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Old 11-02-19, 04:29 PM  
Donna D
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Western New York
Being thankful at the Fitness Cafe - November 2019

We're all thankful for so many things this time of year! Hard to believe that we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Besides being thankful it is a busy time of the year. Preparing for the holidays can be a lot of work.

Join us when you can, if only for a few minutes. We've got plenty of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Grab a seat by the fireplace and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation.
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Old 11-02-19, 05:03 PM  
sbh's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Northern CA
Hi Everyone!! Thank you Donna for starting the November thread. I am so thankful for fall. Love colder weather. Here is my past week:

daily 3 mile dog walk
S-disc golf
T-JS Back Friendly Total Body Strength
W-Intense Ballet Body Workout Dansique Fitness
T-disc golf

1 Corinthians 15:1-4
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Old 11-02-19, 05:33 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am so thankful for this forum and for Cathe's forum. Both places keep me motivated and inspired to exercise and enjoy it!

I am also thankful (fitness wise) for re-finding Millionaire Hoy and his new streaming site. I've been doing one of his advanced programs this week and it's getting me back doing long 1 hour workouts again and loving it. Something I haven't done in over 2 years - kinda got into a rut there for a while, working out for only 30 minutes during the week. I love feeling inspired.
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Old 11-03-19, 05:30 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Texas Panhandle
Thanks Donna D for starting the new thread!

We got a Vizsla puppy 2 weeks ago and my life has been turned outside down! From work, to arranging puppy daycare, then to deciding on creating a puppy safe room in our house I have been super busy! I was not happy with the daycare so we put together an exercise pen off our kitchen area that attaches to her kennel. That way she can visit with our older dog who mostly lounges in the kitchen area these days, but she will be safe in the house.

I hope to get back to my Joyce rotation next week.

Chrys, I hope they can find out what's been making you so sick.

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Old 11-04-19, 07:21 PM  
Donna D
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Western New York
You're welcome for starting the thread.

I hope that all of you who have been having health problems will feel better soon, my prayers are with you.

It's been a tough few months - nothing major, just several minor issues which all add up. I definitely fell off the exercising wagon.

I celebrated a birthday on October 13th. Had a nice time with family. I'm thankful for having family close by.

Today I did Winsor Pilates Buns and Thighs. A nice start to getting back to exercising. Even if I do 10 minutes a day it will be good for the body and the mind!
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Old 11-06-19, 06:51 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Texas Panhandle
Over the past few days I have done Joyce Vedral Fat Burning upper and lower. I have to keep reminding myself I don't need to try to lift heavy with these! Plain and simple gym style workouts but I think that's what I need right now.

Donna D, Winsor Buns and Thighs is a great way to get back to exercising!

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