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Old 11-01-21, 10:13 AM  
Denise R
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I was hoping she would post the details in her newsletter but nothing mentioned about it at all....hmm
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Old 11-01-21, 02:42 PM  
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Originally Posted by horusosiris View Post
The new series sounds great. I was hoping for a shorter STS type series I also hope she does does not reuse footage as she did in STS.
I don't think she'll ever splice and dice reusing footage like with STS. I think that ended up being a learning experience for her.

Found where I posted about this in the past which explains why:

Originally Posted by adawn View Post

Found an SNM post on Cathe's forum about this: [bolding mine]

"XTRAIN Footage

All of the ten main programs will have totally unique footage. We will weave different segments from different DVDs into premixes on some of the other DVDs, but not into the original program. We will also film bonus video that will be used in various premixes on several of the DVDs, like our 100 rep challenges.

STS was a different animal. It was a linear periodization workout which was a 40 DVD set that was based on progressive sets each week. This meant that exercises were often repeated and at the time we felt there was no reason to re-film these repeated exercises since they would look exactly the same even if we would have re-filmed them.

What we learned after filming STS was it is way more expensive to edit repeated footage than it would of been to have just filmed them again. So, this is probably not something we would ever do again.

I think you will find XTRAIN to be an exceptional value with over 11 hours of original foootage, numerous premixes, bonus footage and detailed chapter menus."
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Old 11-02-21, 06:29 AM  
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Originally Posted by Denise R View Post
I was hoping she would post the details in her newsletter but nothing mentioned about it at all....hmm
Was hoping for a few more details myself. Not sure if I am interested or not. I never did STS as those were too long, and XTRAIN was good but never did a rotation of those either.

I haven't done much of Cathe in a couple of years so will have to think about this.
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Old 11-02-21, 10:30 AM  
Jane P.
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I would love a straight weight series. I also like the suggestion of adding in posture work, something almost all of us could use. The thing about weight workouts is that, as you do them over time, you can increase the weight and feel yourself getting stronger which is why I tend to prefer linear weight sets.

I didn't get STS because I couldn't afford it at the time. Later on I decided that it was just too many discs, and I had so much Cathe already.
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Old 11-02-21, 10:40 AM  
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I'm excited for these! I can't lift real heavy right now due to wrist flare-ups and the like, but I can always go lighter than what's presented!! I'm sure there'll come a time when I will be able to lift heavy again...and it may just be the timeframe when they are finally delivered to my house as it's sounding, LOL!
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Old 11-02-21, 03:52 PM  
Tammie M
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I don't have STS either but I love XTRAIN. I'm excited about these. I hope she does put some exercises in for increased range of motion, mobility and good posture. I hope she includes some exercises with the boss bands and loops also. I will have to lift lighter because I will need to watch for shoulder and elbow issues.
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Old 11-02-21, 05:06 PM  
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It's like you live in my head, Denise

Originally Posted by Denise R View Post
Anyone anxiously awaiting an announcement? I believe they are all meeting starting today....I'm anxious to hear what next series will be!!!!
Once Friday hit, I was like, "T minus and counting." When I read your post, I was glad to know I was not the only one. LOL
For two and a half minutes on the 22nd, I thought the VRT was THAT weekend, and I was all worked up thinking I was going to be finding out in a day or two. Imagine my face when I realized I had the wrong date!

Originally Posted by Denise R View Post
Omg, I am stoked! This is what I was hoping for! Take my $$$$
I feel like lining up outside her gym, cash in hand, waiting to purchase, like all the concert organizers used to make people do to buy tickets.

Originally Posted by Denise R View Post
I was hoping she would post the details in her newsletter but nothing mentioned about it at all....hmm
I had been, too, originally. I was very excitedly relaying info and updates to my SO, but once I heard she was still in the "planning phase", I was like "False alarm." If she had not yet even solidified her plans, I knew we would have to wait a bit more before she disclosed anything to the rest of us.

I'm happy to know that I have more weight workouts coming my way.

When it comes to weights, Cathe never disappoints me. I, like Elsie, hope there is no speeding through reps, though.
I am used to Cathe having that tendency in her "later years". Her Lives (aside from a small handful of workouts) and her last several DVD releases (with the exception of Pyramid Pump) are all structured around using lighter weights, which I guess is why she keeps a quicker pace. I make it work for me (I just love working out with Cathe ), but I am looking forward to some slower weight workouts as that is my preference.

I am very excited about this upcoming release.
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Old 11-03-21, 03:32 AM  
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It seems like it's tough to tell if they're in the conceptualization or actual planning phase, or somewhere in between.
I've noticed that once Cathe gets planning, it usually doesn't take that long to start filming, so I'm going to predict (lol, why not?) Filming by late February. That gives them plenty of time to resolve the slow and very costly international shipping issues with Boss Loops. Just let me choose USPS!!
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Old 11-03-21, 04:46 PM  
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This sounds like a great set. I'll definitely be preordering!

I agree that I hope she slows down the reps and comes up with some inventive moves. I know that's difficult with weights, but a few interesting twists here and there would be nice. I also hope she does something a little different in her cool down stretches. I did the Boss band workout and then did P-30 Hiit the day after that and I think both stretch segments were almost exactly the same.
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Old 11-03-21, 11:03 PM  
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Originally Posted by Elsie View Post
Just let me choose USPS!!
Aaah, no thanks - USPS has (temporarily) suspended posting anything to Australia.

This was done 3 or 4th of September - 2 months ago.

>> Link to suspended services <<

It's outrageous.
To my toddlers/tweens/teens: "One day you WILL be stronger than me, but today is NOT the day." Proud to say that still stands. They're now 24, and both lift weights at the gym.
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To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!

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announcement/announcement, cathe, usps, workout wishes

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