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The FIRM Skills, Drills, and Thrills: no balance disc, need alternatives

I mentioned this in the FIRM check-in thread, but I just got a copy of the FIRM's Skills, Drills, and Thrills (Tina Smalley lead, pink era), but it didn't come with the little green balance disc. I did it once through without the disc and it was fine (in fact it was quite the calorie burner!) but I'd love to find an alternative. Apparently the real FIRM disc is no longer available. Here are some possible solutions I'm brainstorming; curious what people think I should try:

- Tools I already have:
-- The FIRM Wave: I could use it in either the rainbow position for more stability or the unstable position, but the problem is it doesn't have the same small footprint.
-- The top purple section of the Fanny Lifter: This is the same basic size as the balance disc, and it would at least provide the same mini step function as the disc serves for the cardio segments.
-- The FIRM Zip Trainer: I could use this in the domes/unzipped position like a large Bosu, and that would probably be the closest. However, the Zip is much taller than the balance disc and much more stable, so I would not be getting quite the same effect.

- Balance Discs are available fairly cheap on Amazon, of course, and I could also just not use anything.

Thoughts? I like that this works the core a lot and the moves are fairly unique. It's a nice short workout that does a lot in a short amount of time, and I also like that it doesn't use weights.
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balance disk, the firm

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