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Old 01-02-21, 04:37 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Spanaway, WA
I donít have an exact number count without going back through my daily workout notes, but I did rotations this year of Lauren Brooks Be Slam 2 (90 days), Dasha Andersonís Summer Strong (2 months and extended more because of COVID) and Caroline Girvanís 10 wk Epic program.

Iíve also been working out live with Dasha nearly every Saturday since March for her free strength and mobility class. I think Iíve missed it three times.

I also had several months where I used Tonique a lot and Iíve worked back into running once a week. I have a permanent back injury and had to stop running for several years so Iím ecstatic to be able to run five to seven miles once a week again. Itís not four times a week like I used to but Iíll take one day as itís better than no days.
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Old 01-02-21, 06:34 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2006
My most used in 2020:

Miranda Esmonde White
Teresa Tapp
Leslie Sansone
Pietra Fitness
Margaret Richards
various pilates
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Old 01-02-21, 08:49 AM  
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Location: TX Panhandle
I'm too lazy to count things up, but looking at my logbook, I'd say my top 5 instructors were

PahlaB - YouTube only
Smriti (Pilates Nest) - streaming only
Michelle Spadafora (Faithful Workouts) - streaming and DVDs
Jessica Smith - YouTube and DVDs
Chris Freytag (GHUTV) - streaming only

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Old 01-02-21, 09:02 AM  
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Location: NE Pennsylvania
Originally Posted by wendug View Post
This is a very interesting thread. I didn't follow any specific rotations this past year so I was curious to see which instructors I reached for the most.

The Firm- 43 workouts
KCM- 33 workouts
Tracie Long- 18 workouts
Team Body Project- 14 workouts
Kimberly Spreen- 10 workouts
Chalene Johnson- 10 workouts
Jari Love- 8 workouts
Ilaria Montagnani- 7 workouts
Jenny Ford- 7 workouts
BJ Gaddour- 7 workouts
...and a whole lot of instructors that I did 5 or less workouts with. Looking at this list makes me think there are quite a few DVD's I can get rid of!
Wendy I had the opposite thought when I realized how many instructors got so little attention this year. Not that I had a bunch of workouts to purge, but that I had a lot of workouts that I need to get back to! Perish the thought of purging!
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Old 01-02-21, 10:05 AM  
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Location: Ohio
As with every other year Cathe is my go to instructor and her LITE and ICE workouts I used most often. KCM and Jessica Smith come in second and third. I did acquire two Jane Adams DVDs in the last months of 2020 and feel I will use these a lot in the coming year.
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Old 01-02-21, 10:15 AM  
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Location: Colorado
I'm loving everyone's replies! I have been doing this every year for a long time, and first got the idea here on VF.

I too have many many instructors who didn't make the Top 10 - and many whose workouts I didn't do in 2020 at all, for instance not one KCM though I'm sure she's been in my Top 10 in the past! I always find this interesting and sometimes it reminds me of workouts I can circle back to.

Thanks for playing!
- Laura

"Don't say 'I can't' ... say 'I presently suck at this thing.'" - Matt Meese, BYU Divine Comedy
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Old 01-02-21, 10:19 AM  
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Location: Modify City, State of Fierce
Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
Perish the thought of purging!

If ever there was a quote..
Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

Word for 2022: Balance
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Old 01-02-21, 10:50 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
I didn't really keep track other than the "Just the Workouts" check ins -but I wold have to say, in no particular order:

Ellen B
Pahla B
Jessica Valent

with runner ups of:

Jessica Smith
Classical Stretch/Essentrics
Jenny Ford

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Old 01-02-21, 10:52 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
My top 10:

Jessica Smith - 140 workouts
KCM - 125 workouts
Leslie Sansone - 100 workouts
YOUv2 - 70 workouts
Jenny Ford - 25 workouts
Kathy Smith - 20 workouts
Aimee Nicotera - 16 workouts
Petra Kolber - 15 workouts
Jane Fonda - 10 workouts
Kristin Dowell - 9 workouts
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Old 01-02-21, 12:11 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
My top is Glute Lab and then Sohee Fit strength workouts (on paper)

Followed by Leah Sarago streaming
Then random DVDs or downloads (Cathe, Tracie Long, Essentrics, a few youtubers), walking outside, treadmill/other gym cardio machines
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most used workouts

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