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Old 03-25-22, 09:25 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
VVfer…jealous that it’s too hot. Too wet and cold for me in PA.

Cataddict….did you get your MRI results? I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you are feeling ok.

Peloton workouts included 10 minutes core. 10 minutes barre on the floor. 10 minutes legs and glutes. 20 minutes 90s music walking on the treadmill. Finished with Cathe’s CTX Kickboxing chapter with modifications for impact. Easy to substitute for this one. Then stretching from Leaner Legs.
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Old 03-25-22, 06:37 PM  
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Hey All! I've been MIA -- my cold seems to have turned into the flu, or ???? I went to my piano lesson yesterday. She has to have surgery next week and had just done her pre-op appointment. She talked to the doctor about the lingering cough she's had since January and he told her it was probably covid, not a cold. She said "but I had three negative tests" and he said "those tests are not very reliable." So I'm not sure what to think.

I have been wondering about Nathalie. Hopefully you have recovered by now and have just been busy getting back into the swing of things.

Kim, I love that haircut date idea! Fun. I'm getting mine cut next week -- not sure how much to have her do. I'm always torn between wanting a new style and wanting no change at all. Oh, and I can just see your cats sleeping all around you.

VVfer, I'm glad Chewy did right by you! Also nice that you don't have to send it back.

manleym, I had forgotten about Caroline not having warmups, too. I think I used to do 10 minute TBP workouts for my Caroline warmups, but I'm really liking the way Chele is bringing in all of the different Cathe workout warmups. I may steal that idea.

Kate, your description of #60 made me tired. I did no workout today. Last night I was so sick and up for a large part of the night. Not to go into too much detail, but at one point I was on the toilet and felt myself sort of starting to pass out so started sliding off but then before I knew what was happening I had fallen right onto my forehead on a very hard bathroom floor. Have a nice subtle blue/gray area on my face now. I don't think I actually passed out but I was just so out of it that I didn't realize what was happening. Better than that today, but still not feeling great. I'm so glad my boys were not hit this hard with whatever it is, and my husband seems to have missed it completely (knocking wood as I type).

Waves to all.
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Old 03-25-22, 07:10 PM  
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Bee…definitely sounds like a flu. The home tests are not very reliable unless lots of symptoms. And still not as good as we need. But for the Omnicron variant it was tough because many symptoms started in the throat before the nose. And all the tests are nasal swabs.

Please take care of yourself. Hoping you feel better soon.
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Old 03-25-22, 07:26 PM  
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So sorry to hear this bee...please take care
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Old 03-25-22, 08:33 PM  
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Wow!!! St. Peter’s with the upset again. Woohoo !
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Old 03-25-22, 09:30 PM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
Wow!!! At. Peter’s with the upset again. Woohoo !
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Old 03-25-22, 09:32 PM  
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Now it’s UCLA vs N Carolina. Which do you think will play the Peacocks?
BTW, Banks and Lee look like brothers. I thought twins at first. Even wear same color shoes.
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Old 03-25-22, 10:13 PM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
Wow!!! St. Peter’s with the upset again. Woohoo !
I saw the last minute of this game -- wow. I felt so bad for those Purdue kids, but an interesting story about St. Peters being defeated/elminated by them last time they played in the tournament eleven years ago. Thought about you guys when St. Peter's won.
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Old 03-26-22, 06:49 AM  
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ChelePA: All Donna Summer music!!! My girl! I am a true 70s girl. Even won a Disco Dancing contest WAAAAY back in the day!

Kim: I'm afraid I just could not handle pets in my bed! I'm so allergic to cats anyway.

VV: Too hot? Right now it is only 18 degrees up here in the frozen north land! I'm just happy the snow finally melted but a LONG time before it will be warm here.

Oh Bee! I hope you're ok dear! I hope whatever it is passes very quickly!

manleym: the Peacocks...oh my! I hadn't been watching but what a Cinderella team!

Ended up the week with more Cathe Live. I didn't even work in any other workouts this week. SO much fun!!

Thursday I did #387 St Paddy's Green Energy (35 min) and #282 Cardio Core Challenge (41 min).
Both have similar formats. Hi/low/hiit cardio then core at the end. GREAT workouts to put together! 387 was fun because everyone was green and you use the stability ball for almost everything. The added intensity was perfect but not killer.
282 just had more fun cardio, some impact but not killer and more good core work at the end.

Friday I did the new #388 Upper Body Burn. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
What an amazing and very thorough upper body strength workout. Uses weights and bands with LOTS of reps, lots of exercises, lots of burn. I think this is one of Cathe's best upper body strength workouts and a full hour!!
I also used my brand new Cathe Microload gloves and it was amazing! I have always wanted some and just picked them up a month ago.

If you subscribe to Live, definitely try this one!

All quiet on the Justin front. He's feeling better each day. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
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Old 03-26-22, 10:31 AM  
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Hi all!

bee - I was sick earlier this year and tested negative for Covid (PCR test, apparently the more reliable one). I have heard that the 2021-22 seasonal flu shot was only about 13% effective. Like, the worst in years. So, maybe it was the regular flu, even though I had some strange symptoms. I did have a lingering dry cough for a long time.

KateTT - It has been getting in to the 90's. It only makes me dread the summer more. It gets stinkin' hot here. Sure, it's a dry heat, but it is still tough. I don't like either extreme.

I don't know what I did, but both hips are sore. I did weights the other day and maybe did too many reps. I have my first MeetUp Women's group walk today and I'm going even if I have to crawl!

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