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Old 10-25-17, 07:43 AM  
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Brenda looks so cute. She is a favorite of mine. !!!
I also liked Marlo as it looked like it was not super easy for her but she did great and made me feel comfortable at the same time.
I have seen Jenn in the tower vids.
You never know. Amanda may be in others.
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Old 10-25-17, 11:52 AM  
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I'm happy to see Jai and Brenda.
I'll always miss Cedie though.
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Old 10-25-17, 12:04 PM  
Garrie A.
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Bring Lorrayne and Cedie back please! Oh, and Rhonda too--as long as she doesn't bounce in her heels when she steps down off the step
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Old 10-25-17, 12:23 PM  
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Yes, I too wish that Cedie would come back. I am also glad that Brenda and Marlo are in the series.
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Old 10-25-17, 03:15 PM  
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why is Cedie no longer with Cathe?
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Old 10-25-17, 03:59 PM  
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Originally Posted by bubbles76 View Post
I liked Marlo! She always made it seem okay to "dial it down." I would feel like me and her were in the back of the room, saying to ourselves, "I know I can't do this move," and then dialing it back. I wish Marlo had been the designated modifier.
I like Marlo, too. I miss Lorraine and Cedie, as well.
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Old 10-25-17, 09:05 PM  
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Originally Posted by pgun3 View Post
why is Cedie no longer with Cathe?
In a thread earlier this year, muggle wrote that she thought she had heard Rhonda moved to Texas, but no one seemed to know what had happened to Cedie. (Sorry for the confusion when I first posted here that it was Cedie that had moved to Texas. I need to read more carefully.)

Last edited by adawn; 10-26-17 at 11:19 AM. Reason: Edited to fix Rhonda/Cedie moving mixup
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Old 10-25-17, 11:27 PM  
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I pretty much have been okay with all the crew members Cathe has used, except maybe the other person that was one of the winners of the tryouts that brought in Amanda. She only appeared in the one series, if I recall correctly. That wasn't really that long ago, so I still consider Amanda a relatively new participant. I think of her current people that Brenda has been around the longest---she was on an earlier series, skipped a series (maybe two) and came back again. I love her---she seems so real, and stays in the back even though she has certainly "earned" her way to the row right behind Cathe in terms of tenure.

I like Marlo as well, she showed very little of the plastic smiley face that can look a bit possessed and over the top to me.

Amanda could still appear in one of the other workouts. It seems that only Jai is in all of them since Cedie left, maybe since she is the counter? I hadn't heard that Cedie moved away, I thought her job no longer allowed for the scheduling that Cathe needed for filming.
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Old 10-26-17, 03:38 AM  
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I quite appreciate it when Cathe has a tall/er, longer limbed lady as part of her supporting trainers (like Kate! ) cause we take longer getting out of those lunges, plus all-fours work, horizontal cardio conditioning and bicep-tricep moves are just a little different for us!! I wonder if Jenn is relatively tall?

I think everyone looks fantastic and happy from the pics! Getting enthusiastic to see some clips! Not sure if I have any faves (well, except Al ....), although Cedie always seemed like she was having a blast & I just like her very relaxed nature. As long as there's Cathe, I will be satisfied.
Having said all that, I know I have said it over at the Cathe forum before, but I would be excited to view a lot more body variety in everyone's (not just Cathe's) programs. Fit & energetic comes in many shapes!
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Old 10-26-17, 04:03 AM  
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Missing Amanda

Originally Posted by LizEMA View Post
What. A. BUMMER!
She's been with Cathe for so long now, it feels almost just as absurd to have a series/workout without her as it would be to have one without Cathe!

SUPER disappointed that she won't be in this. (I know that was just one shot, but, it seems like Cathe is squeezing in the filming whenever she can, as soon as she can. Unless she does some weekend filming, it doesn't look like Amanda will be able to get up there. [Unless she has some other kind of scheduling conflict...] I do hope we get to see her face, though, in this series. Fingers crossed! )
Same here. I miss Amanda as she is fierce and hold great posture. Her passion shines throughout each performance.
What a shame!.
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