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Old 08-12-21, 09:42 AM  
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Originally Posted by horusosiris View Post
Lavna - what modifications, if any, has your school district made in light of the continued presence of Covid?
For the primary (grade 1 to 6) and secondary (grades 1 to 5) levels, the mask won't be necessary in classes but will be in common areas and buses. For the post secondary levels (collegial and university), I think that the mask won't be mandatory as a high percentage of students will be fully vaccinated. But, that can change, depending on the evolution of cases.
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Old 08-12-21, 09:50 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Québec City (Canada)
Hi everyone,

Progresses are slow and change from day to day: on some days, my scar hurts and on other days, it's OK. The staples are supposed to be removed on Monday. I can't wait. I'm sure it will help with the pain level. In the meantime, we decided with the community nurse that it was better to have the bandage changed every day until then. I'm going to the CLSC today and they're supposed to give my DH the supplies so he can do the change tomorrow and over the weekend. My other ankle is recovering but it's still slow. I hope that when I see my doctor on the 23rd, she'll tell me that I can start putting some weight on my broken ankle. (fingers crossed)

Healing thoughts to Chele and Kate.
Keep fierce everyone.

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Old 08-12-21, 06:12 PM  
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Nathalie, sending you healing thoughts and putting weight on that ankle thoughts! Thanks for the update and stay fierce! You got this!

Also healing thoughts sent to Kate and ChelePA, always in my thoughts.

Kim, thanks for the Travis report. I wondered how that yin practice was. Might have to try it soon.

Getting SO excited for FOLV's Hike Max!!! I think resting up before is a great idea.

FN2, not sure if Cheeto was bopping Charli's head or not, but he does have a habit of pushing anyone's head away when they're infringing upon his food, and he thinks EVERYTHING is his food, so.... It is such a funny thing to see. He's my ham!

Today I pulled out Ballet Physique's Signature Sculpt DVD. This is literally one of the best/toughest barre DVDs I think I have, aside from Leah's stuff. I really love to hate it and I'm already feeling sore, hah! Just what I needed today.

Hugs all the way around, Watulans, stay fierce!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

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Old 08-12-21, 08:22 PM  
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Hello Watulans!

Quick check in. Today I tackled Sharon Twombly's All Body Attack (CIA 2704). I hadn't done this in ages and I don't know why since it was so fun! It moved quickly but not frantically and just seemed different. Anyway it gets paws up! I have Marcus Irwin's Airborne on tap for tomorrow for my CheleFunFriday workout. Marcus just makes me smile.

Nathalie, Keeping my fingers crossed that getting the staples removed helps with your pain and that you'll be able to put some weight on your ankle soon. I'm sure it's been tough to be so immobile.

Waves and hugs to all!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 08-13-21, 12:56 PM  
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Hello FIERCE Watulans! What a week! This week started some of the appointments for my son. He had a pre-op physical and consultation with the chemo Dr. on Thurs. Eek! Scary stuff.
Next week M-W we have many appointments at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. About a 4 hour drive for me.
Then next Thurs after we get back, he has a port put in for the chemo which will probably start the week after that. So much!!! One good thing is my brother is flying in from VA to spend a couple days with us. The support will be wonderful.

Workouts..only missed yesterday.
Mon: Cathe Live 124 Vertical Loading. I really love her Vertical loading workouts! Heck anything Cathe does is ok by me.
PowerYoga Bryan Kest From 16 to 66. All around good flow that wasn't killer.

Tues: Cathe Live 181 Jabs and Kicks. I get a "kick" out of this one. So fun!!
Gaia Yoga, David Magone Total Body Tuneup. One of my all time favs! Includes a lovely Yoga Nidra at the end.

Wed: Chisel Agility + Total Body + Abs. I love Autumn and I really can't figure why I didn't click with this set before. Good cardio moves and strength with good raise in HR.
Gaia Yoga Bernie Clark Yin Side of Letting Go. Ahhhhhh

Thurs: Nothing except meditation in the morning. I NEVER miss that.

Today: Hammer Power + Hammer Conditioning + Abs. Holy crap these are the hardest ones out of the set! Pretty heavy lifting but also some compound stuff.

I think I'll do Rudy's YW365 Coiled Warrior this afternoon.

Speed checkin. But hope you all are doing your best and staying fierce. FIERCE!
Hugs to all!
Do your BEST and Forget the Rrrrest! Tony Horton

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Old 08-13-21, 06:39 PM  
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It’s good to hear from you Kate. I’m very glad your brother is coming for a visit. You’re a rock star having to deal with everything and his support will be great. Sending you lots of love and good vibes.

My August was off to a fantastic start with working out really consistently after a not so great July. However, I did something to my hip and have not been able to exercise. I woke up Wednesday morning and it was hurting. Since then it’s been hard to walk a lot and standing is sometimes painful. So, I’m just resting and we’ll see how it goes.

Hope every has a great weekend!
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Old 08-14-21, 04:20 AM  
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Hey all! About to head to the trail and no screen time.
Sending you each a fist bump for healing if injured and for Watulan power activation.
I shall yell Watulan at the top of the mountain for courage for all
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Old 08-14-21, 11:07 AM  
Vintage VFer
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Sending strong, fierce energy vibes to FoLV!
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Old 08-14-21, 02:20 PM  
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Happy Weekend, Watulans!

Nathalie, I hope you feel much better when the staples are out on Monday! What is happening for work for you? Sorry if you mentioned and I missed it but I don't remember. And do you think you will do some of the Caroline Jordan chair workouts to keep a bit of your sanity? Sending you healing hugs!!

Kate, yes, it's good to hear from you. Tough times, but I'm very happy your brother is able to get there and provide support! You are fierce!

Kim, sorry to hear you are having hip problems -- ouch, that sounds painful. Hope it either goes away quickly or you get to the bottom of it.

manleym, yowza, crazy stuff going on for you, girl! Good luck getting through the transition of the new year.

Sorry I have been a bit MIA -- just busy and crazy here. I have been continuing my 20 instructors (except I'm not really counting anymore, so maybe I should call it the "variety is the spice of life" rotation). I did Jari's Ripped and Chiseled Wednesday, I think it was. I noticed that there was hardly any lower body work, which kind of bummed me out because I feel like I always need to do more lower body and less upper. And yet I was oddly sore the next day or two. So who knows. Did a walk/hike with my friend, and then did TFX Max (I think those are the right initials?) lower body yesterday. The all around production of these workouts is less professional than what most of us are used to, so I like to think of the instructor as a fellow VFer and we are there doing the workout together. She says some funny things like "pick your nose, pick your butt, just pick something" or something like that and I can't even remember what point she was trying to make. Today I did a walk/run -- yes, I actually ran the second half. A jog, I guess you'd call it.

kittybug's mention of that Linda endurance workout made me check her out. I thought I was fully on the page that Kim and Baby are on in that she didn't seem my cup of tea. I think the jury is still out, but I do like the looks of some of those endurance workouts -- maybe the ones that are easier than kittybug did! I notice those are on youtube so I will give one or two a whirl. I was looking last night, so maybe I mis-saw this, but one of her sets is so long I think the clip on Mary's site is 30 minutes long. Could that be?! That seems absurd. I will go check after posting.

Hope Linda's hike is going well!!

Big waves and hugs to Chele, Horusosiris, and cataddict.
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 08-15-21, 03:13 PM  
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I am talking to myself again!

This morning I tackled Barlates from youtube -- the Endurance 70 Total Body, I think it was called? It was 40 minutes and I must say I was done very quickly, it seemed. She did allow almost a full ten minutes, I think, for a stretch at the end, so that was part of it. I liked it and didn't think she moved to quickly but what she definitely does do is having some strange moves and combination. Not necessarily all bad, but definitely different. I'm for sure going to try more, and will probably buy the one big collection kittybug mentioned if Mary has a sale at Labor Day (if I can wait ). Any time it got a bit hard for me today, in terms of stamina, I thought about Linda out there on the trail and kept going!! Oh, and yes, indeed it is a 30 minute "clip" up at Mary's for that package. Holy smokes.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last of the weekend.
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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watulan check-in

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