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Old 08-18-17, 09:17 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2013
Originally Posted by tangerine View Post
I tried posting sometimes but sometimes I got ignored. It makes me feel the forum only responds to regulars. I am not a newbie but I don't post much, now I just lurk and read the excellent threads that I find here.

I love reading this forum though, been here 13 years and I would be very sad if it disappeared.
I have felt this way too and it's one of the reasons I don't post that much. There seems to be more responses to certain individual's posts consistently, whereas other people just don't seem to get the same level of engagement or response. People are cliquey by nature, and I believe VF is as well. It's just par for the course.

That being said, I read VF several times a day, I just don't bother to post as much as I could.
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Old 08-18-17, 09:24 PM  
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Originally Posted by horsemom2 View Post
Not sure which was more upsetting
being ignored or being attacked?

Barb S
For me, ignored. I've been with VF for, well, ever. Since the 1990s and there are LOTS of times, I've asked questions, nothing. I start threads, nothing. I post on a thread, it dies.

It does make people just give up. I know I've taken breaks from here and no one even notices. Better to be attacked, and know people notice you, than ignored and figure no one cares.
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Old 08-18-17, 09:53 PM  
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We all have such different interests within the whole 'fitness' world, that I don't think that threads are deliberately ignored, they just may not apply to what someone is into at the time. I now see more yoga and Pilates threads, and I have just never been able to click with either, and I don't subscribe to any of the streaming services (yet), so I pass over those threads as well.

I DO notice when people take a break, and wonder where they are and hope that they are okay in their lives. I like to see the familiar names and read the comments even if I don't always have something to contribute. So, rhbrand, I did notice your absence but from reading your posts over the years I know that we are focusing on different areas of fitness so I don't know that I've ever had anything to add to one of your threads. We still share a common commitment to fitness, and it's all good and I'm glad you're back.

I haven't really noticed any 'cliqueishness' on VF to the extent that others are ignored. I think it's only natural that those who have been around since the 90's and may have met other VFers in person would be more likely to share some of the same interests, but I don't take it personally and have always felt people were welcoming and friendly. Maybe I'm just oblivious to it.

I also like to see new names and members, and enjoy hearing some new voices and perspectives. I want to "hear" more.
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Old 08-19-17, 03:15 AM  
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Originally Posted by deineira View Post
I have felt this way too and it's one of the reasons I don't post that much. There seems to be more responses to certain individual's posts consistently, whereas other people just don't seem to get the same level of engagement or response. People are cliquey by nature, and I believe VF is as well. It's just par for the course.
Same here.

I was not around VF in the 90'. That said I have been a member for a while lurking mostly scientific discussions. Those have died out quite drastically and it is a shame.

I can understand the cliquey attitude without taking it personally. I do not complain cause it is not part of my nature. 75% of currently active users are mainly ballet, pilates, bare and yoga enthusiasts. This in my opinion determine what is often discussed on this board.

Having learnt from past interactions, I refrain myself from replying to certains posts. Some of the post sound as the OP is just expecting for approval to her own training perspective.

I actively interacted on another forum.Users were and are still friendly and helpful. Most of them. I did not feel welcome in here when I started posting. With all good intention, the board can only survive, develop and grow if newcomers feel welcome
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Old 08-19-17, 03:22 AM  
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Originally Posted by nckfitheart View Post

I did not feel welcome in here when I started posting. With all good intention, the board can only survive, develop and grow if newcomers feel welcome
I agree! I've generally felt more welcome in the various check ins I've joined, probably because there's more socializing involved. But some people don't like the social side of check ins as they can get quite chatty.

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Old 08-19-17, 05:35 AM  
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I feel terrible that anyone here would feel ignored and not welcomed. If I don't respond to a thread, it is usually because I don't have the knowledge they are looking for.

A lot of current threads are about barre, pilates and ballet, and since I do not do those workouts I can't help anyone with questions about them.

I also have no answers to the "what results did you get with "X" workout or rotation since I've never stuck to a rotation and everyone's results can be different due to their genetics, body type, diet, etc.

I hate drama anywhere (in person and online) and would definitely rather get ignored than attacked!

I am guessing the lack of new members-if that is accurate-would be due to the fact that there are hardly any new dvds being made. If people go looking for reviews on streaming workouts and downloads, that would be hard to find.

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Old 08-19-17, 06:43 AM  
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There have also been times I have not felt welcome posting on threads or just plain ignored...and I have been on this board before my join date states. I believe I joined around 1999 or 2000.

I think there are other factors though, besides drama, that have impacted the number of posts on the VF GD. The exchange listings are also slow due to streaming, YouTube videos, and other means of social media that people interact on.

The check ins still get traffic, but some long standing check ins have also slowed down and disappeared.

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Old 08-19-17, 06:47 AM  
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Most streaming sites have their own forums too.

It took me years to switch to dvd from vhs then years to use digital files and streams instead of dvds.

I am a variety junkie and do most routines just once so expensive dvds and streams do not appeal to me but I always buy Jessica Smith dvds.

Music and bouncing are my thing.
If I do not like the audio, I edit.

I miss the bouncing check in but VF just became too stressful in spite of trying to ignore the drama.
Now I just post when I hope to be helpful but that can also attract drama.

Barb S
Barb S
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Old 08-19-17, 06:59 AM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
Don't give up! I've felt ignored on VF before. The worst is when I start a thread and it gets 500 views and no replies!
Alta, I always get a charge out of your posts!

Interesting to hear that others think they are a thread killer, I always thought I was too. I don't think my posts generate a ton of interest either but I figure that many don't use the same workouts I do, which tend to be older ones. I think I discovered a 1987 workout back in 2007? So I am way behind on the times. No biggie.
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Old 08-19-17, 07:25 AM  
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I stopped going to GD for the negativity also. I tried to sneak back in once, not too long ago, and I apparently "offended" a long time friend with what I said. I don't want to have any part of that!

I got tired of all the Tracey Anderson threads having someone stomp in and warn everyone about her and how horrible she is. They always went on their rant then said "I just want everyone to know" OK! We freaking know!! You don't like her! Now I hate it when I do a search for TA stuff and have to wade through all the do-gooders who wanted "everyone to know!" what an evil person TA is.

I also didn't like that if I worded something less than perfect, I was ripped apart. I actually responded to a review of a workout I was excitedly waiting for with something along the lines of I'm glad to see someone who isn't a perfectly in shape gal can do this! because she had commented that she was a bit heavier and out of shape in her review. She got so offended she deleted her review and wrote about how she was going to go pout in the corner and I ruined her self esteem (or something along those lines). I was so shocked and upset, because that's not what I meant. I was happy to see she wasn't a fitness physique champion, cross fit queen and could do it, just an average joe! Apparently restating what she said was offensive.

I miss feeling happy and free in the posts, and getting caught up in a running joke or funny discussion where we spoke freely without anyone getting upset and tearing apart what we said. Now if I want to post, I have to think about it in my head, I can come up with twenty ways 'till Tuesday that someone will think I'm being mean or judgy or whatever, and I just skip it. Not worth wasting my time to have someone interpret what I've said in a negative way and out of context.

Every now and then I think I should join the discussion, and I poke out my turtle head. Then I read the threads, how people are so quick to snap at each other or misinterpret what is said, and I put my head back in my shell and hide in my check in. At least they know me there and know my heart. They forgive me if I say something less than perfect!
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