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Old 01-28-21, 07:54 AM  
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Originally Posted by fanofladyvols View Post
ChelePA I prefer either holding plank..or raising the surface where my hands are .
I love this explanation from Lauren Brooks
Thanks so much...very helpful! I will try elevating instead of dropping to my knees.

Caroline Girvan's Epic Beginner Upper Body with bodyweight only will be perfect for improving my push-up strength. I really liked this one. My upper body strength is definitely my weak area. This one was a really nice challenge. No dread factor for me which is rare with these type of workouts. Good music too! The upper body is 30 minutes so I then added on the Beginner Epic (no equipment) Ab and Core. Another good one. Every 3rd exercise was a variation of a plank. To my surprise, a few of the exercises were on the easier side for me (thanks Cathe) so I increased the difficulty if needed. After doing Caroline, my January challenge had me trembling. She decided to use gliding discs for a full body workout. Planks, burpees, push-ups, and lunges. I was wiped at the end of the 15 minutes.

The newest release Low Intensity Steady State Cardio looks like a good one. If I don't add it on to my Fun Friday 4DS, I will definitely try it this weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!
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Old 01-28-21, 01:03 PM  
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Popping to say I think we lost Garrie. It's been about 2 weeks since he posted. We're pretty chatty; maybe it was too much! I hope things are ok with you.

Also wanted to send a shout out to Nathalie. I hope you're ok too.

I wanted to workout yesterday but it just didn't happen. I had stuff to do after work and I ran out of time before I could squeeze it in. Bummer. I was thinking of doing the kickbox from Cathe's Four Day Split since it was Wednesday, but maybe I will do that tonight.
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Old 01-28-21, 02:54 PM  
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KateTT I'm so glad you are doing better! You are so positive, even during really hard life situations. Thank you for being an inspiration and encouragement to our group!

Bee I'm so glad the power is back on. Yay! BTW you'll be able to join us for a Christi workout if you want.

ChelePA I'm desperate for a haircut! Like you, mine stays in a ponytail most of the time. It's been YEARS since my hair was past my shoulders and is just now getting there. It's usually chin-right above collar length but I've let it grow and am trying to decide how long (or short) I want it. I've taken notes of the Caroline workouts you did so I can do them next week. I joined you yesterday for the kickbox section from 4 Day Split. I really like the kickbox workout but by itself it's not quite as long as I like, so I added CTX kickbox and got a great workout in about an hour. Christi Taylor has 3 full workouts on Youtube - Totally Hot Cardio Totally, Solid Gold Cardio, and Stepping Zone, if and when you have time to check them out.

FN1 and FN2 wow! 3 MORE STS WORKOUTS!! WOOT WOOT!!! Time sure has flown, hasn't it? I'm so IMPRESSED with your sticktoitiveness! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS coming soon! FOLV has been swingin' some bells in preparation for her ringing some cowbells celebrating the success and completion of STS by FN1 and FN2!

Kittybug hope the work craziness settles down soon.

Cataddict sorry you knee is being cranky. Hope you can join us tomorrow for 4 DS step.

Kim thanks for the update on Garrie. Hope he's ok.

Yesterday I did Cathe's 4 Day Split Kickbox + CTX Kickbox + IMax 3 stretch (I remember Bee mentioning that this is a really good stretch - and it is). I was going to do 4 Day Split Kickbox + Legs and Core, but since I had done Heather's lower body workout on Tuesday I felt like my legs had been worked pretty well. And I wasn't sure what workout Cathe would have for her Live this week and didn't want to do legs with weights in case it was, well, legs with weights. Turns out her Live this week is Lower Body Barre Blend. Some weights, gliding devices, barre. I also did Deep Stretch for Hips with Slow Flow Yoga - Five Parks Yoga and it felt REALLY GOOD!! I really like Erin. If you haven't tired any of her practices yet, you might take a peek. She has a ton on Youtube.

Hugs and waves to all, especially Nathalie! Hope I didn't accidentally miss anyone!
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Old 01-28-21, 05:16 PM  
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Hi everyone!

I hadn't realised it's alomst been a week since I last posted! How time flies!!!!
Everything is fine! Thanks so much for asking!

So much posts to catch up!

kate: Sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and your family. Like manleym said, I admire how positive you are!

cataddict and kittybug: only 1 week to go!

horusosiris: I join the others in supporting you. This year has been tough. At least, there's light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine. Hopefully, by the end of summer, we should be closer to normal. Hang in there!

Yesterday, I did Live 31 Hi-low Hiit followed by Live 229 Awesome UB. It's been a while since I've combined cardio and weights and it was hard. I was really fatigued doing the UB. I started by the second exercise, I felt tired already! I have chronic insomnia and I think it's starting to take it's toll on me. I'm on a waiting list to get evaluated for sleep apnea but I don't think they're going to call soon as the hospital where they do it has been designated for covid patients! I'll see if I can have some tests done in a private clinic. Even if I don't workout many days and not too long, what I do may be too much for me. I'm thinking that it might do me some good to take 1-2 weeks easier to restore my energy. I'll see!

I've been constant with my stertching and walking regularly on my lunch hour. Luckily, this year, January has been very mild and we don't have much snow. It makes walking outside much easier!

Waves to Kim, Linda, ChelePA, manleym, Garrie and anyone I might have missed!
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Old 01-28-21, 06:26 PM  
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Thank you everyone for your encouragement. I really needed to read and internalize your messages.

Today I did Cathe Live 331- Lower Body Barre Blend. Cathe had technical difficulties so no one could do it live with her. I waited for about 15 minutes and figured out something was wrong, so I did an ES upper body workout and did the Cathe Live after she uploaded it. It was 52 minutes of various barre work, sliding disc work and some traditional leg work. This could have used a longer stretch but maybe I felt that way because I did legs yesterday. I only did two leg workouts in a row because it was barre and thus different from the leg work I did yesterday.

I started watching Dickensian on PBS episode I. I absolutely love anything related to Charles Dickens. I have read all of his novels and most of them several times. I am not sure why I feel some sort of affinity for Charles Dicken’s England. It certainly was not an easy time for most Englanders.

– chronic insomnia is very tough. Hopefully you can find and get an appointment at a diagnostic clinic. I concur with you, in that taking a more sustained rest may be good for you. I love to walk and hike and I envy you that you can do that on your lunch hours. As you and the others have told me, hang in there!

Manelym- 4Ds is among my absolute favorite Cathe programs. This one has so much to offer and all of the workouts are so good!

Chel and Linda- I agree with Lauren. I think it is best to go to higher surface rather than going to the knees.

Chel- The Sixers and the Lakers. Now that was a good game and quite a cliff hanger

Kitty – I am glad you got through Mess 3 Plyo legs. Yea! Just a few more STs workouts! Great job! How are things at work now?

Bee – I also have free Apple TV for one year.
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Old 01-28-21, 07:45 PM  
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Helllooooooo Watulans!

Today for my To the Mat yoga, I did Travis' 'Classic' Youtube practice, very straightforward and yummy. Bee, I really should take your advice and ask them if they'd honor that crazy low price...I'm kinda chicken to ask!

ChelePA, you are rockin' it!!! I don't remember where I read it but I too read somewhere that it's better to hold plank than drop to your knees for building pushup strength. For me too, it's personally a core strength thing as well. I used to be SO strong when doing/teaching a lot of Pilates and could do pushups with elevated feet, even triceps pushups. That was years ago though.

Hah, FN2, I'm so glad it wasn't just me on those one-legged squat thrusts!! My Big Orange is a bit of a mess right now. Charli scratched him in the eye for playing too hard and now he has a bit of a cold on top of an injury. We're trying to keep his eye cleaned out but the vet won't get us in until NEXT WEEK which is, in my opinion, way too long to wait for an EYE, so I'm a bit worried right now. Lysine and warm wash cloths is my mantra...and of course love and cuddles.

Kim and Nathalie, I very nearly did not work out today, so I hear you!! I think it's good to rest every now and then. Sometimes I get so mentally overwhelmed I wonder if it'd be better for me to just take a break, you know?

Horusosiris, I was eagerly awaiting your review of today's Live. Can't wait to sign up again!!!! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. And work is a bit better this week but it's going to ramp up again until I'm up to speed with something. Oh, that and you know that saying, 'Your lack of planning is not MY emergency'....well, I've had that going on too, with the lack of planning NOT being on my end.

Garrie, come back, we miss you!!!

KateTT, I agree with everyone else. Your positivity is a ray of sunshine on a dark day!

FOLV is polishing her cowbells, I just know it.

Manleym, you too along with ChelePA killing these workouts (and making me drool and want STS over with even more!)!! And Poldark just keeps getting more and more addictive, doesn't it, geeez!!!!

All righty then, time to get to cooking dinner. Hope I didn't miss anybody! The weekend is nearly here, Watulans. Stay fierce!!!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

Word for 2021: Tenacity

Thrilled to be a first-time STS grad, Nov '20 - Feb '21!!
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Old 01-28-21, 07:56 PM  
Garrie A.
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Hey y'all! No, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth. LOL!

I've been crazy busy at my other job the past two weeks and haven't had much time to check-in. Now that work is slowing down, I will be able to check in more. I've still been working out these past few weeks, but haven't been checking in.

I'll chat more tomorrow. Gotta catch up first!
-AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
-Licensed Zumba Fitness instructor
-Certified Barre Above instructor
STS Graduate 11/3/2019-2/5/2020
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"Be good out there. If you can't be good, be careful."-Denis Morton

"Welcome the challenge; embrace it. Don't fear it."-Cathe

Check out my blog by clicking on the "Home Page" link under my profile name.
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Old 01-28-21, 10:58 PM  
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Hi All! In spite of crazy downpour for almost 24 hours now, I am here, and we had power all day long (I fear I'll jinx it!). Turns out I am hooked on Caroline! Last night I did a standing abs workout -- finally moved my body a little -- not the one you did, Chele.... I checked that one out and decided it looked like more of a psoas workout. Did I spell that right? I did the one wear she holds the weights and twists a lot. My weights were a LOT lighter than hers. At any rate, this morning I wanted more, so I did the first Epic 1 workout, which was a lower body workout. Again my weights were way lighter than hers, so a lot of times I moved faster than she did (unless it was meant to be slow). I liked it quite a bit! She would take one move and do it three ways (a lot of times). Squats with weights, squat pulses, bodyweight squats, for instance. I think I may do her workouts for a while -- the EPIC program. But, I will definitely join you for 4DS step Fun Friday tomorrow!!

I did not see that basketball game but it sounded amazing. Very cool that the 76ers pulled it off!

I knew we'd been missing Garrie, but I didn't realize it had been so long. Hope he is ok. Might have to stalk the General Discussion and see if he's posting at all. Oh, hey, I just saw that he did a brief post. Yay!!!

You STSers are so close! Very nice!!

kittybug, you should definitely ask.... just imagine them in that very zen and nice namaste vibe.... that'll give you courage. I'll bet anything they will do it for you and what's the worst that could happen? Go for it!!

It's interesting that we all seem to be getting a bit burned out in our own way. Maybe we need to shake things up and take it down a notch a bit???? Just for a while?

Funny that PBS has Dickensian and Apple TV has Dickenson, about Emily Dickenson. I have watched a couple of episodes..... it has promise, but there are so many things to watch!

lavna, I'm sorry to hear about your insomnia. I used to have it pretty bad but it's gotten with age (perhaps coincidentally). A friend of mine has apnea and sleeps with one of those breathing machines. I forget what they're called. It has made a huge difference for her. She still struggle with some sleep issues, but she said she felt better immediately once she was getting proper oxygen all night long. I hope you get it figured out!!

Ok, I think I'm off to watching one of my shows.... or something. Have fun with Fun Friday... whatever you make of it!!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 01-29-21, 11:17 AM  
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Garrie...glad all is ok. Looking forward to hearing an update.

Nathalie...any updates on your dad. I completely empathize with your insomnia. I go through spurts and doesn't help with a snoring husband I think it's wonderful that you listen to your body. I sometimes push through when I know I should rest. I've been getting better at this as I age. were an instructor??? And I read a dancer too! Wow!!! I am horrible at Pilate type moves. Definitely don't have the range of motion and hip/core strength for many of the exercises.

So today did not start off as Fun Friday. Woke up to water in the basement due to a broken water heater. Very lucky that a plumber was available pretty quickly to check out the situation. Especially since the cold weather has arrived with negative wind chill factors. The water heater is being replaced as I type. Yay! Since I didn't have access to my DVDs and equipment, I had to change up my workout schedule. Hoping to join you ladies for 4DS step tomorrow. I find those routines so enjoyable! I warmed up with my January challenge group. Ten minutes or so of a full body workout including burpees, squats, push-ups and abs. I decided to do Caroline Girvan's Cool Cardio Workout from January 28th. It's titled as a low intensity steady state cardio. Well Caroline and I have a different definition of low intensity. Haha. It was 32 minutes where you perform each exercise for 45 seconds then move on to the next one. No rest break. Again it was a total body workout because she includes floor work, burpees, push-ups, abs, etc. besides the standing exercises. It's definitely lower impact but not low intensity for me. It was a good one if you don't want high impact. A few of the exercises also challenged my balance which I need to improve so that's always a bonus.
I then added on a 12 minute Intense No Repeat Tabata Mix from Growingannanas' YouTube channel. First time doing any of her workouts. I absolutely loved it! Beach background with awesome music! I checked out a few other workouts and I think I am going to add her into my mix of new instructors.

I do have to say I have never done so many planks, burpees, push-ups in my life as I have the last week with adding Caroline to my schedule in addition to my January challenge. It's amazing how much I am feeling it with bodyweight only.

Bee...Can't wait to hear about the Epic routines. She does more weight training with heavier weights which is not my cup of tea. But I am loving the bodyweight, full body and cardio workouts. She has so many to choose from and such a variety of exercises so far in each of them. Looking forward to hear what others think as you add her to your rotation.

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Old 01-29-21, 01:05 PM  
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Happy Fun Friday! (though maybe not for Chele -- hope it's getting better!!) I told my husband I was headed to the barn for the first time in what? a week maybe? for Fun Friday and he told me he could help me with "fun Friday" and I didn't need to go to the barn at all. It would be warm and probably sweaty. I don't think I need to tell you all that I did indeed go to the barn and did the 4DS double step cardio. I started it out with my puffer jacket and a huge scarf on. I wish I had gloves. But somewhere during the first half I was able to pull off the scarf and eventually the puffer coat too. I had to fake my way through the third combo on the HIS routine, and.... ironically.... through all of the blasts from HIS!! It just seemed like too fast crazy spinniness for me and I was afraid I'd break an ankle. Very fun though! I had planned to do some yoga after but I feel fairly sore from both the Caroline standing abs I did the other night and the legs yesterday.

Chele, you are definitely rocking the workouts!! I am definitely drawn to Caroline's bodyweight workouts, but.... I think I'll try to go through her Epic rotation just using much lighter weight than she does. So far it seems like good solid workouts and a nice change of pace.

I do have one question on the pushup discussion you guys have been having.... last spring I was doing 40 regular pushups a day. 10 at a time with a break in between. I know that I can do pushups, but..... I usually cannot keep up with Cathe's pace, so I tend to do them mostly on my knees for Cathe workouts. Seems like maybe I should have just been doing fewer reps on my toes more slowly, maybe? What do you think? Honestly I think all the yoga I was doing was what got me able to do so many on my toes.

kittybug, I definitely want to hear more about your background.... dancing and instructing!

manleym, meant to say I was happy to see you gave the Imax 3 stretch a try. And yes, you're doing great with all the workouts, too!

How are the STSers doing?! Sooooo close!!

Waves all around! Hope everyone can somehow feel a bit "lighter" and happier this weekend.
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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watulan check-in

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