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Old 08-16-17, 06:12 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
Body beast has barely any rest periods. I am soaked with sewers from each workout because my heart rate stays so high. I can lift heavier with stab because she gives rests. Not sure which delivers better results!?!??
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Old 08-17-17, 08:32 AM  
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Based on the concept behind both Body Beast and STS, meso 2 is the only cycle to fairly and possibly be comparable. I have not completed a full Body Beast so I can not make any review,Jump into any conclusion. I have had great result completing STS about 4 times. Looking forward to re-starting it later on this year. I have completed total Body Beast and could cope with/bare the speed, the intensity without any pausing
30 second from STS meso 1 --- endurance without pausing always feel no rest to me. Triset from meso 2 keeps my heart rate high, again without any pausing. It also feel like no rest with the correct weight load selection. Plus it is fun.
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Old 08-18-17, 10:52 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
Can anyone else comment on results from these?
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Old 08-18-17, 11:27 AM  
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I bailed after two (?) weeks of STS because I hated all that fussing with one-rep maxes, plus the pile of suggested equipment was overwhelming.

I had great results with a Beast Lean rotation. Got as strong as I've ever been, with visible muscle mass gains in my upper body. I found the rest periods between sets to be exactly right, for equipment set-up, recording my weights and resting my muscles for the next set. The only workouts which had short breaks were Build and Bulk Legs, where I had to pause to catch my breath and (maybe one time per workout) rush to get my barbell loaded for the next set. Those two certainly had a cardio component built in!

I did not follow the eating plan - I think Beachbody has now modified it to be more woman-friendly, the original program was waaaaay too much food - and I subbed cardio workouts for Beast Cardio which I found underwhelming. Not a bad workout but not one I wanted to repeat week after week. I also did a LOT more stretching than Sagi offers at the end of his workouts.

Where Beast has it over STS for me is shorter time of workouts, focus on heavy (mostly pyramid) training, and less equipment.

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Old 08-18-17, 11:45 PM  
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STS gave me the best results by far, though Beast put a nice sharp peak on my biceps. STS just seriously rips me out. I don't really gain a ton of muscle but it gives me excellent strength/definition (more so than with any other program I have tried, including all Cathe's other stuff). Loads of people at the gym started asking me about my program after I did the first round. That was new and I have done a variety of programs over the years. FYI, I never did STS Cardo, just 3 strength workouts per week. That allowed me to really push and recover fully. Also, I didn't protein load (though I tend to focus on fish/veges in my every day diet).

Edge Booty Extreme gives me excellent results as well, maybe a few hairs ahead of BB. Rushfit also gave surprisingly good results and gets an honorable mention.
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drop sets, met-rx, met-rx 180

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