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Old 02-28-21, 08:20 PM  
Sarah O.
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In praise of “mindless” four-limbed aerobics

I was doing Firm Cardio Split today and toward the end, there’s a section with Jen Carmen leading four-limbed aerobics and it’s just double step touches with upright rows and hamstring curls with biceps, over and over and over...and I loved it. I think the music helped, but I felt the same when I was doing Firm Strength the other day and there was an aerobic section with cha-chas and tricep work (Pam Cauthen is just so soothing) and when I did Volume 6 with its many reps. I don’t know if it’s the distressing times, my work, or my age, but I am just loving these moments of uncomplicated, four-limbed movements. I think of them as mindless, but that really isn’t the right word since the easy choreography allows me to concentrate on form. I don’t think I’d be up for seriously complicated choreography (which I used to love) these days. Anyone else know what I’m driving at?
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Old 02-28-21, 08:36 PM  
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I am exactly where you are right now. I had a complicated year this past year, and I used to really enjoy complex choreography, but for the past few months I have been seeking out SIMPLE workouts.

I purchased Jenny Ford's Step Hero DVD and it's a great, mindless cardio because she's really just drilling the same step movements over and over. Anything that requires real choreography is not on my radar right now. The trick is finding that combination of simple yet still challenging enough to be worth the time invested.

Tracy Anderson is another one that lets me "zone out" but still work hard. Even her beginner dance cardio workouts are easy enough to follow

I mentioned in another thread that I had done Lauren Brooks' Shut Up and Train for a couple of weeks for yet again the same reason. The moves are basic, very uncomplicated, but I feel worked out. I want to get back to my Kettlebell Kickboxing workouts, but I don't know if my brain is ready yet, lol!
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Old 03-01-21, 07:20 AM  
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I agree. Doing something that allows you to lock in and zone out everything else is definitely soothing right now.

The order and simplicity of doing three rounds of the same three exercises and then doing three rounds of another three or four exercises is all the rage in my house, lol.
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Old 03-01-21, 08:23 AM  
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I totally get ya. I Hamelin cardio tone for this exact reason. Totally mindless. I got burned out on him and was getting flabby.. But still love his cardio tone with light hand weights.
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Old 03-01-21, 11:59 AM  
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Location: Ohio
I did the FIRM's Better Body and Buns yesterday and I totally feel this. It's got some cardio and four-limb, but it's mostly heavy lower body and tall box climb, and it's very repetitive and soothing and only 45 minutes long. It was perfect.

I don't mind learning new choreo and sometimes I do get bored by workouts without much of it, but in this stressful age, I find myself more often than not reaching for workouts that allow me to just zone out, focus on form, or enjoy the music (or if I'm jogging, I'll focus on the scenery and may listen to a podcast or something). I like to get into a real sense of "flow" with my workouts where I go into a meditative state and the time winds up zipping by.
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Old 03-01-21, 01:09 PM  
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Hmmmm, maybe you are on to something..... in the last six months, maybe?, I have really enjoyed the repetitive nature of Ilaria's bodystrike and powerstrike workouts. Years ago I wasn't that fond of them, but these days I find myself crazing them once a week.
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Old 03-01-21, 01:33 PM  
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If you are moving opposite limbs, there's an element of bilateral stimulation happening, too. That might help the body to process some of the stress of this year or life in general.

Mindless four-limbed aerobics is sounding pretty nice about now.
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Old 03-01-21, 03:54 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Ohio
This thread inspired me to do more FIRM today, one of Allie's 60-minute workouts from the TransFIRMer era (the name escapes me, but it's a mix of low-impact cardio, tall box climbs, all the standard stuff, but I would call it more strength than cardio overall). SO much four-limb, lots of moments where I zoned out, and even though this is a more difficult workout overall due to the time commitment (and it's a calorie torcher), I did feel like I really went into that meditative mode due to the uncomplicated, familiar style of the moves. It put me in a great mood.

I think we may be on to something here!
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Old 03-01-21, 09:09 PM  
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Yes, I know how you feel. I’ve recently started doing the Firm workouts because I am terrible about doing cardio.

I love Margaret Richard, barre and other non-cardio workouts, but they’re making me fat. Lol. My di#t has nothing to do with my weight gain. As Susan Harris once said “Isn’t this better than dieting?”

It’s easy to zone out (I usually fantasize about wearing loose fitting clothes again) and also feel pretty good about getting cardio/weights in at the same time.
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Old 03-02-21, 01:06 AM  
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This thread just inspired me to do Firm Vo 4 today. I forgot how nice it is to just do a few simple moves, easy to master, gets your heart rate up, and I don't have to stand there for 20 seconds thinking "what are they doing"

Might just do a few more of my Firms for the simplicity of the moves.
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4 limb workouts, mindless workouts

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