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2021 Holiday Gift Exchange (& Possible Zoom Get Together?)

Hi Everyone,

Part 1: It's time for our annual gift exchange!

If you haven't participated before, it's a lot of fun. Read some of the past year's threads. And, if you are interested in a vidiot style holiday gift exchange, follow the directions below:

1. To participate:

Please e-mail me by 11-3-2021. My e-mail address is Please put "VF Gift Exchange" in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete it as junk mail.

Your e-mail should contain:

Your VF Username (for example, mine is "ots")
Your Real Name
Your Mailing Address

I will e-mail you a confirmation that I received your e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation from me, that means I didn't receive it. In that case, please PM me at VF.

Each year, some people volunteer to be willing to be matched with our international VFers. If you're willing, let me know.

2. I will put all participants' names in a bucket.

3. On 11-4-21, I will e-mail each participant the name and address of another member (which I will get by drawing a name randomly from the bucket). In the past, we have had people that got the same person as a previous year - it's bound to happen. If that happens to you and you want to switch out - let me know right away! However, bear in mind that we also have a smaller group participating as more people switch to streaming --- so you might still be paired with someone you've had before!

4. To participate, each person will send a fitness related gift (in the past, it included a DVD, but other options are worth considering) that you think the person will really like. A wishlist thread is started after the names are sent out --- please participate in that thread. Your secret santa will be looking for your post! You may also include a small token gift (something inexpensive) that the person might like. Please remember to include some less expensive options on your wish list --- we come from all walks of life and I would hate for someone to feel like they can't participate because of costs. This is true every year -- but especially this year -- lots of disruptions to our financial lives.

5. Another fun part is searching the VF boards to learn more about your person to come up with the perfect items - read some of their posts. This is easy to do...just do a search under their username and all the threads they have participated in will come up. But, even if you don't post often, don't worry - I haven't posted in a while myself. It's all about having fun.

6. Gifts must be mailed out (postmarked) by December 7th. Please make sure that you can postmark your gift by December 7th --- some people have had to wait until after Christmas for their gifts and that isn't fair to them. Obviously, things happen -- but, let's stick with the holiday spirit!

7. This goes without saying, but PLEASE only sign up if you will follow-through. I'd hate to see anyone disappointed by not receiving a gift! This did happen in the past - so please be considerate.

Hope you will all can post comments here, but please remember to also e-mail me your user name, real name and address.

Part 2: Zoom Get Together?!

Last year, we talked about possibly having a zoom get together. It never came to fruition --- but I thought I would try again. This time, I thought I'd actually provide a few more specific suggestions (such as a date & time --- although if it's not good, I am flexible). I have a professional zoom account that allows me to have longer calls with large groups. I was going to suggest doing it on Sunday, December 12 from 1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST. I am open to suggestion on what to do? I am happy to teach a quickie 30 minute body pump or a 20 minute yoga class. Would love to hear other ideas. A cooking demo? Share cat pix? If there is interest, let me know.

Last, as always, I welcome comments on what we can do to improve the gift exchange. When we first started, it was VHS and some DVD. Then it became all DVD. Now some people are exclusively streaming. How should we adapt so that we can continue to have a great exchange? All suggestions welcome! It'll be good to see how everyone's doing....

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