juries. For my case, the federal grand jury was held last July. I am a juror on the actual criminal trial. It's supposed to wrap up next Wednesday. Now that I have gotten settled in, I'm actually finding it sort of enjoyable. It's an interesting case and it's a nice break from my stressful work. So it's like mini vacation. I have been checking my emails each night so I don't get too bombarded when I get back to work so that helps.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Old 05-07-21, 08:42 PM  
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bee yikes!! 10 weeks on jury?? That would be awful!

ChelePA we had seed paper that grew baby's breath once in remembrance of a friend who was an avid gardener. It didn't require anything special and was nice.

I did PHA3 ...The premix with the abstacker and extended stretch. I added the warmup from the Tracie Long signature series #1 and plugged in my PPS day #16 Challenge for some of her exercises. Once again, I chose to do some exercises with a kettlebell in racked position. It just feels so much better than dumbbells to me and my form is better. This workout was tough but I enjoyed it. I had to dig deep to power through at the 39 minute mark.

Did anyone else choose to use a high step instead of the full step? I found that it worked well and easier to deal with all the changes. I did feel like I was in the middle of a FIRM workout with all the " take some risers off... put them back on" ..haha.

I'm taking a rest day tomorrow
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Old 05-07-21, 09:42 PM  
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Bee...I was on jury duty a few days and couldn't wait to be done. It was a boring case and a few of the jurors fell asleep. Not kidding!!!!

Kim...glad it's a break for you

Kate...great job with P90X! tell what else you bought besides CTX?

Ladies...thanks again for the kind words regarding my beautiful daughters.

So is anyone else really feeling it in their lower body. I guess that's why it's called the Rock Bottoms Rotation . I have been walking and adding on cycling classes here and there but I think it's Cathe that's kicking my butt...literally Today I did the Perfect 30 Low Impact...just what I needed. I did add on the BBW bonus and it definitely wasn't as pretty as last week. I decided to keep things low impact and instead of doing Kat's step video, I did a 20 minute cycling pop music class and followed it up with a 10 minute core segment from Peloton.

My whole family is coming to my house tomorrow to celebrate my other daughter's birthday and Mother's Day. We haven't done this since last summer when we could be outside. We are all vaccinated so it will be nice not to have to mask up around each other this time. Baby steps of getting back to normal.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Old 05-07-21, 10:20 PM  
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Happy Friday, Watulans!

Hair Max was awesome! I've been going to my stylist for awhile. She was originally working from her home, then she moved and rented space at a local salon. When the pandemic hit, the salon was closed for business but still wanted to charge her rent even though she had no access or ability to use her space, so she set up again at her new home after telling the salon owner "no way." She does a decent job. I'm sorry so many of you have been having issues with a stylist, and particularly due to lengthy illnesses! I have problem hair (baby fine with a mind of it's own) so I don't really expect miracles. She cuts DH's hair at the same time, so it's convenient.

Better news---I counted 42 bean sprouts so far! I know we will need to thin them out, but they are sprouting so woo hoo! There are also 2 tomatoes growing in one of the potted tomato plants so double woo hoo! I'm convinced that the secret is the little songs I have been singing to them when I check them every day.

To the workouts---Wednesday was HiiT Circuit Upper Body. This is a tough but fun workout. Thursday was the Rev'd Up Rumble premix that starts and ends with the Calorie Crush. I had decided to start the walking lunges and do as many as I could without feeling like my knees would buckle or my legs would give way or until 200, whichever came first. I made it to 200! I can't say I went all that deep in my lunges, but deep enough that I could definitely feel it. Today was PHA3 plus BBW. I did the workout as is, and kept to Cathe's weights since I think it goes a bit fast to go too heavy. BBW doesn't get any easier, does it? I again used 25 lb dumbbells for the squats, plie squats, and deadlifts. It was enough for me! I think I will look at the ab stacker workout for the core segment for tomorrow. I'm not sure how I will do it when I don't have the club step so I only have two risers but I will see if it works.

FN1, glad you got a good deal on CTX! That's one I need to transfer to digital to get some good premixes for it. It's a fun series, so enjoy it!

Kate, good to "hear" from you! Great job on your workouts! I have so many that I really do need to declutter some that don't really suit my needs. I'm actually enjoying the Cathe rotation since I had been focusing on Cathe Live and You Tube folks and Paul K so the offerings in the rotation are all workouts I haven't done very recently.

Kim, glad your jury experience has been interesting. It really does depend on the type of case you are assigned for sure.

Chele, I've never used seed paper. Hope you get good results---I have a feeling that you will. Isabella is such a beautiful name and it sounds like your family honored her in a beautiful and special way.

PennyK, I'm so sorry for your loss. {{hugs}}

bee, I'm very sorry about your neighbor. It's very kind of you to take in an additional dog. At various times for various reasons we have adopted additional cats that were more than we would have chosen if circumstances were different (six indoor cats is a lot!) but we have gotten so much back from them in love and joy that we know we made the right decision. Good for you---and the cat will figure it out.

FOLV, high fiving you for your workouts!! Way to go!

manley, glad you escaped the worst of the weather.

Waves to Nathalie, horusosiris and Garrie!
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Old 05-08-21, 08:21 AM  
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Yeah and high fives to ChelePA for the maskless family gathering!!! Im so very happy for you. Im going to a family gathering today which will be maskless as well since were all vaccinated. Im sooooo happy about it.

Cataddict I smiled at your description of your newly planted veggies. Its very exciting when they first sprout. You keep on singing. Were still a couple weeks away from planting where I live but Im not planning on a garden this year. The past few years we had terrible weather that yielded very poor results so we sort of gave up.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Old 05-08-21, 12:03 PM  
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Cataddict....impressive workouts! The blast from Revd Up Rumble has some intensity. And x2 wow!

Kim...enjoy your family time!

Today was Perfect Pump Lower Body plus I included the bonus. I only have up to 25 pound dumbbells but when I go deep in the movement I still get quite the burn with lighter weights. I finished with a 20 minute 80s cycling class. Off to clean before my guests arrive.

Happy Saturday!
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watulan check-in

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