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Old 08-03-18, 05:08 AM  
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Steven SanSoucie Fitness - Step & Circuit DVD's

I met Steven SanSoucie briefly while in New Jersey last week. He has recently filmed two new DVD's with Greg Twombly, the video producer of KCM, Cathe and others. One is Stepping Alive (all step cardio) and the other is Sizzle and Chizel. I know there are steppers looking for new workouts, so maybe you might be interested in these.

Here is his main website. It looks like he also offers ondemand and download options.

There are teaser clips available here:
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Old 08-03-18, 06:44 AM  
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These look interesting. I may buy. Looks like he filmed in Cathe’s studio. I wonder if this is Cathe’s set for the new videos (minus window backgrounds).

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Old 08-03-18, 08:36 AM  
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Interesting! I just sent him an email asking about the run time for each dvd and additional details about the premixes. I'll let you know when/if he responds.
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Old 08-03-18, 08:42 AM  
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These look great! I only wish I could still do step. I used to teach classes and I miss it so much, but it gives me awful bouts of plantar fasciitis.
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Old 08-03-18, 09:10 AM  
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I can't do step, but it's great someone is still making step workouts. Has Greg been filming anyone else? We used to see posts about his filming workouts all the time-I miss that!

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Old 08-03-18, 09:42 AM  
Kathy G
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This is so awesome! Steven was at the Cathe RT and he was easily keeping up with Cathe during the workouts so I have no doubt these will be really good! I pre-ordered the Sizzle and Chisel but the all step workout is beyond my stepping abilities but I may pick it up later when I have more time to learn choreography.

At the bottom of the page here are the credits:

Producer / Director: Greg Twombly
Filmed at: Hill Theatre Studio, Paulsboro, NJ
Production team: Pretty Damn Sweet

Cathe talked about being at the Hill Theatre Studio earlier in the month. This does look similar to her set though!
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Old 08-03-18, 10:05 AM  
Annie S.
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Old 08-03-18, 11:56 AM  
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Stepping Alive Youtube clip:

Sizzle & Chisel Youtube clip:
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Old 08-03-18, 12:50 PM  
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Those look fun!

Isn't the music KCM's from Amped Up Cardio Live? It seems really familiar...
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Old 08-03-18, 02:10 PM  
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Wow these look good so tempting. Did anyone order? Thanks!
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step aerobics, steven sansoucie

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