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Exclamation Exchange Rules

Video Exchange Rules

Look through the current listings to see if there are any videos available that interest you. If so, e-mail the person who owns the video to propose an exchange. This person may have suggested videos they'd like to get in return in their "Wish List," but you may feel free to suggest alternatives unless they've specified Wish List only. You may also post your own list of videos to trade and wish list.
  • First quality used fitness videos only.
    Do not attempt to exchange damaged videos, pirated copies, or videos taped from the television! It is a blatant violation of Video Fitness rules to trade anything other than an original, first-quality video. Video piracy hurts the people in the fitness video industry who work so hard to bring you quality workouts. It could also put the video exchange and this Web site at risk. DON'T DO IT! If someone offers you a copy, asks you to make a copy, or sends you an illegal copy, you have a duty to report the incident to and/or Enclose a copy of any emails with the offender. If such an incident is confirmed, the offender will not be allowed to participate in the video exchange in the future.
  • Cases, Labels & Sleeves
    DVD keepcases, manufacturer's labels, and original cardboard/plastic VHS sleeves should be included with DVDs and VHS cassettes for all trades. A lister must state in their listing that the item excludes a case/label/sleeve, if that applies. Also, a lister must state that item(s) will be "sent without case/label/sleeve unless requested" in their listing, if that applies. If the traders agree privately that the cover need not be sent, each party should have documentation that the recipient has accepted a trade for an item without a cover. "Documentation" includes private messages (PM), e-mails, and faxes. If someone is offering or accepting a trade without having posted a list and one of their items is being traded without a cover, they need to state this specifically in the email or PM arranging the trade so that they have it in writing that the other party agreed to it.
  • Due to legal implications in trading videos or DVDs that are intended specifically and ONLY for certified instructors, such as Body Pump or Turbo Kick, such workouts cannot be offered for trade.
  • You may not trade downloaded workouts such as mp3 workouts, even if you purchased them legally. You may trade commercially produced versions of audio and/or video workouts (e.g. commercially produced Cardio Coach CDs), but you may not trade mp3 files by email OR mp3's that you have burned onto CDs or DVDs. It is just too easy to trade a copy and illegally keep your own copy or to trade copies to more than one person, and it may be difficult or impossible to ascertain if the person with whom you are trading has legally obtained the workout. Unfortunately, that means if you purchase an mp3 workout as a download and do not like it, you may not trade it on the VF exchange. Please keep that in mind when purchasing workout downloads.
  • Loan and exchange videos at your own risk.
    This Video Exchange is provided as a listing service only. Video Fitness and Wendy Niemi Kremer assume no liability for lost or damaged videos, and are not responsible for parties who do not fulfill their end of the exchange.
  • Satisfaction is NOT guaranteed.
    People exchange videos for a wide variety of reasons, but one reason may simply be that the video just isn't very good. Once you accept the terms of the exchange, you are stuck with whatever video you receive. If you don't like it, you can always list it again in the Video Exchange.
  • Do not list videos that you would like to buy or sell, or make offers to buy or sell videos on other exchangers' lists.
    This page is not intended to be used for the purpose of selling new or used videos, simply as a way to "recycle" videos that are not being used anymore.
  • Trading of cash equivalents such as gift cards, gift certificates, or SwapaDVD credits is not allowed. Buying your trading partner an item from his/her wish list is permissible.
  • In order to be listed on the Exchange, you must list at least one video (or other allowable item) to exchange.
  • You may have only fitness videos/DVDs, fitness/health related books and cookbooks and small fitness equipment items on your trade and wish lists.
  • You may only have one list up on the Exchange at a time, and you may not post a new list more frequently than every 48 hours. In between, please edit your list if you would like to make changes. This prevents a situation where lots of people are reposting frequently in order to jockey for position on the front page (a/k/a "bumping"). If you post a new list more frequently than every 48 hours (yes, minutes count!), you will receive a warning from a moderator, your list will be deleted, and you must wait another day to repost your list.
  • You may not solicit for free or SASE (free for postage) videos in your exchange listing, and you may not email other members directly seeking free/SASE videos unless that person has a listing offering videos for SASE.

Problems with a Trade?

There are exchange problems that can and have occurred that are neither party's fault:
  • The item arrives damaged (e.g. the case is cracked/crushed; the VHS has been scanned and the recorded tape is erased).
  • The Post Office loses the package.
These events do occur, though rarely, and are part of the risk involved in the exchange. Do not trade videos you cannot afford to lose! If Person A receives an item intact and Person B receives a video that was damaged in transit, Person A does NOT have an obligation to send the undamanaged back to its original owner, though some very courteous exchangers have either done this or offered another video as a replacement.

If the tape you are expecting never arrives or if you receive a different video than had been agreed to:
  • EMAIL THE OTHER PARTY! This seems obvious, but some people get frustrated with delays and complain in the Forum, to the mediator, or to Wendy about the situation. Your first course of action should ALWAYS be to contact the other person. There are often reasonable explanations behind delays.
  • If the person doesn't respond, email them again. MOST trade problems can be resolved via several communication attempts.
  • After 3 attempts to contact the other party with no response (or if the email comes back as undeliverable), email and explain the situation. The mediator will attempt to get a response on your behalf. If no response is received, the other party will lose the privilege of participating in the video exchange.
  • If the other person confirms that they mailed the video, and a reasonable amount of time has elapsed with no sign of the video (please allow at least 2-3 weeks for domestic mail, more for international), FIRST verify the address to which the package was sent--perhaps the zip code was one digit off or there was a typo. If the address is correct, the other party should ask the Post Office to trace the package. This may not locate the video, but it's worth a try.
If you are unhappy with the explanation given or if you suspect the other party of cheating you, email and explain the situation. The mediator will attempt to help resolve the situation, but we can not guarantee a successful resolution. You trade videos at your own risk. Those who do not follow through on trades, despite repeated attempts to get them to do so, will be barred from using the video exchange in the future.

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DISCLOSURE: I have a professional relationship with a seller or producer of fitness videos or products. For details, please see my profile.
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