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Old 05-03-11, 10:39 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2005
how are the Chair Dancing workouts?

Has anyone tried any of the Chair Dancing workouts? I'm trying to find a couple of workouts for my sister-in-law who has had foot surgery. In another thread a kind VFer already suggested Margaret Richards "Getting Better", and that looks great. I looked at Chair Dancing clips on Collage and was undecided about them. The Sit and Be Fit clips definitely looked too easy for her. She is not a senior citizen, and I would say her fitness level is beginner/intermediate.
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Old 05-04-11, 08:32 AM  
Jane P.
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Location: Colorado Springs
I bought a Conductorcize dvd as a joke gift for a friend, but decided to take a look at it first. It was surprisingly vigorous, and it's fairly long (about 45 minutes). She could sit down and follow it, but it helps to like Classical Music.
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Old 05-04-11, 08:48 AM  
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Woodstock NY
I saw a program about the woman who is the conductor for Crete's Philharmonic orchestra (I think it was Crete) and she had these amazing toned arms. The asked her about it and she said it was from conducting the orchestra.
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Old 05-04-11, 09:16 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
After I broke my leg, I used Karen Voight's Ease into Fitness. It's been awhile, but I really liked it at the time.
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Old 05-04-11, 09:55 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Midwest
When I tore ligaments in my ankle I bought 4 of the Chair Dancing workouts on DVD; Around the World, Through the Decades, Sit Down to Tone Up 2, and Yoga. I liked them all. They were fun & easy to do regardless of an injury. My mother also does both Chair Dancing Around the World and Through the Decades and likes them alot.
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Old 05-04-11, 07:56 PM  
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I believe you can do any Leslie Sansone video while sitting in a chair. Most of her moves are doable by moving your legs in essentially the same way while you're seated and it's easy to modify the others. The upper body stuff stays the same, of course.

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Old 05-04-11, 08:05 PM  
monterey vidiot
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I used the Chair Dancing workouts after my foot surgery. I love them! I sat on my stability ball (up against the coffee table). I also used KV's Ease Into Fitness.
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Old 05-07-11, 12:09 PM  
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Location: Virginia
Thanks to this thread, I decided to order Chair Dancing and Chair Dancing Through the Decades. The clips I watched on Collage look fun. I figure I can use them in the evenings when I'm tired, but want to do a little something. And of course they'll be good to have on hand to use if I get sick or injured.
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chair dancing, chair exercise, conductorcise

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