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Old 07-06-12, 12:13 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Netherlands
I like the Urban Rebounder series (the first bunch, not the in-your-face new series), especially the ones led by Shannon Griffiths (of Balletone). I had a Needak but recently upgraded to a Bellicon and it has made a world of difference in my core strength. The Jump Sport is similar to the Bellicon in that it is based on elastic bands instead of springs; I chose the Bellicon because the Jump Sport is not available in Europe. Rebounding is so much fun and I miss it when I don't do it. It has many other health benefits-- lymphatic flush to name one-- and you can easily increase difficulty by bouncing harder (not higher) or using weights. I'm sure that it would definitely help your pelvic floor issues.
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Old 07-07-12, 10:55 AM  
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Location: Beautiful Northeast
Rebounding? Really?

That is something I could try.
I don't have the discipline to do any other kind of core exercises consistently.
I seriously need to strengthen that area as I am afraid my internal organs may fall out.. yup my core is that weak.
Restarting with Leslie. The advantage of restarting is that there is so much room for improvement and it is fun to progress, right?
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Old 07-07-12, 02:35 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2005
Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but if jumping jacks are the only move that causes your problem, just modify the jacks.
I don't do high impact, so when a video has jumping jacks, I still do the arms, but keep the feet low, like side to side toe touches, or rear lunges with forward arms.
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Old 07-07-12, 02:54 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2010
There was an article called You Don't Know Squat that had pelvic floor exercises. Try google.

Ok I found it.
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Old 07-09-12, 10:08 AM  
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Location: Canada
thanks, getting somewhere now

The squatting thing is the ticket. Thanks very much. The "katy says" website really helps to explain things.

I did the squatting exercise in the "katy says" link that Daizyduke provided, and added in this suggestion: try completely relaxing the bottom of the pelvis, almost to the point of urinating, while in a squatting position by squeezing in a single Kegel and then letting it relax all the way. I also held onto a dresser in front of me so that I could stay in a squat and not get tired legs.

After doing that squat and relax exercise, I can see that I am chronically holding the floor tight. Thanks, everyone. Desie
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incontinence, pelvic floor, rebounding

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